Putting the House Back Together and Eating Good Southern Food

Fancy, Mom’s Dog

The weekend was fabulous. Getting up Saturday morning with a whole two days ahead of us. My sights had been set for Saturday to be a “home day” getting the house put back together. We have it somewhat back together, but not quite. I will take my time to move Nic Naks and china and glassware back in. But it was NOT gonna be THIS weekend. But the furniture is back and place and some of the things are where they go. I think I managed to knock all the essentials off the list anyway, except for getting George’s hair cut in and I’m hoping we can squeeze that in o the back porch tonight before I set into cooking our taco salad. Mom and I are doing some cooking this week, giving George a break.

You can see from the menu board that we have quite the “good eatin’” going on this week. I’m doing cilantro lime chicken taco salad and Mom is doing spaghetti. I’ll pick up another night of doing chili. I’m going out to eat with a friend on Friday night. Wednesday is up for grabs as that is carpet install day. Since they won’t be in the kitchen but in the back bedrooms, George said if he gets to work from home we will fix something good. “Something good” usually means something that we can fix for a couple of hours, instead of quick.

“100 Year Old Meatloaf”

George found an old cookbook and fixed meatloaf “the old fashion way”. Its pretty good. I need to fix my meatloaf one night. Haven’t fixed it in a long while. It’s on the summer bucket list.

George fixed shrimp and grits last night and it was really good. It’s a shame that only family and good friends get to eat George’s cooking. He could easily have a restaurant and be swarming with folks.

I think most of Saturday I spent doing laundry – I washed not only our clothes, but Rogers blankets and some of his pillow beds that we had around the house. Fancy has taken to one of his beds so we placed it in the den. She sits with Mom but when Mom is cooking or in the kitchen she likes to lay in it where she can see Mom.

So you can see that we have furniture back in place, but I wouldn’t say that our house is clean yet, lol. The floors are for sure! But we are very “lived in” right now but let’s just say “functional”. And “functional” is what it always has to be right? Still lots of “stuff” laying about.

I mean until October we will likely have food in containers in our living room, lol. So see what I mean. Oh, I told Mom. “Don’t Tell George but the new floor is making me want white “farmhouse” curtains, LOL Wouldn’t they look good in here? But I’m not gonna think about that for a long while. At least not until after we have Mom all set up. The Burgundy served its purpose since 2008 but I think a textured white – off white – would look good! See all the food containers on the left side here. All lined up on the sofa. Might be hard to tell but you can make out a couple.

I noticed a couple of guitars took up residence in the dining room.

And one hid itself, lol, behind the wine rack.

Ohhhhhh ya’ll, guess what??? The flooring guys DID NOT DO THE FOYER! They were about to leave and “the boss” called and asked George how it was going and if we were satisfied. George said “all’s well but the foyer”. I think there was some confusion. You know how he teased me and said it was too expensive to do? I think the guy took that as a “no we are not doing the foyer”. So I’m not really sure if it was quoted or not but the boss made them stay and do the foyer instead of coming back. It only took 1.5 hours but I felt so bad for them. It was Friday and I know they wanted to go home. I brought water to them and said thank you and told them it looked “bueno”. They did not speak English – or not much anyway. Then boss came to check it out. I am so happy to get the Foyer done! I was a little worried. George had me confuses as I MYSELF did not think I was getting the foyer done. Mom told me I was one day and I said “no, he said it was too expensive”. Then George clarified and said “yes you are getting the foyer”. Then they didn’t put it in and I was thinking “what is going on? What planet are we on? Are we getting the foyer done or not?” LOL. Finally there it is. So happy with the new.

I CANNOT TELL YOU how “over the moon” excited I am about the flooring. It just makes me happy every time I walk across the floor.

Now talk about confusion. At dinner the other night George told me to order the vacuum I needed. I did the next day or two and then told him and he didn’t remember telling me I could order the vacuum. Geeeshhh. Oh well. It’s on the way and arrives today. I’ll let you see it. I ordered a canister and it has bags. If you have followed my blog, you know that I am a “bag” person when it comes to vacuums. I know you have to order them and keep them on hand and if it ever goes defunct you might not be able to get bags in, but the way things are manufacturing and as hard as we are on vacuums, it won’t last but 3 years anyway, lol. But I don’t like the bagless as that nasty stuff goes everywhere when you go to empty it. I DO NOT WANT TO SEE what all is in my floors and carpet after I vacuum. Let it stay and the bag and neatly be disposed of instead of flying around the kitchen area while you dump a bagless container. Yuk.

