Things Have Been Tough Lately

Good morning from the doc office while I await my physical this morning! I was up at 4:00 a.m. Physical at 6:00 a.m. An unGodly hour but takes less time away from work.

Little Roo is ok but it tears my heart to see him do the breathing treatments. That said I’m thankful that the meds are available and he can have relief and care! God is good! So is his Mom. She’s a good Momma!

I guess Mom had a good birthday yesterday. We took her out last night to Hermitage Steak House. And I brought home pink roses for her.

Hermitage Steakhouse had a different vibe. The white tablecloth, candles, and elegant atmosphere is gone. Cheap tabletops and the wait staff seemed able but preoccupied. Food tasted the same. Have to ask for bread or you won’t get it. But the food was great and salad bar excellent. The prices had soared! Im ok for paying the price along with excellent but if I am paying 45 to 70 for a steak – give me candles and elegance! 🙂 Just saying!

I hope it’s ok to have coffee this morning. Last two times I didn’t and they said I could have black coffee or water. So I did have coffee. If that didn’t suffice this time I’ll have to come back for lab work.

Things have been tough lately. No break anywhere it seems. Work busy. Home busy. Just life going sour and sideways. But one thing is sure. My God remains sure footed and present!

I’m sorry for blasting my feelings out about all that’s gone South this past week. I’m not one to sweep much under the rug like most. My honesty spills forth. I guess it’s good and bad. I’m sorry if I hurt feelings or invited the trolls that lurk as they do.

But in a way I’m not sorry too b/c I have innocence in the matters of which I’ve spoken and have a right to speak and have an opinion that usually is not otherwise heard. So there’s that.

My sensitivity is on overload lately! And feelings hurt easily myself. For several reasons. I know others have been talking about me behind my back. That doesn’t help.

So better go! More later! Thanks for all your comments lately!

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  1. Awww, you never have to apologize for being you. Ever!
    I hope your appt goes well.
    That’s a bummer that the restaurant cut out their ambiance. What’s up with that?
    Little Roo is so special. He will be ok. 🙏

  2. Oh no first message didn’t get delivered…I was saying hope all went well at the Drs this morning, you don’t need any other things to concern you…you’ve had more than enough to bother you lately. Mums birthday sounded/ looked lovely. Those roses look so pretty in the crystal jar…Meal sounds good but sorry the attention was not as good as you remember it. You really are such a good daughter, and I say that to your face !,! People that speak behind our back are best ignored completely certainly no notice taken of anything you think they may be saying. Ignore them ….Hope work goes to plan today and it’s not too hot. We are all under an Amber Warning because of the heat day and night…We are urged to look out for our old neighbours etc etc drink plenty water etc. wonder who will be looking out for Mary and me !!! I’m sitting here with a large fan blowing trying it’s best to cool: me down, ….Hope work is going to plan and maybe you can get home a bit early ? Or is that wishful thinking !!! God Bless

  3. Happy Birthday to your Mom. I love pink roses. I noticed too the prices have gone up on meals out. I had my lab work yesterday. Today I go get my second covid shot. I dread it. But the sun is out and it puts me in a good mood.
    I know your heart is in Texas with Katie and Roo. I hope you can see him before too much longer. I keep hoping they move back closer to you. So you can see him more often. He is a beautiful boy. I am glad I have facetime and get to talk to mine often.

    • I don’t think we will have any more available vacation time this year for Texas travel unless we just go without pay which is not really a good idea. Retirement is our friend lol. Three years though. Just have Moms 2nd move and flooring- may have to use some for that. Good luck with the shot today. Hopefully no illness from it. I had a fever and flu for day and a half.

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