Sneak Peeks of Our New Flooring Giving a Farmhouse Feel

I was on pins and needles all day. I watched them arrive after getting an alert on my phone from the camera that someone was at the front door. They unloaded supplies and worked fast. They got way more done than I expected. They still have to do the foyer, part of the den, and do the quarter round and the transitions. I’m over the moon thrilled. I was so afraid when I got home and pulled in. I was very nervous “what did it look like and would I like it, would the grey just not work with the other colors”. I was fairly confident in my decision but what if they had laid it sideways or something, lol. You know me and my worries! So I walked in and was just absolutely FLOORED! Sorry, had to say that. I absolutely LOVE IT.

Of course I’ll do before and after pics (I took some before pics even though they were messy, lol). But once we get things back in place I will do proper shots but just wanted to share what we have so far. All the furniture still moved to the middle til they get the edges done.

So carpets will be put down next Wed in the bedrooms. So we will have to move some things (Nic Nacs and other items that are on top of the furniture) this weekend. It’s going to be a VERY busy weekend. But we also have Mon night and Tues night too for final things to be moved.

All in all it’s been an easier process than I thought. That said we DID work hard to get a lot of things moved, but spread out over a few days, we managed it.

I’m super excited to start putting our house back together once it is finished.

Blog Milestones and “VLOGGING Plans”

Well, the blogging milestones are happening! I had a notice I had a lot more traffic than usual and I have also had a lot of new followers. The blog is growing. I appreciate all of you who come and read this daily or every few days. Several of you engage with me with your comments and I really like that most of all. It makes the blog worth doing. I really started blogging to park my feelings, to document our life, and to meet the need that I have to write. I begun to learn to share my life and open up to the world all the details of my day. And in sharing the things I experience and do. Some things we struggle with. Some things we excel at. Some things we experiment with but all the while learning and growing – and if not – accepting, LOL! So once again thanks for reading, and I wonder how many blog posts I’ve done in my life as a whole? I have had several blogs in the past. Blogging has been a consistent activity in my life.

And now we are VLOGGING and that is a whole ‘nother animal that I’m loving even though I don’t have time for it. And with Mom here I’ve not done any filming in the house. There’s just too much happening, not much time, too much trouble to set up the lighting, but…..I can still do some videos of this summer because we have had some excursions and lots of photos even if I just do some voice overs. It’s all gonna be fine. But I am looking forward to being able to film in the house again around October and will order my ring lighting soon and plan to ask for a lighting ensemble for Christmas (umbrella diffuser and such – a kit I found on Amazon that is phbbbbth – very inexpensive.) So once things get a little more settled I’ll begin using the camera again and setting up some scenes. I just figure Momma doesn’t want to be in the videos – it’s kind of a George and Sonya thing. So excited and looking forward to that once “the coast is clear”! lol But….no worries, I’ll still be doing videos of some sort just none with me in the house much. Can’t wait to get cranking on the next one once we get the house settled. That is first priority now so we can LIFE FUNCTION in the house!

Books I’m Reading

This one I’m almost finished. It is going to be a movie! I have 3 hours left in my audio book. I love a good audio book where you can’t wait to get in the car and drive to work, lol.

I started reading this one. I read the first couple of chapters a few weeks ago. My friend Judy gave me the book so I was wanting to get a feel for it. It sounded intriguing. Last night after eating pizza I had an hour before bedtime and we sat in the living room and read since the den sofa was not available for sitting and TV watching. I read quite a few chapters. The chapters are short and I like that. I end up reading more and even reading more often when I know there is a quick break. It pulls me in b/c I think “oh I’ll just read a quick chapter”.

It’s different, and I think it’ll be really good. It is so far.

I’m also still reading the Bible. And it’s amazing how every time I read it through, I get different things from it or learn something new. I think the most important thing is that when YOU read it through YOURSELF as a book, YOU LEARN the NATURE of GOD. A lot of the questions you have about life, are answered here within these pages, not only with the words that are written but with God’s spirit that guides. The words speak to you. His Word is ACTIVE and ALIVE. “The Word was God and the Word was With God” comes to mind as I said that!

I read TWO Chapters a Day. I actually do a prayer journal after my shower and along with my cup of coffee. I thank God for all the things the day before. Blessings and what He helped me with. I also let Him know my worries and concerns and ask for help for the day I’m in or upcoming big events that are warping my mind with worry. I pray for family. I ask for needs too. Then I close the prayer and begin reading my 2 chapters. This all usually takes 15 minutes maybe less. Two chapters is not much but it allows you to SCOOT through the Bible pretty quickly. I may not finish in a year’s time but it’s fairly quick considering that all the years of my life I’ve only read it through twice. Oh sure I’ve studied it here and there a LOT but just reading it as a book – only in my 2nd time. But this time I’m reading the chapters backwards. You know me and my silly ways. It’s actually been nice to do that.

I’m also still reading one of the Deadliest Catch people’s books. I’m just having a hard time with that one. They are bragging about how “bad” they are and all the stunts they pulled. I guess I had hoped for a more genuine book about the trade and not so much about all the wild personal things the guys did. Anyway, I am going to give it one more shot as I’m half way through.

