Carpet is Down, Floors are Finished, Vacation Day to Put the House Back Together

My Newly Carpted Office/Temporary Bedroom

Journaling/Bible Reading Corner

Good morning! I sit here with wonderful hot cup of coffee in hand, having moved the Mac and accessories back in to my office and finally doing a blog post. Life is more normal now, LOL!

The carpet folks came yesterday. A different crew and an interesting looking crew at that. One of the crew was a woman and she was sickly and hung out on the front porch hanging to the rails while the guys worked. And Mom caught her looking at some of our “stuff” in the foyer as she sat the rolled up old carpeting down to look at a few things. When Mom opened the door she jumped and said “oh I was just looking at yer perties” :-O

Not sure if she was hungover, on something, or sick. But one of the crew asked if she was ok and she said “yes, but then made a face and hung her head again like above”. She kept going around to the side of the house where their truck was parked. I’m not sure what her role was but to maybe take the old carpet out? Don’t know if she made out with anything else in the house. Mom said she was looking at the wine bottles while she had the rolled up carpet. She wondered if she made out with wine. I have no idea b/c I didn’t count the bottles, lol.

But the carpet looks nice. We went to have a meet-up beer with Kevin and Susan after work so I didn’t get to see it til about 6:30 or almost 7. It’s exactly what I wanted.

I tried moving back just what I would need in the overnight. Top sheets and quilt back on my bed and my phone charger and a lamp or two.

Missing Hook

I discovered that they put the doors back on the hinges in the wrong rooms. I no longer had a hook for my robe. I’m back there in the bedroom going “where’s my hook?” It’s now in Mom’s room. So I said “I’ll just order another one”.

George said “no I’ll switch the doors”. The hook is still in Mom’s room this morning but I’ll give him a week! 😉 If not I’ll order another command hook b/c I need a place for my robe since – don’t laugh but it is a domino impact here causing a hook shortage, lol. Here goes:

Mom is using my towel rack in the bathroom that I normally used. So I moved my towel to the hook in the front part of the bathroom (the first room where the sinks are), so that used to be my robe hook, so I added a hook to my bedroom door for my robe – and I just have to remember to take it to the bathroom with me. It’s the small things that matter. I want my hook back, lol lol lol!

George’s Room

I was most concerned that the grey would not go with George’s room. But the grey provides a very neutral tone so it works. Especially when one visualizes that grey is the neutral tone in all the bedrooms and actually the whole house. So there will not have to be changes in here. It’s all good. Maybe one day I’ll get more curtains and dress up the windows. I’m not a big curtain person I guess so it’s not been important as long as there are blinds. Mainly during the day when I’m here, I like to see the outside and like them open.

Mom’s room has no lamps yet other than her bedside. We have to work on her bedroom some today, so the low lighting makes her room look pink. With her poor eyesight, she said the carpet looked purple and blue. lol She was worried I wouldn’t like it. I guess she doesn’t like it with her eyes, but I like it with mine. I hate it looks that way to her but if she could see the true color she would like it.

Big Surprise

I came home to announce that I was taking off today. The last two days I have felt antsy. I’ve just had a lot I wanted to do and the house was messed up and our schedule is booking up and I just didn’t see how on earth I’d have a chance at getting the house back together. So I needed to have more than just Saturday. We have plans Sunday with friends which we are excited over and NEEEEEEEEED! But I just needed an extra day to 1) Slowly begin putting my house together 2) To just have some “me” time to do whatever I wanted and when I wanted. 3) A day in which I’m not a robot or working on someone else’s to do list!!

So that is why you are seeing a blog post this morning.

I’m already happy that my desk is in order. But I’ll slowly meander through the house and get it all back together as much as we can.

I’m fixing chili tonight. I’ll start on that late afternoon. My chili does not cook all day. I can throw it together at the last minute and it’ll still be good. I wait to put the beans and any macaroni if I’m adding any pasta – to the last 45 min or so – otherwise they disappear, and melt down.

So happy girl today. I didn’t take Friday b/c I have to be there to sign checks. There are only 3 of us that sign company checks on a regular basis so there has to be 2 of the 3 of us there. One of my cohorts that signs has potential to be out Friday as they just had a grand baby born so I didn’t want to mess us up in case she took off. So I picked today on Thursday and then I can run my little garnishment check run in the morning.

So it feels good to sit here and type. I’m going to go get a shower and figure out what is for breakfast. I’ve already done two loads of laundry.

But let me repeat how wonderful it is to sit here and sip coffee at my desk and not have to be looking at the clock or rushing off to work. I’ve thanked God for the flooring that I have wanted for so long. I’ve been very patient for Most of the wait, but I mentioned and longed for it often! It was never the right time. This year it wasn’t the right time either but yet it was time! I had to force it to find the time.

Meanwhile in Texas

This cracked me up!

4 responses to “Carpet is Down, Floors are Finished, Vacation Day to Put the House Back Together”

  1. OMG! Look at that baby’s arm. Wow what a big boy. What is he eating? Steak & potatoes? LOL
    The carpet looks really nice. I love the grey/gray. Classy 😎 All the bedrooms look good.
    I love hooks on bedroom & bathroom doors. I’m all about that. Handy plus.
    That “lady” looked really weird. She probably was eyeing the wine.
    Enjoy your day “off”. And your dinner. I love chili. 😋

  2. Hi Sonya I sorry I don’t think I got yesterday’s comment to …go….usual prob. But it’s going to be ok today. I am so so so happy I have actually got tears in my eyes just with the thought of how happy you are and how lovely your new carpets are. I love the colour and although if it gets stained it will show up I’m sure you will have plenty carpet cleaner to get it out…I was a wee bit disturbed with that woman with the carpet fitters…I think ir might be a good idea for George or you to call the carpet fitting company about her. Perhaps you could pretend to be ringing to thank them for the work etc ..but, that you had some concern with the girl who they brought with them, not that you think she took anything but just say that she made your Mother very uneasy…I think the carpet people should know that the lads had a girl with them, whether a “ helper” or otherwise…..I’m pleased that you took a holiday day from work and I hope you have enjoyed every minute. Mary and I had an appointment with our chiropodist today, normally she comes to us but she has opened a room in her friends aromatherapy place, only on a Thursday. However when we got there we saw how impractical it is for Mary’s Walker and my wheelchair so we came home a bit despondent ( she did us today with great difficulty) I have just opened an E mail from her saying she will once again come to us only must not broadcast it to anyone….That was so very kind of her….Well it’s been a rather wet day and it looks as if the rain is coming again…..I hope you are enjoying your day off. God Bless.

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