So the canister type of vacuum has the longer wand pole and can reach under and behind. I’ve never had one. Mom tried to talk me out of it saying you’d beat your furniture up with it. George told me later they had one and it never beat their furniture up. lol Anyway, that is what I got b/c it seemed that is what we needed. It’ll do flooring and carpet. I still think we will have to steam mop or something? I have to find out what is good. But I tell you what. I do not and will not accept having sticky floors after a mopping. CANNOT STAND that.

Yesterday we went to church, grabbed a Wendy’s meal, went to get George’s oil changed, and went to Walmart which was very crazy busy and it was not pleasant shopping b/c everyone was in your way and you were in everyone else’s way. I like to coast along at my own speed, read labels, and not be having someone behind me waiting on me to move every two seconds. And then also having to wait in line to get what you need to grab. Very annoying. And they were out of a lot of my stuff and couldn’t find the other half. I’m not used to shopping at Walmart, but it’ll be a while before I go back, lol.

Then yesterday I had to iron A LOT! I did get a birthday gift and card sent out and took some time to “re do” the long term to do list updating it for the week and beyond. Life moves so fast. Need more time.

We were invited to go to East TN for the weekend, to our nieces birthday party – 1 year old! We have not even met her yet! But it’s 4 hours there and back. I think we are not able to do this. But we may FaceTime in or Zoom in or something. I would love to go but it’s just not good timing and too short notice. Of course if we’d had longer notice we’d have said no b/c we’d have had Roger or thought we would have and we wouldn’t have left him nor taken him. But anyway one day we’ll be able to do more, but these days are tough right now with a lot going on while we work FT.

Ok so I need to get my hair and make up done and head out the door. I’m behind, but it’ll just have to be what it is. I worked over a lot in the last two weeks trying to get quarter end done having been given the data at the very last minute. It’s risky doing that b/c if there had been an emergency – —- oh well, it wouldn’t have been done on time —- at least not by me.

Another busy week this week but another fun one. No doc appts and nothing to miss work over except if George can’t work from home ALL of WED when the carpet people come, I may have to go in late and fold/stuff checks from home that morning. One of us needs to be here I think. I mean Mom could handle it but one of needs to kind of monitor the moving of the furniture and watching our things and making sure they have the right carpet and such. Mom just can’t see all that well and someone needs to kind of keep an eye on things you know? Or at least get them started.

So we’ll see what happens. This week I’ll likely do my “every other day” blogging. I tried to blog more, but I’m missing being able to work on the videos. And I just don’t get much any other time as we are so dang busy with stuff going on. But, this week I’ll be having to move my Mac out so —–it may be later in the week before I will be back. If I can pop in a mobile entry from my phone I will though!

Ya’ll have a superb week! Over and Out.

6 responses to “Putting the House Back Together and Eating Good Southern Food”

  1. The foyer looks FANTASTIC! WOW!!
    what a difference.
    I think you’re right about new drapes/curtains. I can see it now. Those shouldn’t be too pricey. They would brighten up the room. Maybe next Spring?
    I like how the guitars took up residency all by themselves. One hiding even. LOL
    It’s Monday. So let’s do this 😎

  2. The floors look amazing! Love the color and I am a big fan of the wood look. I think it just opens the house up! And yes, white farm house type curtains would brighten it all up! Just order them and slip the box from Amazon in the garage ! George will never know! LOL LOl

    We went to Walmart also! I’m not sure what is going on but there is nothing in that store lately. We have 2 of them, one super and one regular store. The regular Walmart is bare ! Me and hubby (Tom) said maybe people are starting to get panicky about covid again. I refuse to get scared again! And will not stock pile TP! LOL

    My goodness the menu you guys write up looks delish!! We never think outside the box for dinners. But I saw the chili on your board and I will be making that soon!! I usually would wait til autumn but its been so cold lately we mine as well enjoy some good chili!

    And Fancy is so cute! 🙂 She looks like she’s made herself very comfortable already!

    Take care and have a great week!

    • Oh I know I wondered if people were stocking up. All the favorites were gone. No BBQ chips, not many tortilla chips, fabric softener and laundry only had the big big containers. I like your curtain ordering idea! lol

  3. the tp aisle was very sparse here last week. don’t know why??? hope folks aren’t stockpiling again. my hubby has managed to whittle down the pile of extras we had.

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