Video Live: “Wild Winter in Texas”

Good morning! Guess what? The video is LIVE now on YouTube! Here’s the link. Give me a thumbs up on YouTube and Subscribe if you would like to see more!


Thanks Everyone for your support. I put a lot of love in these!

Sneak photo:

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  1. Oh Sonya, you just get better and better. That sure was a great snapshot of everything you got up to in Texas. It was such a joy to hear the love in your voice as you described baby River, just a pity we didn’t get a little snippet of River but I understand that you have to obey the family rules. But it would have been nice for him to see himself when he is growing up….still I know you’ve had lots of …stills….to look back upon. The background music you use is wonderful, I think I’ve said that before you seem to get it just right. What a snow storm that was I’m amazed it melted so quickly ….I love love love those red birds. I think they are called Red Cardinals ? am I right. We don’t have them over here for some reason, wish we did. Are they migratory birds ? Or do they stay all year round.? I coudnt see anywhere on the actual video where to put a comment, you will have to try to explain to me what to do…you know me and computers my knowledge is not very good.!! I smiled at one of your comments where you said the temp was I think 40 or thereabouts and a little later as we would be watching the film it would be higher where we are. That’s true for sure today her in England in Box the temp has reached 82 f. Which for us is the hottest day of the year, I’m just about melting away to a grease spot…
    Well love I know you’ve just had another lovely week with River so now you will just have to wait another few months to see him again. Take care and remember to tell Kate that I think River is just gorgeous. Bye for now, I’m away to have another while outside sitting under a sun shade…God Bless

  2. Nice!!
    I love the place where George stayed. It looked right out of the movies. Perfect.
    The snow & winter scenery where right on time to see mid June. All the ducks quacking & laughing at you. haha
    I hope your weekend has been nice.
    Take care 🤗

  3. I enjoyed the video. I have never been to Texas so it was fun to see what it was like to visit. Someday your grandson will enjoy watching this.
    The snow was so pretty while it lasted. And I loved the cardinals. We see those at our house too. Those ducks I think wanted to be fed the reason they were chasing you. lol. that was funny. We use to take our daughter to the lake to feed the ducks when she was small.

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