St. Patrick’s Day, Spring, Storms, and Little Roo

Kind of a strange little day yesterday. I wanted it to be a good day. I mean it was St Patrick’s day after all and we had a great meal planned and even bought special beer for the evening. However, the weather was a threat, all day long. Not just rain but possibility of storms and severe storms at that. This was a messy little system. But I know there were tornadoes to our south.

I even had a small window of time to walk to the mail box to take our overnight package in the office complex. I always look forward to this little walk outside, even if it is a little one. The skies let up for a pretty minute so I can run the envelopes out and I took the camera because the Bradford Pears are blooming. I think that is what these are. They are most beautiful on a sunny day against a blue sky and green grass. But this will have to do.

The blooms don’t last long. It’s always around March 17th and you can see from the pic below that the leaves come out quickly and replace the blooms. I love this time of year when the blooms come out. It’s always so beautiful when the rains come and warmer temps arrive, and the blooms follow, and the grass turns a beautiful green. As green as our St Patty’s day wear!

God answered our prayers here to limiting it to mainly a rain event. I really did not see any high winds. There was lightning but the storms were calmed and he answered our prayers. There was not an overnight event here, just rain and flash flood warnings. We live in a hilly little area over here and are higher ground at our house and the water runs down. But I was able to sleep all night.

We face timed with our friends, Don and Lisa, at happy hour. It was a fun time and we caught up a bit.

How ’bout some cuteness that has been showing up in our social media! Little Roo! There is nothing in the world that melts my heart like that smile. Oh it makes me break out into a big smile!

The lighting here makes him look yellow, but he is not yellow! Here is his little St Patty’s outfit.

Can’t you just see him kicking and so forth? Do you know HOW BADLY I want to hold this little fellow and hug and squeeze him and talk to him and make him smile. He needs to smile at his Nonni!

Here was dinner….our corned beef and cabbage and carrots and turnips. It was so good! It’s so funny. I cleaned the counter up for the shot so no crumbs will be in the background and then George picked up flakes of red pepper and “flew” it over our plates and there was pepper flakes landing all over the counter, messing up my pretty shot. Oh well. We always counter each other’s productivity! lol

So today is my Friday! I’m off tomorrow. I have a lot I need to get done today if I can. It will make Monday easier. I think I may eat out today. Not sure. But I’m kinda ready to do something other than eat on the fly in the break room. Eww that sounded bad.

Anyway, top of the morning to ya! Be back soon – when have something to tell! lol.

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  1. Oh boy Sonya, Wee Roo is growing isn’t he. I know just how bad you feel not being near him to give him wee cuddles, but the day will come, it’s not long till Easter, Lent is almost over and Easter is round the corner……I’m glad you managed to avoid the storms. Dinner sounded good. I think it’s nice that you celebrate St Patrick’s day, we don’t over here, unless perhaps your Irish LOL…I was asking another American friend why you celebrate St Patrick’s day but not St Andrews day the Scottish Saint. Or even St George’s day the English Saint. Mind you we don’t do much in the way of celebrating those days either. On St Andrews day I may have haggis and a wee dram but that’s all……
    Anyway I’m just glad you had something to cheer you both up. And the photos of Roo were just lovely. I’m not sure if I told you my last niece think she is a great, great niece as her Mum is my niece Anyway she had her first birthday on Tuesday and on Tuesday she actually surprised her Grannie by suddenly getting up and walking !! Such joy, they were so excited. Certainly they will never for get her 1st birthday….walk….. take care and have a fabulous day to yourself tomorrow..

    • I’ve not heard of those other days you mention lol. I think it’s funny we celebrate StPats and y’all don’t. So I may have to research that! I mainly just remember it being a fun day at school and having to wear green so you don’t get pinched and just rainbows and lucky charms all about. As we neared drinking age the pinching stopped and it was a beer event at that point. It’s just a day Americans think of as fun coming out of winter. There’s no real meaning behind the celebration for us other than that and celebrating all things Irish. I did have Scottish ale though. Don’t know what haggis or dram is. Will have to look it up! lol

  2. I know that must be torture seeing that sweet baby but not being able to hold and love on him. They need to bring him to visit his Nonni and papa.
    Storms missed us we just had rain. By noon the sun was out and it was a beautiful day. The trees are blooming here too. I enjoy seeing the green countryside with the horses grazing at the neighbors. I love Spring!

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