Mother’s Day Update, Contract on Mom’s House, and Upcoming Hair Cut

We had a nice Mom’s day. A few more errands to run and George had booked us a Mother’s Day Buffet at MoCara’s in Lebanon which used to be one of our favorite restaurants until they shut down in Covid. Now they do catering and events only. It’s an event venue now. Hoping the restaurant comes back, especially as we will be spending more time in Lebanon. We were already spending time in Lebanon anyway before Mom picked a house to be built there. We are on the edge of Mount Juliet and Mom is on the edge of Lebanon so we are going to be 15 min away once the house is built. I’ve grown to love that area more and more.

Here was a pic I took inside MoCara’s. There were people all around but there was this one spot I felt comfortable taking a pic of.

In true Tennessee fashion, we had a build up of storms that came across in 3 waves across the day. Our radar has been lit up like this off an on all spring. I’ve mentioned before that I’m just “over it”. We have paid our dues! We managed to avoid having to drive in the big storms but here was a snapshot at the radar Sunday evening. Gotta love the Macy’s underwear ad at the bottom, LOL. Go figure.

Spring Storms Continued on Mother’s Day

My gift from Katy came in yesterday. A coffee “tea towel” and a shower spritzer tablet which I used this morning and it made my shower smell so good.

Are You Ready for the News? Contract on Mom’s House!

Mom got 6, maybe 7 offers on the house – I think one came in at the last minute. All or most of them I believe were over asking price. And two of them were SIGNIFICANTLY OVER the asking price, one was cash and one was not – one was with home inspection and one was not. Mom decided which she would take. It was a different choice than George and I would have taken, but she had to pick as it was her decision and she has a good argument for the one she picked. So we were all pleased.

I had tears in my eyes when I saw the offers. The Lord answered our prayers. He is taking care of Mom and seeing that she has what she needs to make this move and to be able to meet her needs. I shed a few tears at the numbers and that God was seeing Mom through. I also shed tears as I know it was a hard day for Mom. While she keeps saying she knows she has to do this and it was her choice, it’s still the place she shared with Dad and had many memories. So a bitter sweet day for sure.

So we are ON to the next steps of planning as we have an idea of closing date and date to be out of the house. We will be reserving a cargo van – if we can get one to increase our load capacity. The packing can now get serious as the house doesn’t have to show anymore so long as this contract sticks. And we can schedule the storage unit now. And begin to see how big of a U-Haul we will need.

We also have to schedule the “Plan Review” on Mom’s new house. We think it will be Monday and this one can be on Zoom. I’ve told them any time and we’ll just let that be our lunch hour. I’ll have to see what time they give us but it needs to be Monday or Tuesday and Tuesday is my payroll closing day so that is not good for me. I mean I could stay later by an hour or come in early – I could make it work if I had to, but it makes it harder of a day as Monday is so much better. I just don’t want the headache of having to deal with it Tuesday. It’s best to just focus on payrolls on Tuesday.

Misc Updates

I bought this sign – the “home sweet home” sign. It comes with 4 different messages. The slip in and out of the side. I was so happy with this find at Tractor Supply for $16.99. I used the ship to store method and didn’t have to pay shipping on it. I wanted it to make Mom feel more special as she stays with us while waiting for her house to be built. I want her to feel welcome here for the time she is here with us and I want it to be a special time for her. I want us to have fun, eat well, laugh often, and be worry free, anxiety free, and we get to enjoy having another dog in the house. Fancy is up there in years. But not in as bad of shape as Roger.

Roger has intensely been sleeping a lot more lately. For two days he has hardly walked, but slept. 🙁

He had a little bit of energy when we got home last night. He ate and then crawled back in the bed. I need to wash his blankets again and refresh them for him. I will focus on that tonight.

George fixed little pizzas last night using Naan bread crusts. Oh my gosh they were so incredibly good. They were pepperoni and green pepper.

We have continued to watch “Designated Survivor” and will continue until it is finished. Just a few more shows. Then we will find another to get caught up in. What do you like watching on Netflix?

I get my hair cut tomorrow after work. I’m going shorter! Significantly shorter. I just don’t have the styling time and I need a cut I can just blow dry and go. I’m having to put mine in barrettes and it doesn’t work well. It’s so thick in the back. I’ve taken several screen shots of the ones I like but I’m thinking something like this:

Or like this

I just want to do away with the bob for now and then let it grow back again. I always enjoy the growing out stage from a cut like above to the bob again. And I will schedule the follow up cut for 12 weeks. lol. It seems that it does better when letting it grow out some and cutting it again rather than continuing to keep it shaped. I don’t know why. My only explanation I can think of is that it just gets too choppy with too many layers and as it grows it thickens and just looks better.

