Cargo Van Move, Day 1

Good morning! Happy Memorial Day weekend to everyone! Enjoy your three day weekend!

We began our Saturday morning with a trip to Enterprise for the Cargo Van and was told, “What? That is interesting as we don’t lease cargo vans here at this location!”. Oh geez, here we go. Luckily, the guy found us in the system. And it was at the Nashville location on Lebanon Road and not the Mount Juliet location on Lebanon Rd. Yes Lebanon Rd was a long road and so when George made the reservation he assumed it was the one near us. I mean, easy mistake to make. So this put a kink in our schedule and slowed us down a bit.

I went to drop George off in Nashville and he headed back home to Mount Juliet to load everything (more boxes, blankets, moving equipment) and headed to Mom’s. I went to Lebanon, the other direction from us, paid for our storage rental and set that up so we didn’t forget to pay it every month. I can see it now, we forget and Mom loses her stuff. ::sigh:: not gonna happen! It didn’t occur to me at all that maybe Mom wouldn’t want that until I saw her face and subsequent panic, when I set up auto deposit. I guess I’m so used to this kind of thing now, I don’t think twice about it. But Mom was agreeable and just said “ok”. It’s only for a few months. And really the best option.

Once I paid up, and checked the code on the gate, I headed to Columbia! I wanted to check the gate code so I could make sure it worked. They close at 1 p.m. on Saturday, but the storage unit we can get in 24/7. But it would sure snarl our plans if they hadn’t programmed our gate code in. I just try to think ahead and avoid all issues! Code worked and I had given George his set of keys to the two storage units the night before and the gate code and the unit numbers.

What is funny is that my mind is going from BLOG mode to VLOG mode these days – it’s a good thing though b/c it used to be I took more photos than videos. Now I end up taking more videos than pics. I’m trying to remember to do both but it takes time to do both and hard to catch life and live life at the same time. So I mainly took video of some things yesterday. So here is the Cargo van and George had it backed up to the front door. Listen to the church bells in the background.

And here is another little video of Fancy who is a little trooper. She is curious about what is happening but sticks close to her Momma, (my Momma).

I was supposed to stop and get lunch for us on the way to Mom’s yesterday as it was lunch time. I had thought what on earth could I take? Mom was tired of sandwiches. I decided on Zaxby’s but I was not able to go through town as some parade was taking place. I think I heard Mom say it was “Mule Day” or something like that. It used to be in April. I don’t know what was going on but I couldn’t get to Zaxby’s and I could have backtracked but decided not to so I stopped hesitantly at Long John Silvers. Their stuff is usually greasy but I noticed no one was in the parking lot so I didn’t stop. That is not a good sign. So then I decided I’d go through and get tacos at a place near Mom. I needed a drive thru! I sat there for 15 minutes and the cars in front of me never moved. Geez folks it’s moving day here! So I pulled off, gave up and decided to just order through Grub Hub and have something delivered. Mom was thrilled they had “Catfish Campus” to deliver!

I got the catfish/chicken combo. I did not need the fried food. But it has been an eating weekend and it is hard to eat right when you eat out. Or have take in, in this case. You look at the salads and remember it has to travel with someone for a few minutes and it’s not always as fresh taken out as it is eating in a restaurant. I didn’t want to be working all day on a puny salad, especially if it had wilted or old lettuce. I’m not familiar with this place’s salads. So I ordered a good hearty meal. George refused to eat saying if he ate he would slow down. He ate one of my hush puppies and ate brisket later after his first drop off to the storage place and stopping to see and visit and feed Roger and change his diaper. Then on back to Columbia for load two.

While George did his drop off of load one, I stayed with Mom to “pack pack pack” he says. We didn’t get as much furniture out as he had hoped. Mom kept a bed he was expecting to move and then couldn’t get the dresser out. He had staged the loads in his mind as to what would go where and the bed was to hold some other things in place, but the bed has to stay because Mom has company and needs the other bed in case she sells her bed. So with company there he cannot move the beds, nor the sofa, and less of the furniture so he’s trying to move what he can and we may have to rent both the u-haul truck and the cargo van again since we won’t get the full use of the van on this trip.

