Patience and Positivity Needed

Well, here we are on a Thursday. Two days away from getting to see our Little Roo. I can hardly believe it. Way back in March we told everyone – this weekend and the following weekend is SACRED and spoken for. Nearly everything thing on earth has tried to steal the two weekends away, but we are going to spend some time with them in the next week. We have to work. We don’t have a lot of PTO time to spare but we are taking one day next week to be with them and we get to see them on the weekends.

We pick them up from the airport and I think we may be taking them too the following Saturday on our way to do our beloved get together, also planned since March with some of our friends. We will be doing birthdays and Christmasing with Don and Lisa and family. We have not seen them since – I think 2019. I think Covid hit before we were given a chance to see them last year. We have kept in touch about every other Friday or so. I am so excited to see them. And that is the following weekend.

Payroll is going well. I’m a little behind my normal pace as the holiday Monday made it a short week, and it has been crazy busy on top of it. As you know we made multiple trips over the holiday weekend doing Mom’s move. So there was no time at home to do things. Somehow each morning I rebooted the laundry but yesterday I folded 3 loads and got them to our rooms. Still haven’t put them in the drawers yet. Since I’ve also worked 10 or so hours the last two days and had a trip to urgent care, I’ve had little time since to get anything done. But I did get some ironing done so I have pants to wear to work today!

Looking back we probably should just have paid someone the 17,000 dollars to just go and do this pack and move so Goerge didn’t have to worry about the logistics of it all. It was getting complicated as George and I discussed things the last two days. Running out of storage, and out of time. But he has been glad to do all of this planning for Mom. And I love him for it. I sure hope she appreciates what he is doing. He asked me to see about getting more storage as the two units we have are full. There is still a household full of furniture to move. I was able to score that. A bigger unit coming open on the 19th, the exact day we need it. I took it. Even if we have to pay for it ourselves. We have to have a place to put all this stuff.

I’m all over the place this morning, but it’s only fitting to write that way as my life has also been that way. So welcome to my world.

Back to the Urgent Care. I had a place on my back that was bothering me. I wasn’t sure exactly what was going on. It seemed to be more than just a cyst, or a bump, but was acting more like a spider bite. It was red, puffy, and getting infected. It was painful all weekend but I didn’t have time for urgent care. Tuesday was payroll day but I went in at 6:30 so I could get two days of work done in one and see if I had time for Urgent care to. I rushed through and got done and had to go to three Urgent cares to be accepted. One wasn’t taking any more patients and had changed their hours from what google said, another was closed for good, and I drove across town to the 3rd one, waited an hour and a half and got antibiotics. It had developed into cellulitis, I think she said, which can be dangerous and get in bloodstream if not treated. The spot is really very very sore. It almost hurts to move. I think it is better, but honestly not much better, but I’m only 3 pills in on the antibiotics. I have to go back tomorrow.

So….back to the move. George made an excel sheet of everything that still had to be moved. He panicked when he realized that it would not all fit in two to three u-haul trips, even if he got a big truck. He realized we needed more time. More weekends. But we can’t do these next two weekends as we are not giving up our time with River. So We called Mom last night to see if she would call the realtor and ask for the last weekend in June, just two more days of possession, which we would pay $25 per day for, as per contract, which George and I would gladly pay as it’s not Mom’s fault we want to see our grandson this weekend. However, Mom did not want to make the call to ask for the extra two days. She said she didn’t want to but George could call. George is not sure his request would be honored as it wasn’t his contract. But he said he would try. So we’ll see what happens. To be honest I’m still wrapping my head around all this as George has worked so hard to make this all work out. If the realtor won’t accept George’s request I think we have no choice but to take unplanned time off work that week to get it done. SMH!

George was taking a PTO day soon to get some personal things done but decided to rush through and get the morning errands done and spend the day getting a load in to help the situation.

I keep talking about patience in this entry because I’m afraid I need it. My calendar even said I did! lol I think we are all exhausted to the point we are not helping each other but hurting each other. A divided situation cannot stand but will fall like a house of cards. So everyone needs to stay strong, quit being selfish, contribute, love one another and get this thing DONE! We are all exhausted to the point of combustion. And it is a good thing we have two weekends away from this move. As of today I’m moving my focus on things here and away from all things that are making me feel negative feelings and negative energy and looking towards the positive.

We should all be grateful for what we have and for what others are willing to do for us. And we should all expel the negative energy that is building up and enjoy our days to come and not make it harder than it has to be. I get all caught up in negative energy and it takes me a minute to realize when I’m getting all caught up in it. So I’m going to be having to focus on the positive so that I can be positive minded.

