Blogging with Nothing to Say, But Did it Anyway

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It’s my day to blog and I have absolutely nothing for ya! How does this happen? All work no play I suppose. We’ve worked hard and long, and have come home, knocked a couple of to do items off the list, rebooted laundry, picked up a few things, ate dinner, maybe watched a small show, and then to bed. Not much to write about.

I’ve felt good and been in a good place the first part of the week, gung ho and going after it. Today I feel beaten and tired and feel I have half a brain and half of a body. I suppose I went to bed an hour later than normal. George and I stayed up late trying to get my sign-on to take with Google/You Tube on the Sony TV. Somehow yesterday I got signed out and it will not let me sign back in. So I cannot watch my YouTube shows. How does that happen? I think it may be Google having issues. I’ve not had quite such a time in my life trying to get signed on to something. I tried, George tried. We gave up finally. I found a website that said people were reporting issues signing in beginning on the 28th. So maybe it’s not just us. I’m not sure how I got signed off though to begin with – whether Google signed everyone off of YouTube, or if it was one of us that clicked the wrong buttons, or what. But it sure showed off Google/YouTube’s issues. Hope they get it fixed. The TV is not much good for me if I can’t use it and the software to watch the shows I want. We can still stream Netflix but most of my shows are on YouTube. Oh well.Anyway, I can still get YouTube everywhere else, but just not on the big Sony TV. Arghhhh. Life is a scam, lol.

Coffee is really good this morning! And we have eaten well all week. Dinner included a honey ham for a couple of nights and Mom’s spaghetti last night. She is learning her way through the house, kitchen, laundry room bit by bit. We laid a lot of the ingredients out for her. It’s aggravating to try to find spices in our house because there are so many and she can’t half read them anyway with her eyesight so we laid out the ones she needed. I was worried she would cut herself cutting onions. But she did just fine. I showed her the big butcher knife which is what we use. It’s intimidating and evil looking but it’s the only knife I trust to cut an onion with without slicing your hand using a dull knife elsewhere.

Mom tries to keep busy which is nice of her. If she sees laundry in a basket or dryer she will fold it. If a pet makes a mishap, she will run the carpet cleaner over it. She’s windexed a couple of windows on the inside.

George begins a summer schedule of sorts. Instead of working longer days and getting every other Friday off, they decided to let them work from home so many days a month. I think once a week. They alternate. George’s day this week is today. They told them they needed to be “somewhat” available but could do other things, like mowing the yard for example, lol. Today George’s “other thing” is going to his uncle’s visitation and funeral. I would have liked to have gone but the visitation is during working hours. I’ve missed enough work already this year and will be missing some more with all the doc appts and meetings and movings and such on top of what we already had planned with PTO days and all. So I just can’t miss work. I have to save them for Mom and all that is going on this year.

We are looking forward to the 4th weekend. Mainly for the “time” but of course it is a fun and honorable weekend to be happy for our Independence and to think of what all happened to become that way and for those that fought for it. I feel like we are losing our independence though, slowly and surely and so I’m not proud of that. I’m proud of what we once were. We can’t say what we want to say, we are a nation divided, we are a different nation, we are a melting pot that has burned itself into the bottom of the pan. We are told what to do, what not to do, what to say, what not to say. Everything is complex and no longer simple. You have to jump through hoops to do something simple. No one can agree on anything. Evil is moralized. We are living in Sodom and Gomarah. Lord rescue us quickly and don’t let us look back!

Someone once told me the world wasn’t getting more evil a few years back that it was there and we just didn’t see it as much until now. I was shocked. The world IS getting more and more evil. How can one say it is not. To say that is to overlook how life is conducted all around you, to live in a bubble, to not hear the news, to not see the state of being, to not see TV ever, to not hear the words and see the actions of our youth, to not open your eyes, or ears, to have not read the Bible. Yes, it may be publicized more, but it IS MORE EVIL. Don’t you think?

