Big Honker of a Truck and Getting Mom Settled In at the House

The BIG moving weekend is HERE. All nerves have been pointed to this weekend. The truck was reserved a few weeks ago, but it was a much smaller one. Yesterday the smaller one was cancelled on us as it was not returned for whatever reason. So they “upgraded” George to this HUGE truck. It’s huge. George was very nervous about the big truck. I mean on the highways, they train guys for weeks to drive big tractor trailers and this was about half the size of one. He texted back that he was “terrified”. Bless him. I so love him for doing this for Mom.

We went to get Mom last night. I never really anticipated just how big of a night it would be. I thought we’d toss Mom, a suitcase or two, maybe a box or two and a few things sitting around and then head home. Like all the other times. But, I failed to consider that 1) I was not leaving early from work 2) I had to go home and get George 3) He got home later than I did 4) We had to take care of Roger Dog’s needs 5) Traffic during rush hour was just horrible 6) Interstates had multiple accidents/issues 7) We had to take a back route 8) We had to stop and get food for dinner for us and Mom so we would not be hangry 9) Mom had packed a lot, but we had hoped to get “remaining everything” out but the furniture so there was more to pack 10) After everything that would fit was packed in the car we discovered there was more that Mom needed immediately that needed to go so we had to unpack the car and then repack. 11) I thought we brought most of Mom’s clothes already but we brought home several more closets worth, LOL LOL LOL.

We brought Mom’s car back with us and it was packed fully too. It was 10:30 or after when we got back to Mount Juliet. It was midnight before we went to bed. We felt nasty and had to shower. Bed felt so good. And I’m so glad I took the whole day off instead of working half day.

Yesterday at work I was explaining all we were trying to do to my immediate boss and she said “oh my goodness you just need to take tomorrow off”. I was trying to do it all, be there for work to sign checks, and take care of Mom. I was already leaving early at 1 to get her to a doc appt and I was already going to have to be late to work to drop George off to get the Enterprise (I kept calling it a U-Haul, it’s like “coke” it’s just what you call that type of truck around these parts.) Anyway, my boss was totally right. I should have planned to be off the whole day. And I was glad last night that she suggested it. Mom needed me here to help find things and to get things set up, to be fed til she gets used to things and we get more groceries, and get her a bit organized. And most of all I needed me here to try to put a blessing on the house to get it livable with a LOT of Mom’s stuff coming into each of the rooms. We are making it work. Only her room is a mess, we have to figure out what to do with all the clothes.

The first thing I tackled was getting her little toaster oven in on the counter. George has hidden the box of pans that go in them. Have to ask him where those are. Mom can operate this little oven as she used it every day at her house. She was pleased that I worked it in on the counter. She will use this a lot while we are gone to work.

I also had eggs expiring so I boiled up nearly a whole large carton (we’ve not been here much to eat them) and we had boiled eggs and biscuits for breakfast. Then I took what was left and made dressed eggs/deviled eggs – pick your term.

I also brewed some tea for our iced tea. Mom likes her iced tea and so do I.

After organizing Fancy’s dog supplies and doing loads of laundry and cleaning the kitchen and rebooting dishwasher while Mom dealt with her clothes (lol) I fixed lunch. Knowing Mom was coming I bought some bologna. She and I would eat bologna sandwiches a lot on summer days.

George will be happy to have some dressed eggs when he comes in.

I bought a pillow last week at Target for my little corner of the couch. I gave Mom my recliner to sit in -in our den, which is the best seat in the house! I’m taking the seat at the end of the sofa and George remains in his seat at the right side of the sofa.

I can feel some of the anxiety roll off. However, I’m a little concerned still about the truck and the move and hope George doesn’t have any difficulty. We would be with him but —we have this doc appt.

Soon here I will take Mom to this appt to get an injection in her eye. She goes once a month. Afterwards we are going to Target. Mom needs some more tubs to put clothes in. I’m laughing so hard. George said “DO NOT get your Mom ANY MORE clothes for Christmas! She has enough!” LOL LOL LOL LOL.

Anyways, please pray for us in the final but biggest stage of the move where he has to move multiple difficult things – including 5 china cabinets.

I love him for doing this. Bless him and Lord be with him as he deals with this incredible move of all the furniture today in the incredible truck. Fancy is helping her Momma with her clothes! 😛

Ok I better go help with something! Just had to pop in and let you know how it’s going. Off to her doc appt soon. I hope it goes well.

6 responses to “Big Honker of a Truck and Getting Mom Settled In at the House”

  1. Dang! That’s a jumbo set of wheels. Wow! You better ♥️ George.
    I can only imagine how much clothing your mom had stored at her place. I’m sure today & this weekend will be a little rough for her. All the memories she’s leaving behind. But, she’s safe & sound with you guys.
    You guys take it easy tomorrow. Physically & mentally.
    Oh & those deviled eggs? They look absolutely devine.
    Good luck this weekend. Honestly, if I lived closer…

    • Thank you. He actually got most of it moved today. Only about five things left and I believe we have help in both places. He’s whoooped but pretty happy to get so much done ✔️

  2. God bless both of you for helping your Mama as you have. I know this is a big adjustment but will be worth it in the long run. I am sure it will be nice once this is over and everyone can just kick back and relax. I know your Mom will love her new place and be so much happier with your both living nearby.
    I know she will miss her home for a while. My husband really did when we last moved. But I didn’t. I was ready for a change.
    I hope everything works out with the huge truck. I would be afraid to drive something that big.

  3. Hi Sonya, well it’s almost 6.30am over here so I recon, certainly hope, that you are all in bed. Whacked out…I’m praying all went well with poor George. I am wondering who is helping him carry everything out into the Yvan, surely he can’t be lifting heavy furniture by himself ? I hope Mum will settle in soon and Fancy the dog. Roger will also get used to the new routines etc. he will be happy not to be left on his own all day I should think. Does Mum like Roger ? I sure hope she does…I’m looking forward to your next blog when we should hear how everything goes. I really do think George and you have done marvels for your Mum, I’m sure she will thank you both in her own way. You will have to make sure though that you stick to your own ways and don’t always pamper to her ….needs, wants….all day long. There has to be some boundaries and there will be times when you and George want private times together…Although you both love your Mum dearly remember to put each of your needs at the front of your plans. I am praying that the next six months ….or however long the build will take ….goes in a flash and you will all be back to the moving Mum to her new home…..Have a really good day .
    God Bless. Xxx

    • I’ll do a blog post soon – he moved by himself using a dolly and leverage and bungee cords along with the lift gate. He surprised us with all he did. Today is easier. Only a few pieces left. And today he has help on both sides. Mom and I will clean! And leave the keys and head home. Mom loves animals of all kind of they are nice. lol She loves Roger and Little Bit.

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