Dinner out with Family, Stress Levels, Blood Pressure, Time Shortage

We had a grand time with extended family last night at Margarita House in the Providence area of Mount Juliet. Left to right, Me, Aunt Felicia (back), Susan (front), George and cousin Mollie! NO it wasn’t George’s birthday but we had a photo app and took it! I called us the Fabulous Five for the evening. It was so much fun we vowed to do it again in another quarter or so! I loved hearing the stories and reminiscing on George’s side of the family. Lots of laughter. It’s been a good week for smiles and laughter.

The fajitas were good. The steak and shrimp was exceptionally good as were the peppers and onions with their chargrilled taste. The chicken was a bit mushy though. It wasn’t really very good. I’m not sure what happened there except maybe it was overcooked or something, so I ate all the shrimp and steak and left the chicken. lol

I Get the Moderna Vaccine Today

So I get my Moderna shot today around lunch time. And then I will get something through a drive thru for lunch on the way back. I might oughta eat first to tell you the truth. Not sure if there will be a wait or what. I’m a little nervous about it.

Stress and Blood Pressure

Also my blood pressure was worse this morning. It was 165/89 the first time and I took it three times. The longer I sat there, each time it got better. It was 149/88 at the lowest. I don’t know why the meds are not working anymore. However, it’s been almost 24 hours since I took it. I take it in the mornings when I get to work. That seems the best time to take it.

I really need some solitude and some down time. I would like to take the rest of the day off today, but it’s quarter end and I’m going to need all the vacation time I have to get Mom where she needs to be the rest of the year with this move and doc appointments and such. On the other hand, I’m no good to anyone if I stroke out. But I’m sure I’ll head back over to work like a good little girl. But I covet the thought of just being able to come home and get things done that have been nagging at me, getting laundry started, dinner started and chilling out. But I guess that won’t happen.

My to do list is stacking up as we have not had ANY free time at home to get anything done but just eat and sleep. And most of our weekends we will be gone to pack up Mom’s house. I’m trying to meditate some as I can find a few seconds (bathroom stall to be quite honest, TMI!!!) for just a moment of deep breathing and releasing and letting go and just letting the thoughts come in and go out.

There are some things I want to do in the house with housework, shower gift to wrap and get in the mail, moving things around a bit to make room for Mom’s stay here, and not to mention all the personal “to do’s” that I have.

Time Shortage

Photo by Jordan Benton on Pexels.com

Anyway, I just need some rest and rejuvy time but there is none to be had. We’ve pretty much gone about 3 weeks straight with no down time and it’s really starting to wear and tear and show in my mind and body. I’m trying to hold it together. My mind and body is also requiring a full 8 hours sleep and honestly that does not seem to be good enough. It’s so hard to get up in the mornings. One morning I slept through two alarm clocks and George had to wake me.

Self – Care

I’ve also decided I want to go shorter on my hair as I’m having to mess with it so much to get it to work. It’s hard for me to cut the back. So I think I will move up my appointment and that will help me to get a bit more time in the morning. If we can get rid of the masks soon I’ll start wearing makeup.

I’ve also decided that I’m going to start getting my nails done again as a treat to myself. I don’t ever have time to do them now as it takes a good hour or so with the filing, painting, and drying time and such so I don’t mess them up. I don’t have an hour every week to do it now. So I think I’m going to make an appointment and what they do will last 3 weeks. That will save 2 hours a month! lol Then when I retire I will go back to doing them on my own.

Life is Good

Life is good though. I just have to get settled and figured out and adjusted in this year’s new normal. We’ve been used to a slower pace. I’m happy and content and excited about getting Mom up here so we can be with her and help her. She is excited about the new place. But I do need to see what is going on with the BP. I am going to monitor it for about a week and see if this is just a fluke b/c of all the additional stress lately or if it’s truly the meds are not working anymore. It may be he needs to adjust the meds. So I’ll monitor for a few days and then make a doc appt I guess. Or call. Maybe he will just change the prescription.

In the mean time I’m also trying to figure out natural ways to reduce the BP levels and the stress! So Ya’ll take care and say a few prayers for me to get straightened out. I’m thankful for the weight loss tracker though – b/c I’d not known that my blood pressure was high. I knew I was stressed a bit, but didn’t know the meds were not working it’s magic.

Off to work…always off to somewhere…

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  1. Hi Sonya, how I wish I lived near you or Mum and then I could help you, but that is just a kind of dream!! So instead all I can do is leave you all in Gods hands knowing that he never gives us more than we can cope with……even if we sometimes doubt that !! When I am stressed…thankfully it very rarely happens I find myself locking myself in the bathroom, it’s a real peaceful space and definitely one where you can get peace for a wee while. Your meal out sounded wonderful I could have enjoyed it all very much…..well maybe not it ALL. But in my minds eye I could eat it all…… hope your BP comes down a bit, I find I have to take it two three times before I get it down to where I want it to be …….We have had our hair cut today, what a difference that will be. It was last done 3rd of January so I had never seen mine so long but my niece Barbara came well equipped to chop our locks into some fashion….. Well love hope you get on good with your vaccination just think of it as preventing Mum from getting the dreadful COVID….Mary and I heard yesterday the date for our second it’s week on Friday at 2.30 ….it’s a nice sunny day so I am going to sit out for a wee while…. God Bless drive safely

  2. Time management is not your friend!
    I don’t have any solutions to your problems but…you have to find a way to chillax.
    I got the Moderna & I’m still here. Believe you will be ok & you will.
    Your George is a ham. lol

  3. Take you a day off. Nothing is more important than your health and well-being. Don’t let anyone make you feel guilty. You deserve it and more. My blood pressure was high last time I was at Dr.’s office. He wanted to put me on a second one. I am trying to hold off. My lab work was good except for triglycerides. I have got to work on mine. Dr. wants me to exercise . My Mom never warned me getting older would be so painful and hard. I wish someone would have. I would have taken better care of myself, Once you put weight on it is so hard to get it off. Especially when you get older ..

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