FaceTime with Grandson, Working on Mom’s Move, and Thai Dinner with Friends

We got to face time with this one yesterday. He actually looked at us and coo’d a bit! He was smiling and talking – well trying to. He looks all big in his toddler like clothes!

Here you can see his birth mark on his wrist. That came up after we left. Katy forgot to tell us about it and I was like “what is that on his arm?”. The doc said it would go away one day. I had one on my tummy. Anyway I thought I’d mention it because you might notice and wonder what it was.

Our progress on Mom’s Move:

George has an appointment with the Realtor in Columbia at lunch time today to discuss list price and date. All of which has been cleared with Mom.

I looked up storage facilities and prices. They were much less than I thought. But we have about 3 in the immediate area and can branch out if needed. Too early to book it as we don’t know exact timing yet.

I scored 5 boxes already and see that you can buy them from U-Haul or even Amazon. So we may have to order a kit of boxes.

I looked into Power of Attorney and got confused as there are so many kinds. I need to find the form so we can get notarized. I need to understand what it is we are trying to do. In other words, what decisions it is she wants us to make. There are different kinds. I’m not very good at this kind of stuff. I’m about to learn. I don’t know if it is for when she is disabled, or for now, or for later. I need to see what the intent is before I do any further research. Mom just said we needed to do it and I offered to check into it but have no idea what I’m doing or why! lol. I just thought it was a simple form or document I was retrieving. This is not my area of expertise but I’m about to learn. So I will talk to Mom and George again about it.

And that is all I know really.

We had dinner with friends last night at a local Thai place called Smiley Thai. I got the crispy duck with veggies. It was so good. It came with a side of rice. I didn’t realize it was my rice, so I didn’t eat it. That was good though I was full enough.

Back at Weight Loss Efforts….So today is cleanse day for me! And hopefully I’ll be able to lose some weight and get back in my clothes. I have two tubs of clothes I can’t wear anymore and wanting to get back in them. The only way I ever lost weight was to do an intermittent cleanse/fast. It resets my body somehow and makes my body work the way it should.

I’ve been doing some research on leaky gut syndrome and the ability to lose weight and how your body blocks you from it and how your metabolism can get messed up – and mainly how to get out of this loop. I’ll share my findings soon when I can get life to slow down a bit.

You know I love to research things and learn things. So I’m learning a few things and if I unlock the secrets to weight loss I will let you know. I certainly have a few things I’m going to try. Everything seems to lie within the gut!

So ya’ll have a splendid Tuesday. I’m going to go close payroll! And maybe get to work before the rain does but I think I’m gonna run into it.

Hair Cut….

OH – I forgot to tell ya! I got up yesterday and cut my own hair and love it, lol! You can kinda see it in the FaceTime above. But I just couldn’t wait til my next hair appointment. Now I’ll likely have to cancel it. But that is ok. The hair stylist made fun of my cut but I tell ya, I’ve not had compliments on my hair much except for when I cut it myself. So who cares if it is uneven, if it looks better uneven, lol!

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  1. I have been cutting my own hair for the last year. My hair is curly/wavy, so even if I mess up, I don’t think it shows. I plan to keep cutting it myself – at least for awhile. Your grandson is a cutie. Enjoy your day!

  2. Maybe you should consult an attorney about the power of attorney thing. I need to find out about it too just in case something may happen to my husband or me.
    Does your Mom have very much to move? I saw where Sherry and John on the Young house love blog moved. They delivered a storage unit to their house for them to load up. Then they moved it with all their stiff to the new house. That is what I want if we ever move again. That way they could just pack and then walk outside and put in the unit. You could have more time to pack and everything else.
    The duck looks so good. I love Thai food. And miss it.
    Roo looks like a happy baby. Such a pretty smile.

    • We have an inexpensive plan for moving currently over several weeks. She will be with us for a few months. Then we will move her again. We will use vehicles to start. Renting a cargo van toward the final moving date and then a U haul after that for big pieces. We did this fir our place and it worked great.

    • Yes I would check into a moving pod that would be delivered to your moms current house, steps away. Then they pull it off and store it and then deliver it to her new house’s driveway. I think any later life power of attorney medical guardianship etc. should be done with an attorney that specializes in that.

  3. Hi Sonya, hope you can get the Power of Attorney sorted out soon. When we made our wills we organised our power of attorney at the same time. It’s probably different over in US but here it wasn’t that complicated just lots of reading to be Done there were two forms one where we gave them complete control of our lives if we were no longer able to looking after ourselves. Or another where we allowed them only access to our bank account. This would have been needed to help fund a care home etc as we trust them both completely we decided to give them complete control I know they would always look after us but it means that there will be no hassle going into the bank for us etc. I expect it will be much the same with you. Hope George’s appointment goes well this afternoon…..the baby looks so grown up in his dungarees etc dosn’t he. I think it’s such a pity they are not kept as babies very long nowadays. I suppose it’s my age I’m getting to be a grumpy old woman !! Hope all goes well today…at work etc night night.

  4. Hairstylists never like you to cut your own hair. That dips into their pockets.
    River looks healthy. I like his big boy shoes.
    I only know there is a power of attorney for financial reasons & a different one for medical decisions.
    You can educate me!

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