Burgers, Babies, and a few Yahoos!

Good morning, as I type this, although it may be afternoon while reading! It is Friday! TGIF! It’s been a quick little minute of a week! Packed with lots of work and a little bit of fun aside in the small crannies of time when we are not working.

We took Mom to get a burger Wednesday night. She eats a LOT of burgers during the week normally but is not driving up here. So I try to figure out how to make her world more normal. She and Fancy would go out and “get a burger”. Fancy got her own – not the bread but just the patty. Fancy couldn’t go this time though as we were going in and sitting down inside the restaurant. We chose a restaurant that we could be served – Burger Republic. I love that place! It’s been good EVERY time we have been. And it’s nice to get a good side salad with a burger instead of fries. They have a gluten free bun but I got the regular one this time.

George and I also enjoyed a Calfkiller beer. I couldn’t tell you right now which one it was, some kind of lager. It had a good taste. We have been to Calfkiller brewery before a few years ago- near Sparta, TN but it’s a ways out and a good day trip. As for the name – well – named after the Calfkiller River. Then you’d have to research that one. What a name huh? The beer was very smooth and pleasant. I sipped mine.

Guess who had his 6 month check up and shots? She is keeping him entertained. He LOVES and NEEDS to be entertained. He loves to eat and keep busy!

We got to face time him at his dinner last night. Katy fed him fruits and greens. She said “watch his face when I give him peas”. He made a horrible face and spit it out. She has to mix his fruits with the greens to get it down.

There was a retirement party at work yesterday. It was the first time we had been able to eat and gather together in our break room in a year and half. It was nice. We still had box lunches though and not buffet. It was Panera’s box lunches. Pretty good!

Then at home last night we had pork chops and Mom made an awesome banana pudding. I was about to take a pic of it but Mom had already dipped hers out so I didn’t take a pic. Nobody wants to see half eaten pudding. So you will have to use your imagination. That said, it was really good. Nobody was eating the bananas bought so Mom made the pudding.

Weight Loss Encouragement

I still have my 5 lbs of fat I ordered from Amazon. I think it’s important to realize just how much fat you lose when you lose 5 lbs or any number of lbs. I saw this yesterday on social media and thought it would be good to share. So it kindof gives you some perspective and makes you want to try harder.

We have really been eating well and probably more since Mom has been here. So something has to give. We have more breakfasts on the weekend and eat more meals, and taking leftovers for lunch that are more fattening. It’s all been good but I need to be careful and cut back some. It’s just been kinda like a celebration though – now that the BIG MOVE is over. We have been eating a lot of favorite foods and sharing the joy of our favorite meals with Mom and hers with us.

All that said, we have Corned Beef and Cabbage coming this weekend. And going out for Taco Tuesday at a new place in town —you guessed it —next Tuesday. lol

Mom’s House Build Update

The wood came in finally. It was late. So I think we are a week behind schedule – maybe two. They told Mom they were putting extra crew on it to get it back on schedule. We’ll see. They do have a timeline though and it is a domino impact with all the ones being built down the line. So they were to begin framing the house this week. So exciting!

Looking at the chart here, we are three months away from closing. I’m thinking it’ll be behind that schedule but we will see what happens. Maybe by Thanksgiving or Christmas.

It’s looking like our holidays will be busy! But one thing is for sure – on THIS MOVE, there IS NO TIMELINE! Mom will be anxious to get in there and we’ll help her get there as quick as possible – making it livable. I told her I’d stay over a bit on some weekend nights to plump and perty her up! But again there is no timeline on this end of things.

We will have to have enough time to do some shopping and prep for Christmas.

A List of Yahoos!

  • We get to go look at flooring tomorrow! YESSSSSSSSSS!
  • Today is Friday and we are going to eat pizza tonight! (Not working on losing those 5 lbs just yet!)
  • I finished reading the New Testament this year already. Reading the books of the Bible backwards. I’m in Amos now in the OT. Started in Jan I think. Only 2 chapters a day. Very doable! Try it! Every morning I journal a prayer of thanks and needs, worries, requests, and then read my 2 chapters. It really sets my day off right!
  • I have been able to work on the next video – every other morning – doing voice overs and editing mainly, music is next.
  • I found 5 minutes to stick a few puzzle pieces in.
  • Made reservations for Mom’s birthday.
  • I’ve been reading a book on the Kindle app of my phone at night, lol. It’s called “The Next Wife”, author last name of Rouda. A simple read and very easy to read without much thought, but one that has me very hooked! Page turner.
  • Also booted out an audio book I was struggling through and began “Where the CrawDads Sing. It’s really good so far.” Making me look forward to drive time.
  • I have a chunk done on my to do list. I’m at the point where I can work on the gravy now! That makes me happy.
  • The weekend is pretty open. We will manage to keep busy but it’s a good busy!


And it usually does.

Ya’ll have a Good Friday. I’m working on Quarter End after my normal Friday duties are done, if there are no employee payroll issues (odds are good this week there will be) but we will do the best we can and then the weekend begins! Whatcha doing today yourself?

See ya’ll sometime on the weekend. Lord Willing’ and the creeks don’t rise. They might, rains coming!

5 responses to “Burgers, Babies, and a few Yahoos!”

  1. Where the Crawdads Sing. I loved reading that book. That’s all I’m going to say. No spoilers here. I will read that book again.
    It would be great if your mom could be in her house before winter sets in. That would be good down time for her to settle in & nest.
    Flooring is time. That will keep you occupied for a minute or two. You will love having no carpet. The only place I miss having carpet is in the bedroom when I get out of bed. I do have small rugs on each side of the bed but it’s not the same. BUT even saying that I do not miss having carpet. Period.
    I’m selfish. I wish you posted more often.😥

  2. It is hard to believe Roo is six months old already. Love seeing him smiling with your Mom. Seeing the fat does make me want to lose weight. I would look and feel much better if I could lose just 20lbs. It is hard. One of the hardest things I have ever tried to do. If you find anything that works let us know.
    Sounds like you guys are enjoying having your Mom with you. I know she enjoys having someone to eat with. Banana pudding sounds good, my husband loves it but I keep forgetting to buy the pudding mix. I have the other things needed.

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