Shopping Again, Easter Decor, and my Furry Friends

Just a quick pop in to say good morning before diving into the day. It’s a BUMPY little start to the day. Storms all around, mainly with lightning, but enough to get severe t’storm warnings.

Yesterday at work went pretty fast. Got a lot done there and went out for lunch at Logan’s for a salmon Caesar salad. It was heavenly. I like to get away for lunch as it gives me some thinking and planning time. Got my planning done for Mom’s visit with us on the Easter weekend. We are cooking part of the time and going out some too. I also made my list for the weekend of things I need to get done and wrote up my grocery list and all. That was productive. I hate going into a busy weekend knowing I have things to do but if I don’t have my list made I end up being a “feather in the wind”. BTW, I found a cute animated “feather in the wind” for the end of my videos. I don’t know if you noticed it in the last one. But I thought it was cute. I am often like a feather in the wind, but have to reign myself in! LOL.

It’s getting LOUD out there! And it is supposed to storm all day and all night, with some of the worst stuff this afternoon and in the overnight. I don’t like it when it storms at night. I don’t like anything messing with my sleep. LOL

Shopping at the Home Store

I got the idea at the end of the day, that I wanted to stop at the Dollar Store and also the Home Store to see if there were any inexpensive Easter decor I could set about. I HAD SUCH A GREAT TIME! Do you know how much I miss shopping and hopping about? Everyone else was out too.

Sometimes I take pics of things I like but didn’t buy. This vase would be cute to put flowers in.

I don’t have a need for any more beachy things but I LOVED THE SAYING! So often I’ve gone to the beach, left the world behind, and come back with a renewed spirit, and always always always wanting to do more of the same! How can I live at the beach? lol. How can I move here? And so forth. Love being around the water!

I came home and unpacked my goodies. I’m looking forward to setting them about today as I do some cleaning.

It’s not much but enough to set about to give a Spring and Eastery feel! Looking forward to setting it all out.

Personalized Coffee

The new coffee came in. It’s pretty good. It has the undertones listed. I think I can taste it sometimes but mostly it tastes just like really good dark bold coffee. There are no flavors as such. I was worried about that. I would not be a fan of flavored coffee as they call it. But the “undertones” have a hint of flavor. Think of it like wine. I love my wine but I can never identify the flavor notes, lol. We mostly just make fun of those that can by sticking our noses up in the air, sniffing, rolling it around and saying “mmmmm that tastes good”. LOL

Little Bit hung out with us this morning as the storms began rolling through. And it’s official. I’ve asked God to bring me another furry faced little lap dog to love me. I miss having a little follower. I know we probably really don’t need another one right now so I’ll try to hold off until after we get a few trips to see Grandson under our belt so we can fly. Either that or the next one we have to get used to boarding. I just can’t bare to break a little pets heart by boarding though. That is the problem.

I love my Saturday’s and immediately after my prayers for an animal to love me….I was joined by these two. I’m honored that Roger is seeking me out lately and that Little Bit does too.

Little Bit STANDS on the PROMISES of GOD!

And plants himself firmly in the Word!

Ok so that is all I have today. I am officially kicking in the BUSY time to get the following done:

Today’s Clean up:

  • Clean up bedroom
  • Surface clean (windexing, cleaning counters, dusting)
  • Vacuuming
  • Laundry
  • Iron/wardrobe for the Work week ready
  • Clean up my Office
  • Put out Easter Decor
  • Clean up Sunroom
  • Check for Grocery items (what we have/don’t have) of the recipes I’m making next weekend.

Hopefully I’ll be able to do some of my OTHER to do List too! We’ll see. I’ll try to share pics as fun things happen today. Yeah I know I’m cleaning. But I like to make things fun!

Have a blast of a day yourself! What are you doing today on this fine Saturday? And pray for our storms to subside as it could get bad later. Risk for tornadoes. ::Sigh::

8 responses to “Shopping Again, Easter Decor, and my Furry Friends”

  1. Hi. Sonya, Oh how I worry about the bad storms you get. I will sure to be praying that the Tornados take themselves away in another direction ….Like you I am very much yearning for another little friend, but I know it’s just a wishful thinking. It wouldn’t be good to get a dog, even a rescue one that I wouldn’t be able to take walking etc. I know people keep house cats but I am always sorry for the poor little kitty’s although I wouldn’t have an exactly house dog it would only have our tiny little garden to roam about in….So I keep telling myself. NO……all the bits and pieces you got for your spring Easter decorations look great, I’m looking forward to your photos later. It will be lovely for Mum to come and see your nice clean house…Enjoy the rest of your day……God Bless and keep you and George safe and wee Roger and little bit ….(he certainly seemed happy to say his prayers sitting on top of the Bible )

  2. Ok, so this is silly. But in one of your pictures you show Roger laying next to your rug. And there is a corner rolled up! Please get some double sided tape and tape that corner down. Wow! Does that sound weird or what? LOL Trust me when I tell you that my mom fell on one of those rolled corners and broke her face. She was so hurt and bruised. And then of course I did it and have had 3 surgeries from the fall! So rolled corners scare me! I know I’m odd, but if it will prevent one person from not falling on a rolled corner I don’t hesitate to tell my story !

    Enjoy your weekend!

    • Thank you 🙏 I have double sided tape on order! I guess I didn’t realize there was such a thing. I’m not sure why this rug started doing this. Soon all the carpet will be ripped out and I can’t wait!

  3. A ;little one will come along when you need her. I only boarded one of mine at boarding facilities before finding our groomer that boards the babe in her home, on the sofa, etc. Biancia and Coco have never know what boarding is. They have a second home where they are happy and are part of the family. I boarded our Lady at boarding facilities and I found that she was so upset that she would not eat and would not respond to people. If I boarded her at the vet, she spent the day in the office with the staff so she could relax.

  4. Stay safe. The animals are so sweet. i agree about sealing that carpet down. tripping over it is no fun. can do serious damage. take care.

  5. Well here you are!
    For some reason I stopped getting notifications from your blog. I have some catching up to do.
    I like your Easter decor goodies. I don’t have a lot for Easter so I need to correct that.
    I made banana bread earlier & the whole house smells good enough to eat!
    We may get a little snow tonight. Ugh…
    Got our 2nd vaccine this past week with no side effects. So in 2 weeks I will feel a lot better getting out & parking some cash!!😋
    Ok, now I have some reading catching up to do.
    Laters 4 u =)

    • I’ve missed you as well! Glad you are back! I didn’t change anything on my end. Banana bread sounds heavenly.
      I’m going to make a carrot cake this week for Easter. Something I’ve wanted to do for a while.

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