Mom’s Build Site Location and Back Patio Model

This is my payroll calendar. It’s a free one sent by “Boys Town”, after giving a donation to them. I’m not really so fond of the calendar, but it was there and free so I used it. But the April picture is just a cute one. The kids could be my niece and nephew. It kinda looks like them. And for a long time they had a place on the river. The dog patiently waits alongside the kids. I’m sure the parents have said they absolutely cannot get in the boat. There must be a bucket of worms or fish back there as the birds are delighting in whatever is in the bucket. The American flag is flying in the background. It seems like it would be early morning as the fog is in place, but would the kids be up early? Maybe it’s late afternoon and clouds are rolling in. And a sailboat is in the background. I love looking at a painting and seeing all the details and giving my own interpretation of what is going on in the scene. Looks like the artist is Terry Redlin. Good job on that Terry. It’s a good one.

Here is the “famous patio”! The first place did not have a nice patio and these do! It’s perfect. I’ve taken lots of video but the patio was the big deal. This is the model of course. Mom’s has not been built yet.

I went yesterday and put down a check to hold the property for the site that she wants. It’s in a culdesac but it will be facing the side of another home in the distance. At first we thought it would be the woods but it will be facing the next home over. Still the spot she has, has more grass and space around it than the others. The culdesac lots have more land – not much but a bit. There will be less traffic as she is in the back of the property though. She will get the afternoon sun. We said we may have to get shades. But the sun will retreat behind the other homes so I don’t think it will be too sunny there for long since it is a covered patio and homes on the other side.

Here is where her house will be built. This is her corner! Her back patio will be facing the sides of the houses that will be built along this street that runs parallel to the left there. She may have an opportunity to switch sites if she wants, but for now this has been held. She still has to sign the contracts and such. They only required a minimum amount to hold it. This site gives her pretty views out her side, front, and back windows. She will still be able to see the woods to the right. So I think this will work just fine. It’s just such a perfect deal for her.

We go back Saturday at Noon to go over details, pick out colors, see HOA documents, pick out the upgrades and possibly sign contract. I hope it can be signed by then to have minimal trips back and forth to Columbia and back. I know we’ll have a lot of trips to get things done, but I’m hoping we can be efficient with the trips and the time.

I drove around that area looking to see what all was there that would be easy for Mom to drive to. She thinks she may still be able to drive some still. I’m a little worried about her being up there driving around. She will have to see what she is comfortable with.

Can you believe the church we went to is on the same road – about 5 to 7 minutes away? I’d like to take Mom there. The people are very nice. We actually know people that go there and I would like to introduce Mom! I think she will like this church. And it’s so close. I’m just going to go ahead and load the video I took for Mom.

Meanwhile Back in Texas…

Here’s their Easter photo of my daughter and hubby and Little Roo taken at church I think. Take note that it appears Cody has a pacifier attached to his pocket. lol.

This all the news I have for today. Must go and close payroll!

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  1. Sorry Sonia I wrote a note then dropped my I pad and lost my comment !! What I was saying is that the site of Mums house looks ideal although it’s hard to imagine just what it will look like. Do you know how many homes are going to be built there altogether ? Are they all for retired people ?…..I’m so happy for you all it will be ideal I’m sure. You will just have to have some boundaries in place once she does arrive, you don’t want to be living in each other’s pockets, and you need some time especially at weekends just to be by yourself or with George…..but that’s in the future…. I’m praying that you will get time this coming weekend to go and get your new flooring decided upon……We are having it very cold here today even had some snow flurries but thankfully it hasn’t laid on the ground for long….
    Hope you got the payroll finished today and that tonight you can sit back and TRY to rest your brain !!! God Bless.

  2. I love the patio. Perfect spot for some comfy chairs, flowers, and even a grill.
    Great pic of your family.

  3. I like it! Looks like a peaceful neighborhood. Our first house was in a court. It has it’s advantages. Less traffic etc..
    Did you take any inside pics of the model? I wanna see!!!
    Nice pic of River’s family🤗

  4. My goodness, I have a lot of catching up to do. I had not seen the baby until this very day. And I’m so glad your mom will be closer to you.

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