Busy but Refocusing on To Do Lists

Good morning! This was on one of my calendar days recently. I’m not sure I know how to be myself anymore. The move #1, the stamina, the worry is all shedding off. It feels good to be in Phase 2, but I am feeling so incredibly exhausted to the point of not even wanting to think about anything. I’ll be ok, but I do need time to readjust, get some rest and rejuvy, and re-center. My new bed time is 8:30. I may not actually be asleep then, but it’s quiet time in my bedroom until 9 ish when crawl in bed and fall asleep. That moment of crawling in bed and laying my head on the pillow is so sweet. At least 6.5 hours of undisturbed time to myself to just dismiss life and get rest. I shoot for 7.5 or 8 but often that does not happen. I’m just awake.

I suppose I have had too much sugar, too much fried, too much enriched flour lately and am having random pains. Yesterday my left ankle hurt. Right now it’s my right “pointer finger” and my upper shoulders. It even hurts to type. I need to take more vitamins I guess. I already take B, C, D, but have been ignoring (too busy) to stop and take the vitamin pack of the wellness company I use which for some reason has something in it that keeps me from hurting. You bet I’ll be taking those today.

Aside from being tired, all is well in the house. We still have a mattress in our way in the hallway. Not sure how long we will have to look at that and how long we have to squeeze by it. lol. But I think George is saying “I’m not moving anything else for a while.” It was the wrong mattress – somehow “the good one got away” in the confusion. So the unused mattress sits in my hallway for days. Yee ha. I think we are about out of room downstairs so I’m not sure where it will go, which may be part of the problem. The whole thing kinda put a curve ball in everyone’s plans. But things happen. The mattresses got moved around and Mom didn’t know it I guess or didn’t keep up with it and so hers either went to the road or was given away and now she is stuck with a mattress she doesn’t want. Or we are anyway.

During my quiet time at night, I use this little thing that looks like a candle. It’s battery operated. The outside of it is made of a thick paper that used to be scented. Some kind of aromatic thing that used to be with all the scented things for your home. I looked to try to find these again years ago. But couldn’t find any more. I love this thing. It’s nice when you have company too to use as a candle, but my new use for it is perfect. It’s just enough light to illuminate the room til I’m ready for sleep. I just lift the paper off and it turns off. Put the paper back on, and it turns on. It’s amazing.

Had a stormy looking day Monday. The news had talked up the storms to be something horrid coming our way, the clouds looked mean, but the rain was brief and none of it really lasted very long. I guess that is good. It dumped a lot of rain quickly and watered our flowers. You could see it coming in and the sky was so blue with rain – that’s not clear blue sky there but rainy skies.

Have talked to Katy a few times lately. Mr. Roo is cutting some teeth and quite fussy and having a time sleeping. She and coworkers are having to go to Abilene today for training. Prayers for their safety and also that Little Roo feels better and gets some sleep and helps her out some. Being a Mom can be tiring at times when the schedule “can’t be obtained”. Katy is much like me in the fact that she likes routine and wants things to go according to plan – well we all do really I guess. Luck at how he is clutching her shirt. I just noticed that. He is holding on for dear life. lol. I love it when he laughs.

He had a big poopie at daycare and his daycare lady named “google” said “did you poopie everywhere” in her cute little animated voice. He laughs now every time somebody says it. Of course hearing about it, the whole family rushes up to him and says “Did you poopie everywhere?” To which he breaks out in laughter or smiles. So yeah – we are always saying that every time we see him/FaceTime him.

And now when Mr. Roger (the dog) has an ooopsie – you know what we are saying to him right?????? “Mistah Rogah, did you poopie everywhere?” To which he promptly wags tail and holds head high. LOL LOL LOL

Mom fixed dinner last night. She fixed a wonderful quiche with bacon! We devoured it. We had grits and cantaloupe with it. I suggested since the front came through and it wasn’t as hot, that we eat in the sun room. So that was nice. I turned on the fans and opened the screens and it was pleasant. I think it got down to the fifties but not sure. It says 54 right now on my computer. So Mom will enjoy some sun room time today I bet til it warms up.

