Exquisite Frozen Food, Nail Dip Colors, Flooring Decisions, Oscar’s Tacos, Plumbing Issues, Too Much to Do, and Little Roo! Whew!

Good morning – at least it is morning for me as I sip coffee. I made a discovery this week. This lean cuisine above is amazing and tastes like something I had in a very expensive Italian Restaurant once. Ummmm, let me just say I’ll be filling the freezer with this one! Had to share!

Got my nails done Monday after work. I had the coral one removed and got a softer flesh tone color. I have to keep them short because I’m on the computer all day. I like the color though – subdued a bit. The thing I’m enjoying about the dip is getting to choose the color. Whereas when I had the French nails it was always pink/white and they were very thick nails. This is better for your nails my salon person said.

You can see the prior color I had on here in the picture. Honestly I think I can go a little longer than 3 weeks and get away with it, as it’s $45 each time you get them done and you can change colors. With the French I had fill ins every other time and if you went to long you had to pay the full price to get both the white and pink unless you kept your nails really long. I get mine cut short so it would cut the white off – if I let it go longer than 3 weeks. So I think that is how I can stretch the price some. 😉 Go longer than 3 weeks!

They had a pretty white color that was called “blushing bride”. It was a soft white with a tiny bit of sparkle. And they another in this brand that was a little more pink. I forgot what it was called. They have so many colors. So I will enjoy this. But I do think it takes a little longer to do the dip. The lighter color is non exciting I realize but I was ready for a lighter color and I’ll hop back and forth! I figure the lighter colors I can wear longer w/o anyone noticing they have grown out some in that 4th week. :-O

The weather has been weird for July, but you know what? I’ll take it. Cloudy means less of a beating sun. I thought the sky looked unique from my office window a day or two ago. The clouds were interesting and the sun barely shining through. And the airplane streaks were dark instead of their little white trails. We have had periods of brief moderate rains, little blips of thunder showers, and mostly just clouds. But the sky has been entertaining for sure.

Update on the flooring. Here and on Facebook and myself, all voted to remove the marble and have the wood laminate flooring extended in it’s spot in the foyer. However, as figured, it’s too expensive to do that. Even the carpet people said it. My guess is really it’s also “too much trouble”. No one wants to spend the money and likely no one wants to do the work. I heard my spouse and my Mom gloating with glee through the Nest cam at how “they got their way”. ::sigh:: So I will buy a big huge rug and cover the damn thing up so it matches instead of clashes. 🙂

Because…everyone loves a BIG EYE SORE…NOT!!!!!

Not sure how much damage we have done cost wise as the estimates are not back yet. But they came yesterday to get the specs. So we’ll get the cost in a few days and then we will set the dates. I hope they do Saturday’s. If not one or both of us will have to take off work so we can move all the little stuff around and keep an eye on our things while workers are in the house. :-O But I’m excited as we are close to getting this on the schedule. Have waited so long to get rid of the blue floor in the kitchen. It’s gonna look so good with the grey flooring throughout. We have a lot of browns in the house. I am glad I’m getting the grey floors. A lot of people would gasp, but I think it brings a great relief.

Here’s the options if you missed that post. I think the grey have a tint of beige in them enough to blend in areas where I have darker wood in the room (cabinets are oaky in color) and a lot of the door frames are painted dark. I wanted to paint all the trim white because I think it is fresh, but all of our closets have these darker wooden doors that open up and would be expensive to replace and hard to paint with their shutter like designs. (Insert eye roll here!) lol lol

So we wait for a price and a date – or it may take two days.

Oscar’s Taco Shop, Mount Juliet, TN
Oscar’s Taco Shop, Mount Juliet, TN

We have been wanting to go to Oscar’s Tacos here in the Mount Juliet area since we saw there would be one! Finally got to go last night for “Taco Tuesday”. I decided to get a plate of enchilada and taco’s with rice and beans. The enchilada looked so good. I dove into it first.