So in the meantime while here on this earth we just have to trust God, be calm and carry on. I guess that is my phrase of the week.

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I’ve asked God for more humor in my life, to be able to laugh at life and not take it so seriously. There were a few laughs yesterday that gave me giggles. Both times were impromptu and likely never able to replay the scenario. It was funny in the moment. But I’ll try. While talking with a friend/coworker, she was talking about something that aggravated her to no end. I told her she needed to figure a way to UNHOOK from it and let it go. She made a noise that sounded like unhooking “chachuck”. I followed up her noise with a nasal-y noise like “boyehoyehoye-oing” that sounded like it bouncing away. We both laughed so hard. A silly little moment in which we communicated through made up noises. Who’d have thought. Hilarious!

So we are looking forward to the 4th weekend, as I was saying and then got off on a sideboard about life and it’s evil ways. But looking forward to our eating, our playing, working on to do lists, and so forth.

So I’ve tried to just type whatever comes out today. I got something out! It may not be helpful or newsworthy but it’s the state of the house! The coffee is good, it’s quarter end and busy at work, and trying to keep things swinging on the positive sides at home.

I’m afraid to bring up if we are going to church Sunday. lol. I have no idea. I will go with the flow. I may go buy an RV and head to the woods. lol. Just kidding. I can do that through my shows if the damn YouTube and Google will let me sign in on the Sony, darn it!

Well, better get ready and get to work! Hopefully more interesting things to share in a couple of days!

8 responses to “Blogging with Nothing to Say, But Did it Anyway”

  1. Hey!!
    I read your last post also but never returned to comment.
    Too bad your mom was not impressed with the church last weekend. I’ve never heard of the “hills” business. Her building site is exciting to see. I bet it will go fast & be ready on time. God bless mother nature.
    I hope the weather cooperates for the long weekend.
    It’s frustrating having technical issues with the TV. I’ve been dealing with it the past 2 days also. Today I will make one more call. So frustrating & time consuming. Ain’t nobody got time for that!! 😋
    One more day girlie. You can do it !

  2. Have a Happy 4th of July. We are staying home except for a trip or two to see our grandson and swim at their pool.
    I think there is more shootings and violence now than ever before. Just listen to the news on any day. I don’t know what has caused things to get like they are.
    I am glad we live in a rural area. I grew up in the city but life was very different back then. I think people took more pride in how they dressed and their homes and cars. Neighbors helped neighbors when needed. Kids played outside from daylight to dark.
    I guess you are right it is a sign of the times.
    I hope you get your utube figured out. That is so nice of your Mom to help what she can around the house. Do you think a magnifying glass might help her to read the small print? I need one myself sometimes.

    • I think she has them already – her reading glasses help some. But like looking up in a cabinet for spices would be hard- she would have to reach for each container and pull it close. At her house she will have fewer spices and will know where everything is! Happy 4th! Your swimming time with family sounds fun!

  3. Hi Sonya, for someone with nothing to blog about you sure find words to expand your thoughts. I am sure you really are just tired out and your brain is switching off unless it really is important like at work….I hope you do go to church, why do you need Mums approval if she dosn’t want to go…just too bad, same goes for George I think you would at least find some peace in church. I know I do usually. Mind you with so many rules and regulations sometimes I wonder if we are daft to keep going ..we can’t sing we can’t chat, we can’t have a cuppa and a biscuit afterwards. We have to have all doors and windows open….I know God is with us wherever we are so I kinda think he would be with us at home as well…Did you get your manicure and pedicure booked for you and Mum ? Anyway I’m really very tired tonight, in fact I hav’nt felt at all well since we came home from our wee break….never mind tomorrow is another day I’m sure to feel better then Night night. God Bless

    • I hope you feel better soon! Yes I am very tired 🥱 today. I would love to go to church- just not wanting it to be a sore subject for us. Just afraid to get hopes up. I promised I’d take her where she wants- even if I don’t stay- if I’m not happy with her selection I will like not go either lol 😂

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