Storage Units and Appointments Galore

Well, Wednesday I was able to get the storage space all set up for May 29th for the Cargo Van move. I was very pleased with the place. They had nice landscaping which was a nice touch. We were not able to get a big storage unit so we got two medium ones. We also have a little bit of room left in our basement.

Their office area was nice and clean and a nice lady helped to run the place.

And we have made this little girls next two trim appointments. She has one last one in Columbia and we have set one up here in Mount Juliet, first available in July on Saturday. It’s hard to get Saturday appointments!! In June I will call and set up the August one. When I got off the phone I thought, “man, I should have gone ahead and made the next one too”.

Mom also made her first two appointments up here in these parts for her Eye Appt. They are in Hendersonville, which was really about the closest. All of the places were about 45 min away so we chose that one as I can zip through some back streets and avoid interstates. Mom prefers no interstates and while she will have to endure some, at least I can avoid it for the eye appointments and take back roads. They are scheduled through July.

There is an eye injection one every month to keep her vision in the one good eye. The other eye is blind. I will be having to take off about 1:00 for them one day a month. She made them on Fridays as late as she could get them so as not to interfere much with my work. We figured if I took PTO for this time I’d lose 6 days of vacation a year. So we figured I could just make the hours up by working over an hour a week each week to make up for the 4 hours I’ll miss a month. I will pick the days to do this and keep up with the time I made it up so I can show it was done. As I told George, I should have enough hours in the bucket worked over through the years from the HR job alone to be off every Friday from here to kingdom come! And laughed. But I will “give my extra cloak” and work the time so there are no questions asked! My bosses are understanding though so I’m not that worried over it. More worried about what those think that don’t know what is going on, as people think “why does she get to leave early on Friday and not use a PTO day?” Well it’s because she worked the hours on another day! I will get my work done and time made up. Which should be all that really matters.

So I got a pedicure yesterday after work and it was fine! However, they went up on prices. These price increases are killing me! And making me rethink what I am willing to do. I will make up the difference by eliminating a certain number of pedi’s per year that equals the cost of the increase. Because I’m stubborn that way. I still want my pedis but I’m not paying extra. So I’ll figure the extra cost and eliminate that many pedis, mostly will be cut off in the winter months when it doesn’t matter as much and I have more time to do them. Also in 2022 I will likely NOT do my nails anymore. So they are cutting me out of their market niche by the dramatic price increase! I will replace it with periodic manicures a few times a year just to do the things I can’t do as well – like shaping and cuticles and such.

I had really allowed myself to get nails done temporarily anyway as it was supposed to be a tradeoff while we were so incredibly busy with Mom on the weekends and didn’t have much free time. So we’ll see, but those are my thoughts on that.

And as for the progress on next video: I have organized end of Feb through current time and have several folders set for the upcoming videos and their segments and photos assigned to each. I just have to delete the last movie media from iMovie and import the new so soon – very soon – I will begin editing the next video. I like being able to have a set time to work on the videos now. As I’ve said before it works well to alternate blog mornings with video editing mornings! I get more time to plug away at it. And now that I’m a little more seasoned with it I can walk away from it a little easier to go to work. But it’s still hard! When you get into your creative zone it is hard to tear away! In the beginning I would get into learning something and be right in the middle of trying to solve an issue with something and it’d be time to go and it was so irritating. I’m coming around the curve with it though.

All that said I need to head to work! I didn’t leave myself much time and George left me with Roger responsibilities this morning. Have to try to change his diaper while he is asleep. That should be fun.

But you know what? I’m going to Target after work today. I’m so looking forward to it! Moreso than the Pedi yesterday I think. That’s saying a lot.

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  1. Hi Sonya, Pleased you got your pedi done and could relax a bit whilst she was doing it. It’s quite frightening how all the prices are going up it is the same over here….Glad you got the storage place booked up. Do you have to pay that by the month ? Or do you book it for a certain time ? I’m so excited that your getting your next video ready for us to see. That last one was so good and parts so funny Mary loved it as well. Hope your having a nice day weather wise. Over here it’s an awful day never stopped raining and there’s also been a gale force wind …Thank goodness I havnt had to go anywhere…That was good getting the appointment for the dogs trim ….I very much miss my wee Masy the lady who came to the house was so lovely…..well I suppose I should go and think what to make for our dinner tonight, so I will say bye for now. Drive safely home. God Bless. Xxx

  2. As hard as you work you deserve your mani-pedi. I think my last one was $45.00. Plus I gave her a $10.00 tip. But I get the regular polish instead of the gel. My nails are strong anyhow so I don’t really need the fake ones.
    Do you think all your mom’s stuff will fit in the new place? I know you will be glad when this is over. Moving is a job. I cleaned out my home office/makeup room yesterday. I had so many old books in my bookcase. I know since I have a kindle it is unlikely I will ever read them again. So I have two boxes of books to donate. It took me hours to go through all that stuff. Your cleaning out your office gave me the motivation. Next is the back bedroom that we never use. It has become a junk room.
    Hope you have a good weekend.

  3. Wow … looking forward to Target? That’s my kind of excitement. lol Yeah buddy!
    The storage place sounds really nice. Usually they appear no fuss or boring. One more big thing checked off your list.
    TV, Movies, Videos, it’s all about the editing. I see it. But, I think a lot of people don’t see it or they don’t get it.
    Most likely don’t get it. I’ve always been somewhat fascinated with the editing that goes on. 😎

  4. Well, I was excited to getting back to my mani pedis when they were able to open They raised thier prices $2. for the mani and $2 for the pedi. I understand they were closed for almost 6 months and they still had their rent and overhead. I worked with a number of clients that had to close their business as a result of the year. They had already paid insurance for the year, fees for registerations, etc. and no refunds just because they were closed. they had all the expenses and no income. I have bonded with the people in my saloon and they all have families and need the income also. I am not sure if they were able to bet unemployment or not. This is my one of my quilty pleasures so we book about every 3 weeks. plus the manager will give us a $5 couplon for next visit or walk over and tell us the pedi is $5.00 off today.

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