It was 8:30 when we pulled into Mount Juliet. I decided it was much too late for either of us to go to the storage and try to unload that late. George wanted to go to Oscar’s Tacos. Our original hope was that we could try the new ML Rose but the timing did not work out. We got to Oscar’s and it was not open, as we thought. Somehow George had heard it was to open this weekend, but I guess they are delayed. So we ate nearby at PDK Southern kitchen or something like that. We had a clear view of the loaded van and my car so that was good.

They closed at 9:00 and of course at 8:30 p.m. no other fools were eating dinner. lol We both enjoyed a good cold Kolsch as we waited on dinner.

I was baaaaad again. Just nothing but salad on the menu for a lighter fare. I had eaten their salad before and it tasted like it had some kind of cleaner in it. I think it really did. WE got a free meal off THAT. But I was NOT gonna order that again, so I got the hamburger that had bacon, onion straws, aioli, cheese, and some kind of BBQ sauce. The most fattening hamburger a body could get. I ate some of the fries but not all. That’s a lot of fries!

We came home, took showers, and I massaged George’s neck and shoulders as he was having some pain issues with his left shoulder. He said he has to stoop to get into the van and while carrying things it kinda hurts him some. He took Advil before bed so he wouldn’t hurt this morning. I’m only a little sore from carrying and wagging and lifting about 6 suit cases full of clothes. And some loaded boxes here and there if I could lift them.

I felt all my eating sins at 2 a.m. when I had indigestion. I had to take a pill for it as I was so sick at my stomach. And did a quick check of the van and our camera to make sure all ok as we locked the van and had kept it loaded in the driveway. I slept til almost 6.

George kissed me good bye this morning and while he didn’t exactly tell me to “take my time”, he did say “spend some time with Roger”. I told him I’d take a shower, sip coffee, do my blog entry and head back to Mom’s and meet him there.

The coffee is so good this morning!

Meanwhile back in Texas….

Little Roo’s mom is out of school for the summer. And he has decided he is not a fan of green beans (baby food level 1) and squash hurts his tummy. But he loves bananas and sweet potatoes!

Is he not a ham in that hat? And oh my gosh, look at how big he is up against his Momma already! I couldn’t believe it. I see him but I guess next to her I see the scale when he’s all stretched out! What a cute little chubster! I get to see him in a week!

And I need to go and get on the road. I’m missing a pair of capris. I have looked everywhere. Obviously NOT everywhere or I’d have found them. I’m behind on laundry but have done a load this morning. I don’t see them in the laundry. Oh well, if I don’t find them I’ll need to have another pair. I need two or three capri jeans for summer. As of right now apparently I only have ONE! So I have to wear hot jeans today instead, unless I wear leggings. I don’t really want to wear legging’s in case we end up eating out again. Not sure we’ll have time anyway.

Speaking of time. I need to head out! Should have already headed out but “I’ve spent time with Roger”. Kindof.

Ya’ll have a good HOL weekend. Probably will be Sunday when I post again. The every other day thing works out well. Hope that works for you guys as well. There’s probably less opinion going on when I do it that way, lol. Not as much to report on when you blog every day so you end up blurting out how you feel about life. Sometimes good and sometimes bad. But, the weekends I usually have more of a chance to do that, or if something just weighing heavy on my heart. I think doing the videos have been a good outlet for me creative wise and it makes me happy and gives me something to focus on besides “the state of being”. I don’t have to be left with analyzing my world around me and criticizing it to make it better. I can just ignore it and let it be its crazy self. This statement makes me laugh.

What you doing this weekend for fun? Enjoy it for us will ya?

Why You Might Like This Blog

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Good morning! Recently I updated my “About Me” Section to Include a bit of why anyone might like this blog. I feel the “About Me” section is one of the pages in which someone visiting your page decides they may stay or not, subscribe or not, or keep the link or not. So I made the following points about what my blog really has been about these last few years. While it DOES show and reveal my day to day life, I DO think that others can get ideas from the blog.

For whatever reason I was not able to copy and paste into the WordPress template, so I just snapped a pic. I think these ideas are pretty much what a reader would get from the blog. Perhaps you have more to add?

