Cargo Van Move Day 2 and Day 3

Hello friends! Didn’t really get in here yesterday to blog. No time. Day 2 and 3 of the cargo van move went ~ ummm ~ smooth may not be the exact word, but….it went okaaaay. I think each day I grew tireder, not having much sleep, and being pulled in forty different directions at once all at the speed of light. We would unpack the 2nd load each morning at the storage unit and begin the hour and 42 minute drive to Columbia. Pack pack pack and load load load and do it all again.

Saturday and Sunday we did two trips to Columbia and back (once to Lebanon in b/w for storage drop off). Yesterday we only did ONE load. Thank God! We were so tired after unloading that last load at storage. And it was hot. But then it about make me sick to think we had to drive to Nashville to turn in the cargo van – and back home. But we did it. For the most part the weather was good! No rain, not too much heat. The clouds began rolling in last night though.

George mowed and I worked on laundry last night. I was probably a “toot” at Mom’s, just tired to the point of not even wanting to be talked to. Have you ever had that feeling? Or am I the only one? I snapped a few times after my name had been called so many times in a row. Questions and more questions, where’s this, where’s that, who has the tape, who has the scissors, hand me this, hand me that, go get this, go get that. I couldn’t finish a thought in my own head must less answer 20 questions and do 20 other things when I had 20 of my own things in my head. I had a lot to do trying to get the packing done so we could get it packed, knowing what a long day it was. Then I had to unpack a box I’d already packed as something was lost. We were packing things faster than Mom was ready for us to pack. She hadn’t had time to do things or hadn’t felt like it. So it was slow going at times, but we did pretty good and after all we all came together and got a LOT done. I’m thankful to my Aunt and Uncle for helping to wrap picture frames in bubble wrap and run errands for tape, boxes, and bubble wrap.

Then everyone was planning my schedule in the coming days for me. How could I focus on two weeks from now when I can’t even get today done and I snapped about that. I felt bad and apologized to my aunt when I got home. I was about to lose my freaking mind! You know those moments when you hear introverts say “don’t talk to me til I’ve had my coffee?”. I felt like that all day. I finally got my coffee fix about noon-thirty and I was better and more able to deal with everyone and everything.!

I’m not trying to be ugly by typing this, I’m just trying to describe what it was like. I enjoy packing and moving because I like organizing things. I’m probably the only stupid person that enjoys packing and unpacking. But I have to say it’s more fun when it’s your own stuff and can be done at a pace. But we work all week in a different city. Mom is not able to do all the packing and we weren’t there to do it. So we were packing as fast as we could and George had to wait for a load. All that said, all in all, Mom was a good trooper and did better than I could have imagined. We are still not over yet. She still has a house full of furniture and stuff that remains for the U-Haul trip. George took pics and it’ll have to be a big one. We also have to figure out storage. The storage rooms are pretty full. A little room but not much. So we are trying to figure out what we can do in our basement or if we are going to need more storage.

I was like that girl in the Sybil movie with her head going around and around and around. I wasn’t sure it was even attached anymore.

I felt like this when the weekend was over.

Maybe we will laugh about it one day. But it’s off to work we go. I have to go in early today. I have to do both the Monday and Tuesday of payroll so long day for me. I did get a couple of loads of laundry done and folded last night and changed George’s sheets on his bed. I’ll change mine tonight and get my vitamins reset for the week.

I don’t think I can tolerate a Tuesday cleanse day. I think it would turn me into some kind of growling pirate animal. Speaking of that….George is already there. I was in the sun room and heard him growling. Seriously, he was growling.

I opened the screen and said “are you ok?” and he responded, “yeah, it works better if I growl at it!” He was fooling with some yard tool.

WE have all lost our freaking minds.

We did have a moment with our drinks at 9:15 to about 10:00 on the front porch, in the dark, it felt so nice outside. The fireflies have begun here and there and we watched fireworks in the distance. We had both had our showers and felt better and “the day was done”. It was nice just sitting there. We stayed there after the fireworks had ended, and talked about the move, and other things. Finally we went to bed. I was so tired I wasn’t sure I could sleep but I did.

The next few weeks are crazy busy! Will still be back and forth to Columbia and also Mom’s house closes TODAY!

I need to go get my things for the day and head out the door for work. I told George we had to go back to work to get some rest! lol

Ya’ll take care. How was your Memorial Day? Did you eat well and did you think of us moving Mom, lol? No celebration or cookouts for us but we did get to have a couple of quick meals on the go. lol

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  1. Oh dear poor you Sonya, I think you and George are both absolute troupers the sound of all that packing and storing and still more to be sorted it makes me wonder if Mum is moving into a Mansion !! Is she sure there’s going to be places in her new house to fit everything in ? You don’t want to be landed with having to store stuff in your place for years to come. I thought her move was to downsize a bit. I know just how hard it is to move as I’ve told you but when we moved I threw out almost everything even clothes and when we moved down to England we had great excitement buying new things. We soon found that even things we valued just didn’t seem so good in a new building so after a while it went as well and we replaced it with something more suitable to a modern house. We were not so lucky to have a storage place to put things and seeing the state you are getting into I’m kinda glad we didn’t. Anyway hope today goes ok for you and you get time just to sit and ….be….even if it’s only a few mins at lunch time. We are enjoying summer here in Box the whole weekend has been hot and sunny for us. Yesterday the last day of May was the hottest day of the year so far, it got up to 80f. Which for us is very very hot. I even had to come in as it got to hot to sit out…it’s much the same today…..I’m as brown as a berrie now. Thank goodness I never get sunburnt….Take care love….take care of George as well…God Bless you both.

    • There’s no time to go through and sort things much. She’s trying to sell some furniture. She has a lot of things. Mainly will have to sort through it all later. She just hasn’t had time at 76 to go through whole house to divide what stays a d goes. So yes she is downsizing and what doesn’t go in new place will be sold or donated unless it’s something we all want to keep.

  2. I thought about you yesterday and wondered how the move went. It sounds like your Mom has a lot of stuff. You and your husband have to be exhausted. Your Mom needs to just get rid of things she doesn’t need or use in the past year. It is hard I know because I have too many clothes and books myself. I have a rule now if I buy and clothes I donate or get rid of something. I know she must be exhausted and stressed. This is a big life change.
    I hate moving. And I hate moving anyone else so I know how you feel. I would be testy too.
    You need to think of your health and try not to do too much.
    Take care and be kind to yourself. This is a lot for anyone to be going through.

    • When she moves into the new place I’ll help her sort what goes and stays. It’s too much for her. And there was no time to deal with it. She had 30 years of accumulation but mostly it’s glassware and dishes and furniture

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