So, it feels good to morph into focusing on other to do lists now. Of course Mom’s list of needs is also on my to do lists. The lists grows but we are so busy it will keep growing before we have time to actually do any of it. I did get our FAMILY CALENDAR filled in and it’s in the living room. It will have our doc appts and outings on it. So we don’t double book anything. So one by one I’ll get things caught up. But we have very little time it seems. We are free tonight and tomorrow night we may go eat with our new neighbors and do trivia night at a local place here in town. Saturday is George’s company picnic and then Sunday it is our hope and desire to go to church that day. I need to look up and see the time. I have forgotten. Anyway we will focus on the to do’s and get them done one at a time, just like we did the move.

Mom’s List:

  • Queen Bee movie. We were going to rent from Amazon Prime but didn’t want to pay the $19.99 so we didn’t. We will wait til it is free or will just not watch it.
  • Heart doctors near us- check them out, reviews, and pick one and make an appointment for Mom
  • Help her change address with social security and medicare on line.
  • Get her car washed and vacuumed
  • All her jewelry is packed and she wants some new earrings
  • Need to get some salad dressing she likes
  • Some kind of watch that will sync with her Samsung (kinda like my Apple Watch)

My list:

  • My house needs attention. Vacuum and dust mainly.
  • Ironing as I’m about out of work pants (must iron tonight)
  • July 4th Decor for the dining table
  • Change purses
  • Plan a couple of meals
  • Fix pimento and cheese
  • Fix chicken salad
  • Hem my blue pants
  • Summer bucket list before summer is half over, lol
  • Flooring
  • Transfer footage from camera
  • Work on imovie
  • Read some

Well, I must get going and get dressed and on the road early if I can. There has been a bad wreck on the interstate – a fiery crash involving the bridge to our exit, I think. Not sure of details but will have to do back routes to work and of course everyone else will be so it may be a year before I can get to work, lol.

Anyway prayers to those involved in this gnarly wreck and those emergency workers dealing with it. Here I am worrying over my to do list and someone is not able to even think about a list anymore. I hope all ok but likely it is not for those involved. Anyway, ya’ll have a grand day today. Make it a good day. It’s OVER THE HUMP. A fast week, just like they all are!

What is on YOUR to do list?

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  1. I can’t believe how much Little Roo has grown. He looks like such a happy baby.
    Teething is hard for a little one. I remember my grandson loved his Sophie Giraffe teether. And there is one at Walmart you can put a banana in and freeze for them to gnaw on. My grandson got teeth at 6 months old! I couldn’t believe it. They look so cute with their first tooth.
    How nice your Mom fixed dinner. It looks really good. I bet she is a good cook.
    We are getting our yard landscaped this week. And getting quotes on having the inside of the house painted. Plus this weekend we are having a barbeque with family. So I want to get the house cleaned. So much to do it seems like it is never enough time.

  2. I just made a crustless Quiche with spinach and tomato. It was Ok. Didn’t look like your moms! My dream would be to have a good southern supper just once in my lifetime! The foods you guys make or have out look incredible! That is my goal.
    The little guy is growing so fast! What a cutie! He looks so happy and content. I love seeing babies like that. And your daughter looks great, too! Very pretty!

    The to do list is long. Working full time and have to travel a little is tough to get things done on a list. Just pick away on it as you can.
    The movie looked cute but we said the same thing! 19.99 is a no go for us, too. We’ll wait. The thing is that going to the theater we wouldn’t pay that much. Crazy.

    Well your weekend is coming up and I hope you all can get some rest. Maybe take a full day and get a pair of clean pjs on and kick your feet up! Doesn’t that sound nice?? 🙂

    Take care,

  3. You definitely need to take a breather. Sounds chaotic. one day at a time gets it done. i love your square light. awesome. chuckled about roger’s poo. our mira is using her nine lives to keep the grim reaper at bay and she has potty issues too. Your little Roo is too cute for words. Havent been posting or commenting alot cause of my hubbys and my health and the kitty’s.. but i havent forgotten my dear blog buddies.try to read your when i can. please take care of yourself.

  4. My joints ache just thinking about everything you have been doing. Really.
    I push myself too until I get to the point that I have set to stop. But I do try & then get some down time asap. Something has to give & it will. I hope you are not headed for a flare up of sorts. I wish I could kidnap you & lock you up until you have recuperated.
    Nite – nite,
    Mom 😉

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