As readers, you have told me a few things that inspired you from the blog. Some read to see what Nashville is like, some read to see what all new things I’m doing or trying, some read just for the curiosity of reading about another person’s life, several have gotten to know me well and read because I’m a friend and they genuinely care. Some read because they are also fifty something and we are all in this aging thing together, we need to see what works, what doesn’t and share ideas. And of course some read to see if I will slip up and say things I shouldn’t. Now that I am not in HR that is less of a highlight. I never liked being on the gold throne of perfectness because I’m not and don’t want to be held to a higher standard. I just want to be ME! I want to tell it like it is, tell it as I saw it, tell it as I believe it. And if it exposes something that is wrong. Well, perhaps it (the blog) did what it should have. Some family read because they want to keep up with me as their family member and go behind the scenes. Other family read without me knowing it because they are curious. And some family never read because it makes them mad. And some of you have read the blog because you are just pure angels of encouragement and I feel God sent you my way! Whatever the reason, in most cases I’m glad you are here! And there are about 85 to 100 of you that visit daily. That may not be many to some, but it is impressive to me.

Update on Life These Days

Roger has made a mess by stepping in his dog dish (top of photo). A daily mishap. We have to put it in the middle of the floor so he will see it and think to eat. If not he will forget or not see it. Doggie Dementia! We’ll have to do something else when Mom arrives so she doesn’t trip over it. We do ourselves. I don’t know how many times I’ve stepped in his dish. Makes me mad every time. We need a different system.

His paw is recovering and he got to take the bandage off yesterday. But there is still a piece of tape we can’t get off as it hurts when we pull on it. We will keep trying. I fear Roger will get it off and get the tape stuck in his mouth or swallow it. Life is always a challenge.

Beef Brisket

George fixed a beef brisket last night for dinner! It was so good!

Weekend Plans

We are planning on moving a lot of Mom’s things via cargo van. Even any furniture that will fit. So it’s a big weekend. George is planning on getting a lot moved into storage. So while ya’ll are celebrating and kicking off summer we will be working our tails off.

Think of us!

Got a lot done on the video this week! The voiceovers are finished. Just need to edit down some more to cut down any minutes I can, add music and a few graphics and it’ll be done. I probably need another week!

Ya’ll have a fun weekend. I’ll try to pop in on Sunday! Not much else to report on. Looks like I get to drive in with the rain today. Running a bit late. It seems I need about 15 extra minutes these days. Maybe I should get up earlier!

New Towels, New Tea Glasses, Weariness, and Forgiveness in a Dysfunctional Family

The new textured towels are in the middle. It makes the others dim by comparison. And let me tell ya, they are “mahhhhvelous”. They are thick and sturdy. I think they were $7.99 at Target. I’m really considering going back to get a couple more. But, I guess I will hold off for now. I love the texture and thickness. I think they are the best towels I’ve ever had.

And here are the new “tea glasses” – just some cheapies I bought at Kirland’s. The set was about $20. Aside from getting the 12 inch mattress foam pad cut from almost a queen size down to a twin size, is about all that is left on getting our house ready for Mom. The room is almost ready except for the sheet washing and me changing over beds. I will need to move some jewelry over from my armoire so as not to bother her on those early mornings going to work.

The State of Being

So it’s Wednesday now. I can say without a doubt that most of us are tired. Very tired at this point. Mom’s closing on her house is less than a week away, a lot of stuff still needs to be packed. Yet we work Full Time and don’t have much time to do it. It’s why we started weeks ago. It’s coming together but I think we are all feeling a bit overwhelmed at this point. George may not be, it’s hard to tell, but his humor with me this week bottomed out over a situation with Roger. That is usually when I can tell he is tired.

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Our lives have been mostly all work and no play lately. Our year has geared up to be that way. It’s all for a good cause though – don’t get me wrong. I’m sure someone will though. But we are so ready for a vacation! I hope we can squeeze one in somehow. If we do it will be only a long weekend, if we even have days to do it.

Mom is worn out dealing with her clothes, she tells me. It’s not really anything we can pack. She knows what she wants for our house and what she wants to be packed for fall. She has had the hardest time over the clothes. I think all the closets were bursting with clothes. No wonder Daddy wanted the clothing armoire for himself, LOL LOL. I didn’t even know the big armoire was his. But I guess he needed it for his things. Anyway, Mom is having a time trying to figure out the clothing. I say this because she has mentioned it numerous times.

She is tired. I am tired. And I’m guessing George is by his demeanor this week in our discussions over Roger.