To their credit, I’m sure they use fresh ingredients and home made and all that. But I had bones in my enchilada. I was not expecting that. I’m sure they wouldn’t have either. I should have reported it but it was a fast food type of restaurant and they were usually pretty busy, and I was on the inside of the booth – just wasn’t convenient. I let it go. I might file an online complaint, and maybe get a free taco. It kinda ruined my meal last night because it made me question the rest of the food. But after thinking about it, if they use fresh ingredients and boil up a chicken I can see where this could have happened by accident. They were not big bones just small ones. Anyway, if I get an enchilada again – I just won’t get the chicken!!!! The Tacos and the beans were great. The rice was of course just rice. But I’ll go back again and get something different and give them the benefit of the doubt. I was greatly disappointed though as it kinda ruined my dinner to be honest. It was not a pleasant thing to find chicken bones in your enchilada. Their tea though? Awww, it was incredible. Tasted like a good brewed southern tea should with good flavor.

No worries, we’ll try it again sometime.

Photo by Oleg Magni on Pexels.com

So….this is not my pic by the way – sometimes if I don’t have one I’ll use the free Pexel service that comes with the blog. But we had a clog in the sink a couple of days ago (Monday). George got that fixed. Then the pipes with the washer backed up and began leaking when Mom was trying to do her laundry. So he has tried to fix it yesterday/last night. And I’m not sure what the verdict is. I suspect we will be calling the plumber.

I hate it when these things happen because pretty much LIFE STOPS when you can’t do dishes, run dishwasher, and do laundry.

Oh a week or two ago – it was my car – was leaking oil and we got the seal fixed on that $700 ish dollars.

I’ve pretty much concluded that everything either leaks, poops, or stops up. I mean try eating pizza for a whole weekend! Gotta have some fiber! Good thing we like our veggies lately. lol

So – yeah – life is a constant battle of either unclogging or trying to stop it up. Always!

And so that really about does it for today’s blog update.

Other Stuff…..

I guess really now that payroll is over, I can try to sneak in a call or text to make Mom’s hair appointment. She mentioned it Sunday but I had a couple of busy days and didn’t get it done yet. She asked me about it again last night. I hate it but I am probably not going to be able to react as quickly on things as she wants. We still don’t have those lights up yet. But there is not many free moments in my day. I’m trying to get used to taking care of an extra person. But I’m not perfect at it yet or as quick on it as some like. And she is needing a few things from the downstairs storage and wants me to walk her down around back to the basement. Maybe we can do that tonight.

George is wanting me to help decide what meals we will have the next few days. He was asking after dinner last night when I was trying to have a moment of relaxation after we got back from dinner. I could not think about food planning and told him so. I think he was irritated. But that’s on him. I can’t be everything everyone needs all the time. I’m more apt to meal planning while sipping wine before dinner than after eating an enchilada that had a bone in it. Just sayin’.

We are almost finished with the Ravensburger puzzle. I was going to order another but George wanted me to wait and see if he could find one at yard sales this weekend. He says he sees them nearly every time he goes. I’ve decided I will keep them and work them over and over again through the years. I’m spoiled to them now. There may be other brands just as good but less expensive. I think he did not want me to pay $19.99 for puzzles. It is high, but when you think about it – if you keep them and work them through the years many times – it’s not that big of a deal. I mean look what we spend on consumable food? We will order anything and everything on a menu. ::sigh:: So I’ll wait…… for a few days. lol. We have enjoyed working the puzzle. But Mom is unhappy with the chairs and says it’s uncomfortable. I don’t think we want to spend money on puzzle chairs. I think we will end the puzzling before we do that. I don’t think I can make my house perfect for her needs so I am about to give up on that. However, when she has her house she can order a plush puzzle chair. I can’t fix everything! I just can’t.

Then at some point this week maybe I will get some time to finish the next video and maybe do something on my list. We shall see. Fancy has her trim Saturday. We have church on Sunday so after laundry and cleaning (if we have a workable water system in the house) then maybe I can sneak in something from my list of to do’s. Who knows?

