OK, You asked for it, so I’m giving it. Some of you wanted to see the GoodAll model home that Mom viewed and the model she is having built. I *think* this is called the Arlington, but Mom’s would NOT have the upstairs. It is a beautiful place. Plenty of room and open space, large windows, walk in closet. I believe it had a walk in pantry but I’m trying to picture where it was. Maybe I didn’t video it. The master bedroom was huge. The garage/storage area was huge. It had a place for an office. And the prize was the nice patio space. In it you can see Mom and Cody’s Mom, our realtor, and the gentleman that was hosting the model home that day. I’m sure they probably didn’t mean for this video to go anywhere, but there are only about a hundred of you that actively see the blog – even though there are 500 followers. Who knows, maybe more of you will seek out some GoodAll homes. Enjoy!

The downside was that the 2nd bedroom was a bit small to be able to hold a bed, dresser and chest of drawers. It might would hold a queen size bed, but Mom’s bed she wants to bring is a double bed. So guests have to be skinny folk. If we spend the night one of us will have to sleep on the sofa, lol. So that is the down side is that the guests won’t be very comfy unless they are alone or underweight. Mom can upgrade to a queen bed though if she chooses. She just doesn’t want to give up that bedroom suit and it happens to be double. It’s a nice looking one. May not be practical, but it will look nice when people come through. lol

Mom had called a realtor to list her house. They were calling her back yesterday as I was talking to her. I’m hoping Mom signs the papers Saturday for several reasons: 1) It’ll save a trip 2) It’ll lock in the price – I’m afraid the prices will go up before she signs based on the price of lumber and supplies that keep going up 3) It’ll be one more hurdle crossed to the finish line.


I have so much going on in my head right now. A lot of things I need and want to get done here. I need to go to the store tonight, and wrap a baby gift for a family shower that I won’t get to go to this weekend, get ahead on some laundry, and so forth.

And of course my list of to do’s grows daily as does my idea list and my want to list. Not to mention reading, shopping (I need new pants!). When I get off work I go to my office and just stare at my to do list! I try to regroup and figure out what is the most important thing to get done today. “They say” focus on your top three: Right now it’s STORE, and WRAPPING BABY GIFT, and DOING A LOAD of DARKS so I have jeans for the weekend!


I had to make some decisions (again) on the weight loss deal. I am doing my cleanse day, but not going to do the challenge. I was hoping to get some $ free product back from my wellness plan purchases. But I have to spend more to get the free product and I don’t really think I will be wanting to do that. I want to order what I need and no more. You have to spend so much per month and it is more than I want to do. But I am going to do cleanse day Monday’s again and see if I can’t get some of the weight back off. I think the cleanse day will have to be a way of life – intermittent fasting day. It’s the only thing that has ever worked for me and the only thing that has ever been able to cut to the visceral fat – fat that comes deep within your cells. The nutrition within the cleansing drinks are incredible with the deep berry ingredients it has. Only I’m doing peach this time b/c summer is coming on! So I have it ordered. I will start on Monday as long as I have enough to cleanse with on hand. If not it’ll be when my next shipment comes in. I will also start using the weight loss tracker I posted on here last week! I will share my efforts and let you know my numbers as they improve. I won’t put my weight on here but I’ll share my lbs lost, lol!


  1. Hi love, what a great movie you made of Mums prospected house. It’s much bigger than I thought it would be, but nicely furnished, although I expect Mum will be bringing her own furniture with her ?… the patio area….will there be a fence between the houses ? Otherwise how will she be sure that the dog dosn’t escape ? Or is that something you have to do yourselves ? Hope Mum can get signing double quick, but you know you can’t push her or (like a fish she might wriggle of the hook before you get her down LOL ).
    Hope work is going to plan today and you’ve got time to do a few chores tonight,
    God Bless…

    • She can add a fence but Fancy is trained and older. Mom stays with her and she won’t leave Mom and obeys when told to come on. Yes worried the price will go up before Saturday.

  2. I am happy for your Mom and you. I know it will give you peace of mind being closer to her. It is a beautiful home. I especially love the office and the two pictures behind the desk. And the bed! And all the windows make the place look bright and cheerful.
    This is a seller’s market. Here realtors are begging people to sell. So your Mom should not have any problem selling. Yes sign quickly, The price of lumber is outrageous now. I am so glad we had our deck made bigger right before the pandemic hit. I can’t wait to see what colors your mom chooses for her new place.

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