Employer Picnic Day, Winery Excursion, and Little Roo Takes to the Pool

We went to George’s company picnic yesterday for lunch. We had BBQ, kielbasa dog, baked beans, Mac n Cheese, and I brought home my chips. It was nice a little lunch. We did not win any prizes but there is nothing we need in life right now I guess, but perhaps reflooring and a house remodel. lol. They were not giving those away. We only stayed for an hour or so as George had to leave to go get a PO for an emergency order. The plant runs 24/7. He only works Mon – Fri but every now and then if a part will shut the plant down, he will have to give a PO for something or try to order something on the weekends. Rare but the call came during the picnic of course. lol

Afterwards we wanted to run by a nearby winery, Cellar53 Winery in Smith County, TN.

The place is beautifully landscaped. It looks like George has flowery pants, lol lol lol. The day was breezy and warm and we enjoyed sitting outside among the green hills and breezy trees. A couple of dogs were around. One evidently went home with its owner and the other lazed around and surprised us by peeking around the corner.

We only did a picnic tasting. These were actually smaller cups than they look. They are larger than communion cups but smaller than the little small size clear drink cups you see at social settings. We got to pick 4. We ended up buying 3 bottles of wine to take home. But it was about like having 1 glass of wine a piece total I guess while we sat outside for a bit. Here was the straight on view from my seat.

I held up my watermelon wine to the US flag, “here’s to America reopening and having gatherings and excursions again”.

One of the wines I bought, was Independence Red, for July 4th!

I really like this winery place. It’s just a little far out though for my liking. It’s close to George’s work though. It’s about 45 min away. Not much else to do in that area but Walmart and maybe a dinner. So we don’t go out this far usually. George has to travel that way all week long so we usually stay close around for excursions unless we are going to make a half day tour of an area or something.

I’ve missed our excursions and it felt like a mini vacation day. We enjoyed it so much. We headed back home and after a big lunch followed by a glass of wine, I was not in a “work mode”, I was in “relax mode”. So I chose to have another glass of wine and read. It was good for my psyche. I redid my to do list marking off all that I had done this week, which was more than I thought. I planned for the next week.

Have I told you how much I love my little escape room? My bed is perfect, my Mac computer is both a hobby spot, planning spot, and a TV. And my chair and little table make the perfect prayer journaling, bible reading, pleasure reading, wine sipping corner.



We had a wonderfully cooked evening meal at the dining table.

My To List for Today (Sunday):

  • Church this morning
  • Lunch with friends
  • See Mom’s Plot/House
  • Redo my Vitamins
  • Make pimento and cheese
  • Maybe make a pasta salad
  • Wash George’s sheets
  • Change purses
  • Do my Order for that Wellness Company I use
  • Grocery (might wait and do that tomorrow after work)
  • Hem blue pants
  • Iron a couple of pants/shirts for the next week
  • July 4th decor for table

I thought I had fewer things to do, but I guess not, lol. I’ll probably work on the video in the morning. It’s time to start editing.

I think life is starting to get back to normal. George and I have also booked a concert for next weekend and dinner before. So we have “a date” of sorts.

But George’s Uncle Richard passed yesterday and we are sad about that.

Better go and get ready for church. I’m showered but just need to put on my outfit and do makeup. I’ve been wearing makeup again this week, takes a little extra time.

Pray for us that Mom likes the church. I guess I’m being pessimistic but I’m not used to family members EVER agreeing on much when it comes to churches, and the things churches do, or the people do, or whatever. And someone she doesn’t like she heard goes there, but I’ve been told they no longer go there. So Mom agreed to go.

Mom has decided she doesn’t like ANY church that has “Hills” in it because that their code word for being ________ (fill in the blank here) -however it is she things they are. Liberal I guess. It’ll be a miracle if we end up all going to the same church. Or church at all. George won’t go to Mount Juliet Church of Christ. So……yeah, wish us luck. It would be too easy if she liked this one right next to her place, and where our friends go right? Mom thinks this church has instrumental music and women preaching, but they do not. I don’t know where she got the information or if she just internalized that somehow on her own. I’m afraid to hope so that I’m not disappointed. So we don’t have high expectations today. Maybe that is a wrong approach, but one has to protect themselves from disappointment. And no one gets to own my emotions anymore. I’m not tying myself to anything. It’s just simply going to be or not to be and we’ll move on from there. ;-). But I will say that how things go today will determine the future. So it IS important. If Mom is not happy, I will keep my promise and take her somewhere else in which we will either go with or drop her off, or we’ll all just stay home and do our own thing, but I will keep my promise and that is all that matters on my end. I’m good with me and my God. We are tight. I worship him where I am, all day and everywhere, not just on Sunday. But yeah, how it goes today, determines the rest for ALL.

Meanwhile in Texas

6 responses to “Employer Picnic Day, Winery Excursion, and Little Roo Takes to the Pool”

  1. Well! I wondered where you were. I usually/ always get an email with a new post alert. I didn’t get it for the past two.
    Full moon?
    I hope your mom liked the church. Being near her is a big plus, if she does.
    It’s Sunday & I’m out of gas. I only plan on folding laundry, painting my nails & fixing dinner. I might slip a nap in there;) lol
    Just be you!

  2. The winery looks very nice. I love all the pretty flowers. As hot as it is here I wish we had a pool. Little Roo looks very happy to be in the pool with his Mom. He is so cute.
    I hope you find the right Church for your Mom. I think that would really help her with this big transition in her life. Our neighbor is a preacher at Christ Alive Church. We have visited but are not members. We need to find a church too. Since covid, we haven’t gone in quite a while. I got my first vaccine shot so after I get my 2nd, I will feel more comfortable going into places.
    I hope it is not too hot in Texas. I saw on the news Arizona and California had 110 to 118 degrees temps…It was 90 here today. We cooked out and ate outside but then it was too hot so we came back inside. I just can’t take the heat and humidity anymore.

      • Moderna, I had a sore arm for 3 days and felt tired other than that I felt fine. The 2nd shot made my daughter feel sick but it only lasted 24 hours.

  3. I laughed when I saw the flowers on your hubby’s shorts! I just figured “whatever floats your boat!” LOL

    I think I’ve wrote this before so If I did , please forgive me. You and George are so thoughtful taking your mom in to live with you. I love my mom and we get along great! But live with me? I couldn’t do it unless it was an emergency ! She is a lovely woman. And I’m an Ok women but we have two very different views on life and I think they would bump into each other. So I commend you guys for what you are doing! A whole move and a live in. Very nice! I hope it goes very well for you all! 🙂

    And that baby. How cute is he? Adorable little guy!!

    Take care and have a good week!

    • Thank you for your words today. I think it’s important to honor your parents and I agree it is hard to live with anyone and even more so when there is past baggage. One has to constantly remind oneself to still be yourself and not let another control your feelings or your life. It’s all about love and helping one another out. There is the option of boundaries if needed. I also have set times I spend alone which is important to me as an introvert. And I have headphones lol.

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