But that is where we are!

Meanwhile in Texas….

Off to work I go! What on earth is going on in YOUR world this week?

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  1. Hi Sonya, Glad that at least you’ve got the estimate coming soon for the flooring. Sorry about the marble floor though, but your suggestion of a big rug is an ideal compromise!! I’m not sure what the Grey is that keeps the pieces together ? Could you maybe scrub it with a bleach solution to get it lighter just a thought maybe a daft one, my first thought was paint over it but that wouldn’t look good at all…it’s a pity though as the actual marble bit is ok it’s just the grout that mars the overall effect….but a big rug will be good, just make sure it’s stuck down somehow you wouldn’t want anyone tripping on it. Mary has loads and loads of Ravensberg puzzles. These ones I think are made in the UK. She enjoys doing them but I need to get them all out of my back bedroom and over to her house soon, I have a visitor coming in October I want that room well cleared and clean by then…..Love the photos of River, he is such a bonnie wee laddie, he has beautiful skin hasn’t he,? We are at last having some summer weather it’s got up to 26c which according to Alexa is 78f. It’s even to get a bit warmer up to the weekend. Peter asked if we would like to go on an outing on Saturday so naturally I said…Oh yes please, where we going . To a nature reserve come animal kingdom place near Oxford. He went there earlier in the year and we admired it then so will be able to tell you about it after Saturday. I’m glad your not even thinking about trying to get puzzle chairs. Whatever they are ! Especially for Mum I know just how much you and George are trying to accommodate her but there comes a time when you have to turn a deaf ear !! Peter will soon be in from work so better go get prepared. God Bless. Xx

    • Yeah. Mom didn’t want us to buy more chairs —-yet- just wondered if hers was down in the basement- but they are not. I might have some dining patio chairs that will work but I can’t make things perfect enough- it’s beyond my capabilities and $ lol 😂 If we all lost some weight we could get all of our rears in and out of the chairs with better ease! I’m talking about ALL of us!

  2. Your new floors are going to look so good. I have never tried the dip nails but my daughter has. I am going tomorrow to get mine done. I got my hair baylaged and cut yesterday. I am not too sure about the girl who cut my hair. I got long layers this time and it just doesn’t seem to fall right.
    Roo just looks so sweet in the pictures. I am glad Katie found the mesh feeder thing. My grandson enjoyed his too. It won’t be long and he will be crawling all over the house.
    Husband bought a chest and is redoing it ..I am trying to clean out my closet and get rid of things I haven’t worn in years. Nothing fun or exciting at my house. Just work it seems. Happy Hump day..hang in there. The work week is almost done.

    • Oh I had to look up “baylaged” lol 😂 I’m so up on hip styles – NOT. But I knew the look when I looked it up! Very nice. I also had never seen the mesh feeder. Nor all the stages of sleep suits. It’s fun to see how the years change with all the baby paraphernalia.

  3. I am now getting the dip nails. During my working season, the cleaner we had to use between clients and on the door handles and lobby chairs had so many chemicals it damaged mu nails, particularly on the right hand. The dip is helping them so much and I can go a month between appointments if necessary. The additional cost is offset by the length of time between having them done. Our salon has new line of about 40 colors that have all three in each, regular, get and dip.

  4. The Lean Cuisine looks GOOD. Is that with meat or cheese raviolis? Yum0
    Your floors will look great. A rug to cover the coveted marble is a good idea but not necessary. At least the marble is neutral.
    Your nails look nice. I like the color. They look “office friendly “. LOL
    I read this post yesterday & have come back 5 or 6 times to comment & get sidetracked. Then this morning I came & found the newest post. Then I was really behind. Mercy me.
    Be careful what you wish for😋

    • It didn’t have meat in the ravioli- just veggies. Haaaaa on the be careful what you wish for! I will skip today so I can work on video! Almost done but need to work on audio and graphics, then thumbnail and upload.

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