I don’t want to be the miserable cow that I woke up to this morning. I went to bed on my anger I’m afraid over something that happened yesterday. I don’t want to be consumed by anger. I refuse to let someone control me in that way. I want to be consumed by God’s spirit. So I prayed to God this morning to take over a few things. You give and give of yourself and……..sometimes you just need to recoil, rethink, rejuvy and if that doesn’t work, just give it to God. I’m done as they say.

Chocolate helps!

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  1. I know things are under pressure now, but all will work out to the best end. The pressure is felt on all sides. Here, the emotions are high as life is changing so fast and the felt of lose is high on sister’s part. It will take patiences and time

  2. My dearest dear Sonya and George. I think you have both been beyond helpful to Mum, it’s a pity that Mum wouldn’t call the realtor ..I pray that they will accept George’s call. Once that is done you MUST all sit back try to think of only one day at a time, think of the lovely times your going to have with wee River and Kate and Cody. You will be so excited to see them. I am only sorry that your having trouble with the cellulitis on your back. I have never known it there, usually it’s on older peoples legs…..please take care and get George to check it morning and night please and if it gets the slightest bit worse go straight back to hospital. Your health is the most important thing….no matter what else is going on HEALTH comes first before moving and even before River….however I’m sure once the antibiotics get into your system you will feel better….Try to keep calm …..get plenty sleep tonight….no more worrying about moving etc. it’s all in Gods hands now.

    • I wonder if there isn’t any small moving businesses that can help, shouldn’t cost that much given all you have already moved. I’m still wondering if they don’t have the pods they deliver to the house and the take and store. I can’t imagine trying to move the heavy furniture, it doesn’t even sound safe. Some I’ve heard of are College men with trucks, 1-800 got junk (but just for lifting/moving. Best of luck

      • Yes 👍 May have to hire help. It’s hard to know what time we will be where but we will figure it out. I’m taking off from moving logistics for two weeks. I need a break! 🙂

  3. Sonya, I am so sorry. Do they think it was a brown recluse spider bite? My neighbor got bit by one .. I hope that wasn’t what it was.
    Movers here are about $100 an hour. Usually, it takes 2 1/2 hours.
    I am afraid you and your husband might hurt yourselves trying to move that big heavy furniture. Praying for you two to get some relief from all you have been doing.
    I know you can’t wait to see your daughter and sweet little Roo.
    That will be wonderful. I know how much you miss them.
    Take care friend.

    • Cellulitis developed around an existing cyst. She said it didn’t look like a bite. But there’s two spots. I have to get checked tomorrow. It hurts like hades. I just want to lay down and sleep 😴

  4. Moving and working has got to be one of the hardest things to accomplish! Keeping fingers crossed for you guys to be able to do it all. Its such a huge undertaking for two people! I give you and George a ton of credit for doing this. But I’m happy you have two weeks off from it. If not you would have snapped. One can’t function properly not feeling well and doing basically two full time jobs and one is pure labor!
    I can’t wait to see some new pics of your grandson! You’ll be in heaven being able to be with him and your family! Get out of work, pour yourself a nice drink (or two) and relax and enjoy!

    Take care!

    • We get to do it again in Oct. I’m excited for her though on that move. I’m sure she is dreading staying with us. I hope we aren’t that BAD. lol But all will have to realize we take turns getting our way.

  5. Oh Boy!!
    This is not a good post. But it’s also not a surprise either. I know this is hard on all 3 of you, mentally & physically. You’re all in it together. If one person does not cooperate that deals a huge blow to the remaining two. aghhh
    I know you have to be over excited to see Katy & crew. I hope that gives you a change of scenery and break from all the moving mess.
    I do think you need to hire a couple of guys for the remaining lifting & moving. That’s just simply way too much for you and George. I know men think they can do it all but they need help too.
    I’m sure your mom is not doing any lifting & moving, which is understandable, but I know you are!
    I don’t know what else to say here.
    I hope you get some help.
    I hope others cooperate. Being stubborn has no room in this mission.
    I hope you and George are appreciated fully for what you are doing!!!!

    • Just another tidbit, I’ve been a widow since 40, raised 4 kids and three of them I’ve moved about 5 times each (including furniture……..) I can remember 4 houses when my oldest went to college in Wi. (I’m in Mn.) . The youngest daughter moved to the third floor of an old house in Minneapolis (no elevator) in one of her four locations at college. Thank God they were strongish teens (and my son, Duluth, Minneapolis was strong) but every move involved yelling, swearing (which we don’t do) and crying which when we were finished we made amends and acknowledged it was so hard it broke us. Ha!

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