This one is nice too but not sure my hair will do exactly that. And honestly not sure I want that much stacking going on in the back. So I won’t show my hair stylist this one so she doesn’t get confused. But I like the sides and top. The stacking thing does not style as well on the sides when it grows out. So I nix this one but I do like body this has below. I’m ok with going back to 90’s hair styles. lol. I just want one that works. I don’t want a “birds nest” though and I don’t really want curls either. Nor frizz. But a cute short cut seems to be back in style some. I’ve been seeing people get them as they come out of Covid.

Here’s a pic of me as I grew out of a shorter cut but before it went into the bob stage.

Makes me want to color my hair again! But I likely will not.

Whatever cut I get, I figure it’ll end up being like the above. I always end up with a Laura Bush cut as that is just how my hair does. lol

Video update? Yep, it’s almost finished. I just have to go through it one more time and check audio levels and lighting levels, do the thumbnail and post. I think I’ll have it up and loaded by the weekend. Yippee Yay. Warning though. It’s about 22 minutes. That is about all I could cut for the video to make sense. So get your popcorn ready and your patience, lol.

Then I’ll need to go through and set up some more video files. I have lots of videos to do, but my iPhone photo/video file is getting full and I need to drag them over and get some off my phone!

Ya’ll have a good Tuesday. Be back in a couple of days. It works well to share video/blog time in the mornings – every other day. That way I get my video fix in.

Take care. Thanks for reading my updates!

10 responses to “Mother’s Day Update, Contract on Mom’s House, and Upcoming Hair Cut”

  1. Yay! So happy for you and your Mom. 🙂 What great news.

    I did go through and look at the house listing, looks like you have a lot of packing to do now.

  2. Oh Sonya I’m so glad that Mum got so many good offers and has chosen the one she thought best ( maybe just as well cause if for any reason it fell through, she can’t blame your influence). I’m sure she will soon settle into your home. Is she bringing her own TV she may not like same progs as you, nor will she want to stay up as long as you or go to bed earlier, I’m sure you’ve thought about these things though. I was just thinking of my dear Brother in law after staying in Bath.most of 80 years he finally gave in and he sold his house enabling my niece to buy a house for them both and her husband. He has his own bedroom, sitting room with patio door out into the garden. It’s next door to the kitchen and he can go make himself tea or a snack. They just eat dinner all together. He loves it and says it’s the best move he ever made….he was of course living alone since Margaret died 7 years ago and Barbara came over twice a week from Yate …where they have the new house…..Looking forward to seeing what the hairdresser makes of your new style. I like both but agree that a little less thickness at the top/ back would be best…. Glad you enjoyed Mums day dinner. Love that superb tea towel from Kate..just suits you to a T. …We are having a nice sunny day over here but heavy showers predicted any minute now…..Glad the video is almost ready, looking forward to seeing it and I’m sure 22 mins won’t be toooo long LOL. Take care. God. Bless

  3. Great news the house sold so quickly. I knew it would because it is a beautiful house.
    My heart goes out to your Mom. It would be hard to let it go since she and her husband had so many happy times together there.
    But change is good. That house was way too big for just one person to keep up.
    The new house will be much easier to keep up and clean and I imagine the power bill will be a lot less. And it will be easier for you to come to visit,
    I saw where tornados ripped through Tenn. I am glad they missed you. This is some crazy weather for sure.

    • Yes – we have tornado threats every few days. Drives me crazy this time of year. It should stabilize soon -two weeks or so- and the tough weather will move north.

  4. That was quick! But when I looked at your moms house I knew it would go with in a week. It is just beautiful !
    You struggle with your hair like I do. Mine is so thick and I’ve always worn it short and tapered.
    Then one day I said to myself, “I want long hair!” And I did it! Once past my shoulders I was able
    to pull it up but I thought I looked old! lol So I had it cut off again! And the hubby said “But I
    love your long hair!” So now its long again. I wish I didn’t care but I still do. I care about how it
    looks and what it does. Why do we fret so much over hair!? LOL I’ll never know!
    Can’t wait to see pics of what you get! Oh ! And I agree, the bob cut is so hard to grow out. I did
    it once and never again.

    Take care,

  5. 🤞🏻fingers crossed the house sale goes thru quickly. I knew that puppy would sale fast. Your mom is a strong woman.
    Your hair looks good any way you cut it.
    You’ve got good thick hair with body.
    A wash & go cut would be devine.
    Have a great week!

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