House for Sale in Columbia, TN

Mom’s House Listing! It went live late last night.

If you would like to take a peek at Mom’s house or know someone interested in buying a home in Columbia, TN you can see the home here and get details on how to tour: MOM’s House for Sale

I will be back in the morning for a proper blog post, Lord Willing.

Busy times. Going into work a little early today to catch up to where I should be. You know when you take PTO you don’t really get all of the the time off – just a portion of it – it just gets squashed up into the other days to make it up, lol.

So back tomorrow. Let me know what you think of Mom’s house though! It’s been a great house for Mom and Dad. I’m sure it will be some work to paint it and remove wallpaper and such as folks will have their own decoration style but it has great bones and has been maintained and on a cul de sac – and THAT PORCH!

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  1. What a lovely house, I am sure that Mum will have no trouble selling it, especially if it’s being sold at the right price which I’m sure it will be. Once someone makes an offer that is accepted how long is it before they can move in ? Or does it just depend on the seller to say when they will vacate ? Over here it usually takes a month or two to move once your offer has been accepted. You and George are certainly going to have a busy time in next few weeks that’s for sure. I think I told you I had only a month to move Mum and I from Scotland to England ! From a three room house and garden we moved into a one bedroom flat !!! It was awaful thank goodness for good friends who worked with me for hours going through things one after the other. For me the biggest and worse thing was getting rid of books. We had bookcases in each of the rooms and we both loved our books. In the end I just more or less shut my eyes and threw the majority in the boxes for the charity shops. Hope you don’t have same thing when clearing Mums place…..Hope today is going well at work. We have nice sunshine today so I am now going to sit out see if the wind has died down ….take care don’t work to hard today ! God Bless.

    • After the offer acceptance the buyer has to qualify. Then it has to close. Then usually there is 30 days standard after closing but not always if the buyer/contract terms state otherwise. We will certainly be asking for 30 days. lol

  2. It is a pretty house. Good sized too. It will make some family a nice home. I hope it sells quickly so your Mom can start her new life in her brand new place.
    The prices of houses have skyrocketed here. As nice as your Moms is it should sell with no problem. I don’t see how your Mom kept it up as well as she did by herself. It is a big house.! I love the yard and the back porch.

    • She has worked hard on it through the years. We have to wait til hers is built – the only way we could buy in this market was to build. She will be living with us through the summer and early fall.

  3. wow Your moms house is beautiful! I live in a small town in Massachusetts , that house on market
    right now would be on market for over 700,000 or more! We have about 10 houses for sale right
    and people are bidding over asking price. That is gorgeous! I wish her all the best in selling but
    I have a feeling that it will be gone in about 2 to 4 weeks!

  4. Lovely , lovely home … it will go FAST ! Your mom has good taste too !

  5. I bet she at least gets a contract on the house this weekend.
    I really think it’s underpriced. That’s a lot of house. Big rooms & lots of beautiful yard. The back porch alone!
    Dang ya’ll 🤞🏻

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