Anticipation, Lack of Sleep, and Flooring Postponed

Just a little pop in today. I am trying to be happy with love and joy! However, my sleep has been horrible this week. The last two days I’ve slept in the spare bedroom on top of a quilt and another quilt on top of me, so as not to disturb Mom’s sheets. She will be back to spend the night Saturday night.

The spare bedroom though has not helped my sleep any. Last night for no reason at all I tossed and turned between 1:30 and 4. Finally went to sleep but the first alarm goes off at 4:30 and I kept hitting snooze. It was just unbearable to think of getting up. I’m not sure I hardly opened my eyes wide until after coffee was made and shower taken. Most of shower was with eyes closed. I worried I’d fall asleep in the shower!

My muscles are hurting a bit too this morning. I am thinking it’s all intertwined. I wanted to call in for a PTO day and just sleep today. But I have to sign checks and I despise calling in on a day that was unplanned/unscheduled. So I’m forcing myself to move today. But I feel like death warmed over.

Anticipation is Stressful

All in all, I think it’s really the house thing with Mom. I think I’m worried over it and want her to be signed and locked in this deal. I will feel better tomorrow after the meeting I think – once I know she is signed and sealed. There is a gap in the value of the house she is selling and the house that is being built. For her to move up here, it is going to be that way with any place with an HOA and the houses just keep going up and up. Her other choice would be to stay with us I guess b/c she can’t stay down there with no help and we just can’t be down there to give her the help she needs and will need. She doesn’t want to rent, as that is throwing money away. There are just no flat condos anywhere much and she won’t have a townhouse, even if she just stayed on the bottom floor. So her options are very limited and she will be very selective as to what options she will do so I really really really want this to work tomorrow. If it doesn’t I think we’ll all be devastated.

I hope the sellers/builders will give her a break being a Christian woman and a widow. I hope they give her a break on the price and the upgrades. Lord knows we have prayed EVERY day. Several times a day. Everything is leading in this direction as WIN WIN for all. As long as the money works.

Mom talked with a realtor about her house yesterday and it’s value. It’s right on the spot about where George said it would be. I think she should list for more than the realtor told her. Maybe she needs another realtor for 2nd opinion, says George. As he quoted on the lower end of George’s range of possibilities. Anyway Mom is not signing to sell her house yet til she meets with the folks on the new place tomorrow to hopefully sign. But if the deal is not right, I think she is prepared to walk away. So I’m hoping sleep will be better Saturday night. If this deal does not go through, I know that personally, my hope will be shattered and I will flat feel like giving up. Not to mention how sad Mom will be. But I know though that God has this. And we just have to trust in Him. I just kinda feel in my heart it will work out and I hope that we are not all disappointed.

I do know this. I am tired. I am very tired.

This came in the mail from BoysTown, as they send free things to you when you give to their cause. They sent this along with some seed packets. I think I would like to plant the seeds. But I’m not sure I’ll be able to keep up with the watering and weeding. So we’ll see.

Working on the To Do List and Trying to Relax

I was able to do a couple of things yesterday afternoon – a load of laundry since we won’t be here much this weekend. I checked out some new dentists a couple of days ago, and yesterday I checked to see which one was on the dental plan. So I want to set up an appointment with the new one and cancel my old one. I was not particularly enthralled with the one that came in after my favorite one retired. He was not very thorough, not very inquisitive, and just didn’t seem to be in the moment. It’s too early to tell I guess, but what really set me off was that I asked for George an appointment to get his crowns glued back in. I think he has three that came out. I told her this twice as she was setting the appointment. The first appointment they cancelled as the dentist had something else going on, but he didn’t get the word – that was part his work’s fault b/c they have a building where cell phones can’t come through. So a wasted afternoon off work and a drive in. The next time they rescheduled they gave him a cleaning and would not put in his crowns. They scheduled him with the hygienist and not the dentist I guess. So he has to come back a 3rd time. I already deal with people who don’t listen in my life, so I have no plan on dealing with a dentist office that can’t even set an appointment correctly. I was already on the fence and when George said he was having trouble, that made up my mind to change. It’s really out of the way for me to go that direction anymore. I’d rather have somewhere closer here anyway. They must have a lot of people leaving because they have openings and are begging patients to come in for sooner appointments if needed.

I also got to watch a YouTube show and that was relaxing. Of course George and I eat and watch a show on Netflix. We are watching Designated Survivor with Keiffer Sutherland as president, lol. We are enjoying the show.