And there is this unquenchable persistent need for boxes and wrapping and bubble pack and waiting on the next Amazon order. None of us take the newspaper anymore. So wrapping materials are minimal and costly.

Dysfunctional Families

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It’s time like these when the going gets tough that you really have a tough time forgiving the family members that just “walked out”, freeing themselves from family obligations. How do you forgive an action that keeps on happening? When there is a row in the family that a family member chooses not to work out, a divorcing if you will of the two family members. A walking out and not looking back. No consideration of responsibility or of the others in the family. It’s sad in itself and at so many angles, but in times of need when the parent and other siblings struggle, it magnifies the efforts. It makes it very hard for me not to have a grudge. How do you continually forgive in this situation? I think I have the grasp on forgiveness and then I grapple with it again! Seventy X Seven? Ok I think I’m there! What now?

And indeed I know relationships will never be the same again. The longer the time, the more water under the bridge, the more wearing of the bridge, and time taking it’s toll on whatever piece of the bridge that is left. Walking out means a lot. It means walking out on everything and everyone, maybe even one’s inheritance, whatever is left at that point, but that is not my decision to make. I just don’t know what will come of the situation as a whole. Right now nothing absolutely guaranteed nothingness is what happens- no help, no caring, zip and zero. But I also don’t see how it can be rectified with me at this point. I can let go of my anger with it. But I can’t let go and say “this is ok” or “this doesn’t matter”. I constantly say “how can she do this?” and “what in the heck is wrong with her?”. I don’t know that I will ever be over it now what has happened. I don’t know what it will take to forgive. It’s because I cannot fully comprehend. The person says they are at peace now. Well, if I left and shirked my responsibilities, I’d probably be at peace too. lol. I am trying here, but I don’t know how to love through this situation where there is an obvious unwillingness on the party who left, to try and work it out, to lend a hand, to care, or to love through it back.

I just don’t know. I can write about these things now as it’s no longer a secret what is going on. I won’t mention the person’s name nor go into details about it. I will only write about how it impacts me and it is my right to do so. Others do what they feel is best for them. And for me, writing and journaling is my healing process. I’m not defaming others, not that there was fame to begin with, lol. But not defaming anyone’s character that is not already publicly seen. Several have asked me about this. I won’t talk about what caused the row and that is none of my business but I can talk about the burdens that it has placed on me and I see what it has done to my mother. I’m sure neither party is lily white in the situation as we all say things we don’t mean to. But I’m the sole caretaker of Mom now and this has been hard. We are doing it. But it’s been hard. And it just magnifies things when others who should be there helping are not. And I’m struggling with forgiveness right now. I’m just being honest.


So, little buddy Roger had a nail to grow into his paw. It’s totally our fault. We haven’t groomed him because of his anxieties. George cut his nails finally but the ones that were further back (like a thumb), I guess was not seen amidst his hair and was missed, and it curled under. It began causing him pain and punctured his paw. George tried to cut it but Roger would not let us and George would hesitate because he was trying to be careful and not cut his paw. And I kept saying “just take him to the vet” as it made me nervous that he was nervous. And then my nervousness fed back to him. He got upset with me and told me I wasn’t helping anything. I told him I’d always tell him the truth of what I thought. I think he should be attended to by the vet at this point as it is already a wound, they could calm his pain, and could give him something. It was my opinion. I told him I was sorry if he didn’t like it but he knows me well enough I’ll give my opinion. It has nothing to do with his abilities to take care of things. I just think it was best he go to the vet.

Our vet for years has become so successful and busy that it is very difficult to be seen by them. They are good but what good does it do when you call and can’t get an appointment for 3 weeks and have to call and maybe get a walk in appointment and have to wait to see if you can walk in. We have to work FT we can’t just sit around the house waiting for a maybe visit. So I suggested we go to the new one down the street. George didn’t want to but I looked on line and they had an Urgent Care of sorts. So he walked in, was immediately seen and made it home in next to NO TIME! Roger has antibiotics and inflammatory meds now and his paw is in a bandage and he is recovering. And from here on out, I say they are our new vet. The last time I took Maisy, we waited for hours, several visits. I’m done with that. We don’t have time for that.

Ok venting is over. It’s just what I needed for today. To vent, so I can park all the madness here and get on with life and be cheery from here. Thanks for listening!