Little Roo has RSV, Life’s Issues, and New Coffee Pot

Please pray for Little Roo who has RSV. Going around daycare and their church. He’s having to do breathing treatments. Should be better in 2 to 3 days as he has been given a steroid and also antibiotics. So keep him in your prayers. He had a fever a few days ago. Seemed to be fine and then it began going in his chest, wheezing. He also has an ear infection along with it. So PLEASE PRAY. I know God’s got this as I have prayed for his health and to keep him healthy.

Pray for the parents because it’s scary when your baby is not feeling well.

Also pray for George and his work family. His friend/coworker/and boss committed suicide over the weekend. Everyone is in shock and devastated. George and his work crew have therapy on site today. George was supposed to work from home today and will come home after that.

At lunch he is going to go to the flooring place and set up our flooring details.

I want to thank everyone for watching the video that did and some left a comment either here or there. The link is a couple of posts back if you missed it. I gained a subscriber! Thanks! At home we always watch them when they go live. We had to wait til after church. Mom actually sat with us for it. I wonder what she thought about it. She never said. She got up and went to her room and was there all day. It’s hard to get any compliments EVER from family. I don’t know why. But most of them come from you all. I know George is supportive of them and will give me suggestions. It’s just rare to hear any good news from anyone anywhere it seems. So I love you all for encouraging me on and inspiring me, listening to me, actually responding to me, and I thank you for that which is MUCH above just watching the video. A little bit of cheer and inspiration goes a long way. Otherwise you doubt yourself, question yourself. But I’ve lived long enough now to just keep plowing through and doing what I want. Living for praise or approval from others is in vain anyway and a rare thing. If I approve and God approves, I guess that is all that matters.

Anything else is gravy.

Did I show you the new coffee pot? Since my Mr. Coffee coffee pot did not last much over a year, I went with Hamilton Beach. I have a crock pot (I think) by them that we like a lot. And there you can see my “mule” coffee cup. Forgive if I have shown this already. My life is in such turmoil right now I have no idea whether I’ve come or gone or whether it’s today or tomorrow.

Better go so I can get in early. Although after working late last night I think I’ve paid my dues.

We are going to celebrate Mom’s birthday tonight at a special place. I hope she has a good day. We NEED good days!

Off to close payroll and I hope my Little Roo is doing ok.


But at least I’m thankful for the things that are going well. It took a few minutes to think of them – but food and shelter and a good cozy bed were at the top of the list. Not many more tummy pains so that is good.

I’m going to go and try to enjoy the day and take delight in small things – such as hot coffee and knowing God is nearby.

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  1. Hi love, what a too doo. We would say about getting everything from that plant not getting their stuff in on time and it all being mixter maxter. Words from Scotland again LOL. The Type does not like me spelling the way we would in Scotland I have to retype them at least once sometimes twice to get them to accept them. Hope you have worked out what I am trying to say LOL. Hope your day goes well today by now you will be on your way into work I think. Praying Mum feels better today and that she will enjoy her birthday dinner, hope she MIGHT EVEN SAY THANK YOU to George and you……it’s still incredibley hot here. For first time ever we have been given an AMBER WARNING to take care of older or people who are ill due to the heat it’s already 32c think that’s 93f. Just after 12.45 …
    No way can we sit out today…..I’m away now to make something for our lunch, a sandwich for Mary and I think I may just have a yoghurt
    Please try to not do to much today….God Bless. Xx

    • Our amber alerts in the US are when children have been abducted. We get them on phones and overhead on digital road signs. Usually with a description and sometimes with make and tag on car. Hope the Lord sends a nice breeze today for you. Laughing because sometimes a breeze can be a fart in the US but hope you get the other pleasant kind lol 😂 Hope that made your day. Tell Mary hi!

  2. I watched your blog and it would not let me chick to subscribe. From you blog it would not let me click on anything to see it. I had to go to your facebook page to be able to watch it. This is where I was not able to subscribe. I look forward to seeing these

    • You have to go to YouTube and sign up (the free version) before you can subscribe- sometimes my blog embeds it – but find it on YouTube and sign up and you can subscribe! Thx for watching- I have several on there!

  3. I don’t typically comment twice in one week but hearing about your grandson being sick I wanted to send my thoughts and prayers to him and his mom and dad! And to you , too! Grammies worry too! The good thing about babies is that they bounce back so quickly! 🙂

    And your husbands boss and his tragic end to his life. I am so sorry. My nephew committed suicide in 2016. I was at work and my phone rang. I didn’t recognize the number so I picked it up and was told right there. It was devastating to say the least. He was a young man. Musician . Loved to play his guitars. But for some reason he needed to go from earth. We will never understand why. Because there is seldom a why. I will say a prayer for this mans family as its the hardest part… the left behind. 🙁

    On a happier note! The coffee pot is nice. 🙂

    Take care,

  4. Prayers for your sweet grandson. Those breathing treatments do help. Every time I get sick it goes to my lungs and I have to take those. And so sorry to hear about your husband’s friend and coworker. Depression is horrible.
    The coffeemaker is a nice one. I know I am not awake until I have my coffee in the mornings. I know it is silly but I look forward to it when I go to bed.

  5. Oh my. I hate to think of River going thru RSV & an earache. Poor baby must be miserable. I know this is rough for Katy & Cody. Hopefully he will be well soon & yes I will 🙏 for all.
    Your payroll sounds like a nightmare. Ugh 🥴
    How’s the new coffee pot?

  6. So sorry for sweet Roo. And also very thankful he’s got good parents who are on top of this and for the meds . Prayers for all … including the family of the gentleman who was suffering internally. Keep us updated on the coffee pot bc Dan is kinda fed up with his . I think you do a fantastic job in all that you do ! Professionally and at home too …you amaze me with your energy and what all you accomplish on all fronts . Hang in there !

  7. i am so very sorry to hear about little roo. saying prayers for him and katie and cody. happy belated birthday to your mom. i haven’t been reading or commenting on blogs because we have been dealing with illness and death here. please take care. will keep little roo in my thoughts..

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