I grabbed a hold of what I thought was my key chain yesterday and pulled out Roger’s collar. 🙁 Things hit you at the strangest times. We had named him “Pumpkin” and then haphazardly after tossing names at him just for fun discovered his name was “Roger” or “Dodger” as he would answer to that. So we inscribed Roger above Pumpkin. Katy always got irritated that we changed the name after she would name a pet. lol. She originally named Tugie “Sandy” b/c she was the color of sand. But the little thing was so cute I kept calling it “Sugar in baby talk and it came out “Tugie”. And she began answering to that. I couldn’t quit calling her that. So we officially named her Katy’s Sandy Tugie on the poodle registration. But called her Tugie. I miss my little Tugie, and my Maisy and my Roger.

So now we have dog friendly flooring and don’t own a dog. But….you know me and my plans. Not this year…maybe not next year (or if so after a trip or two) but 2023 could be the year. We’ll see. I don’t think I have ever planned anything two years out except for graduating from college, ha!

Well better head in to work. It’s Friday and I’m so excited. I was able to get most of the quarter end stuff out of the way. Only two returns I’m working on – one of them is paid already but the information I was given was incorrect so I’m filing an adjusted return. The same state on the transport side of the business, the numbers are not working out either, so that one needs to be resolved today. I’m not sure what the deal is with that but suspect the numbers I’ve been given are wrong – maybe didn’t have the right allowable base or something – it’s unemployment taxes. So I’ve asked my boss to look at where the numbers are coming from in the transport system. Anyway, no work tomorrow. I don’t think I’d be able to anyway as we have to put our house back together this weekend so we can function. I was able to shower this morning but had to squeeze by closet doors that were leaning against the shower stall. lol

Ya’ll have a good weekend. Back later…..

11 responses to “Sneak Peeks of Our New Flooring Giving a Farmhouse Feel”

  1. Love it. Love it. LOVE IT!!!
    The gray or grey is perfect. It goes with what you have. WOW! You have to be thrilled.
    I see you posted yesterday also. For some dumb reason I am not getting your alerts.
    Your floors look amazing. You must be thrilled.

  2. Hi Sonya, what a quick read today’s blog was…not quick insofar as it was short, I could just feel you writing and your brain was going at full speed ahead…I’m sure you know what I mean, we are such a daft pair ! But your flooring was .IS. So lovely, just wish I could pop over and see it…..after Mum goes of course LOL
    I hope today at work goes well and you managed to get the figures to match the correct people……how I felt for you when you lifted up Rogers collar, it’s jus those little unexpected things that throw you for a few mins. I often …feel….my wee Masy looking at me demanding chicken when we have it, or today I made pasta and dropped a bit before it went in the pan, I immediately said ..NO looking down, For that split second forgetting that Masy wasn’t there to grab a piece of hard pasta…It’s so hard Somya it really is….Looking forward to seeing the new carpet now once it has been laid ….You will have to charge visitors to come view LOL..
    Well as it’s just after 6 pm here I recon you will be nearly finished your weeks work….home to one of George’s delicious dinners, a short. Rest then back to work
    Take care and God Bless….

    • Yeah I guess some days I’m hard to follow- I used to be able to feelings into words better – or maybe I just used to be more open. But lately I’m all over the place as life moves so fast, that I’m truly scattered. Glad you like the flooring! Another 4 hours or so here at work.

  3. Well I just popped on and all I can say is WOOOOWWWZZER! Love , love , love the flooring! Great color for your home. I also love the layout of your house. Very big and open! I’m a minimalist so space is great for me. 🙂

    We are still on the fence about another dog. Like you, we have the space and yard and fenced in for one, but every time I start looking for a dog something gets in the way of it. I say ” If a pup falls in my lap I wouldn’t say no to him or her!” LOL For you just losing Roger your heart is still grieving him. Funny you said you pulled out his collar and it hit you. Certain things still trigger me. Little buggers sure do wrap themselves in our hearts! And I wouldn’t want it any other way!

    I also wanted to say that I am not getting any notifications about your Vlogg . I’m going to do what you said and unsubscribe and subscribe again. And sometimes I can post on your blog and sometimes not. But for today it worked! 🙂

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  4. It looks like a different house. Makes your house look bigger. I think you chose well. I really like the color. I know you will be glad when they get the carpet in the bedrooms.
    This makes me want new floors. Can you mop just like regular floors? I have been thinking of buying the Bissel vacuum wet mop machine. I have seen lots of people that have and really like.
    Enjoy your weekend.

    • I have to find out for sure on the care of the floors. I’m buying a canister vacuum with a long pole to get under furniture and in corners. It has a switchable head for the carpet or the vinyl floor. George says we may need a steam mop. I used non bleach Clorox wipes to get some spots off left by the workers shoes. lol Not decided which vacuum to get but George said to get what I wanted ha! But I do think we can mop. They are waterproof floors so should be durable. I plan to vacuum mostly so nothing is sticky. Yes will be glad when they are thru!

  5. i love the floor. It’s beautiful. The natural wood tone is perfect after all those years of blue. Congrats. I hope you christened it with a bottle of champagne.

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