Flooring Postponed until We Have More Time

I also picked out our flooring places and saw where they are. I told George we could wait until we have a free Saturday instead of trying to cram in so much into a Saturday. I’m a little disappointed about that as I’ve had my heart set on that after Easter. I am truly about ready to move out of the house myself if we don’t get this nasty carpet out of here. I’m done with carpet. Maybe forever! Ok with rugs as they can easily come and go but carpet – ugh! The new flooring is going to make our place look incredible. And I can’t wait. But I will have to schedule a Saturday once we get Mom’s doings settled where I can sneak a Saturday in for myself.

Anyway, I need to head off to work. I’m about to come alive, thanks to coffee. I think I will have to try to pump myself with hydrate drink, vitamins, and maybe some greens drink today. I need a lifting somehow. I’m just flat deflated right now. And Roger says “hello”. He lifted his head to say goodnight as I went to bed. Since Maisy has gone, he has shared his love to me, just as he does to George. He loves to see me. He still has his Dad as his favorite, but he seeks me out. He knows I’m the “treat lady”. He knows I love him and will pet him. Bless his heart, when you pet him he falls over. He’s muscles are tired and he gets off balance.

Stay Tuned for the Outcome. Will Mom sign? Or not?

Ya’ll have a good day today. I’ll likely not post until probably Sunday unless I just get a crazy minute. And then I will let you know if it’s GOOD NEWS or BAD NEWS. Will Mom be able to get the house or did she lose it? And if she loses it, what then? Let’s not even think that. I just want this to be a done deal so I can’t get it off my mind wondering what is going to happen.

11 responses to “Anticipation, Lack of Sleep, and Flooring Postponed”

  1. I just have the strongest feeling your mom will get the new house. If it’s meant to be it will happen, and if it doesn’t you just take a deep breath and know that the Lord has a better plan! But I really do think it will happen. Fingers crossed and prayers said!

    I’m excited for the day you get to pick out your flooring and get it installed. Your heart will be singing!

    With everything going on in your life, I can totally understand why sleep is an issue at the moment. You probably have a hard time turning off your mind like I do. I think you and I are a lot alike in that we like to plan, overthink everything, and have all of our ducks in a row before we can relax and feel settled!

  2. If it’s meant to be it will happen. If not something better is coming her way . Hope it is all settled for your peace of mind.

  3. Everything has a way of working out. God knows our needs and what is best for us. I have seen this time and time again in my own life. Best of luck to your Mom.

  4. Most important that your mom be happy. Realtors can make ya crazy, but it’s up to her to name her price on her house listing. She’s the boss.
    Keep a positive attitude about the situation. Hopefully it will all work out.
    It’s probably better to wait on the flooring until you can give it your full attention. Patience. You must get some!!!

  5. As I read your blog today I kept saying to myself “thats me!” Anything that happens in my life I overthink, not settled thoughts and all around anxiety . And what suffers the most is sleep! Which drives me crazy as I’m sure you , too. Out of anything in life, sleep is most important.

    Maybe some aroma therapy of lavender would help you near your bed. My mom used to spray her pillow with a lavender scent. It helps sooth the mind.

    When we moved into our new home 6 yrs ago now the floor were awful! Busy and not the color that would belong in a kitchen and hallway. My son used to install floors and carpets so we bought a few boxes of the natural wood flooring and he installed it. Not bad for a few hundred dollars and he works cheap! A nice dinner and few hundred dollars! So worth it in the end. When you can sit back and know something that has been driving you crazy and then to see it done, makes things Ok in your world . I hope you guys can get to it soon! I think you’ve been talking about your floors for a while now!

    Have a good weekend!

  6. Oh Sonya love, I am so sorry you had such a bad night. I hope as the day went by you began to feel more human. I always worry when your so tired driving into work so hope traffic was light……I’m praying and asking God to help Mum make a decision about moving and if it is not his will at this time to please provide a solution that would be good for the family…It is all I can do and then truly leave it in his hands. I am more sorry than I can say that your not going for your new flooring, but I think it is best to wait till your mind is more at rest…..Tonight try to get an early night. Sorry this reply is later today but don’t know what happened to my incoming mail it all arrived 25 bits of mail about ten minutes ago !! Anyway I am going now to watch TV or play a game on my I pad…I enjoy playing Majhong in fact I’m almost addicted to it !! Night night. God Bless

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