Good Food, Good Finds, and No Worries

It was nice coming back from Mom’s and good to be home Saturday night so that Sunday I could get numerous loads of laundry done and prep for the week. I actually got up early – for a weekend. I think around 4:30 and was able to get things done, get unpacked, do my devo and prayer time, and work in the house some. I knew we would be going to run errands, get groceries and that we would be out a few hours, so I started early so I would not end the weekend in frustration and being behind.

George fixed us an egg and avocado toast. I love the avocado now. It’s supposed to be a healing food and so good for you. Also George has found some tomatoes that taste almost homemade. We’ve been using them a lot to top off foods lately.

So I bought a rug at the Dollar Store for $18. And I really like it. Oh the increased moral it brings – good chii – when something looks aesthetically pleasing! Little Bit likes it, he says.

I took a pic to use as phone wallpaper. Feel free to snag it if you want!

If you follow me on Instagram (@lesshustlemorecoffee) you probably saw some of this already. I enjoy doing stories on there when I have time. I also enjoy watching others stories. If you are on instagram, let me know. I think it’s fun to get to see tidbits of people’s day. I really really enjoy watching for my daughter’s stories!

But that said, my zoom lens came in. It came in about a week (or two) ago. I just hadn’t had any time to even open the package. But I did that Sunday. I wanted to make sure it would fit and work. I pointed it at a few things and zoomed in. But there was nothing to really take photos of much. I will play around with it some. We have talked about going walking on some of the new trails around here. I could take it then and try to get wild life or “whatever”. I want to zoom at a full moon and see if it will take a better pic of the moon. I guess getting a moon shot is on my bucket list in life. ha. But I am excited to expand my lens collection. I think I’m set for a while. Now I need to learn to use what I have and when to use each and get the best performance from my camera. Sadly, most of what you see on here is with the iPhone. That is what I always have on me when life happens!

This one is blurry. But I snapped a pic of Roger hanging out in the beach bedroom. And I love snagging photos to share from Instagram or Facebook. My precious little grandson. I want to scoop him up and love on him. He is missing out on his GrandMom’s love!

I hear he is fast growing out of newborn clothes and needs some daycare clothes. His Momma is going back to work soon. Their home time is almost over. It’s a precious time, a hard time of adjustment, but a very precious time to look back on. He is so sweet. He’s been on a growth spurt and also having a time sleeping but Katy and Cody are adjusting and able to get “enough” sleep to get by.

George and I ran our errands Sunday as he had an Amazon return to take to Kohl’s. Amazon is getting creative in their collaborations. I tried to find something for me and can you believe I didn’t? lol. Just nothing sung to me. I even gave someone our 25% off coupon we had. We tried to buy coffee with it and of course you couldn’t use the coupon on coffee. Really? Really. So fine, lost a sale.

This showed up in my memories on Facebook. I said a lot had changed. I will say the whiteness of the kitchen appliances along with the white curtains were refreshing, but I changed to stainless as things wore out and have different curtains. I do like our stainless. We no longer have wall paper as that changed to a coffee color and I no longer try to do plants either. I see a plant on the counter. I gave those up long ago. I just forget to water them. I prefer real looking fake ones. Low maintenance. George no longer wears his Hawaiian shirts much. We both are heavier now, but one thing remained the same beside the cabinets – that darn blue linoleum. lol

So we headed out for a beer stop after some errands but before our grocery run. It is a joy to get out and do brewery stops. Actually this one is just a taproom but has a lot of our local Nashville favorites and then some. It seems pretty safe. There is hardly anyone there at the places we have been. We like Homegrown Taproom in Donelson.

We were pretty hungry as it was about 2:00 or so. It had been a while since that early morning egg and avocado toast. So we split a sandwich. Turkey, bacon, avocado on sourdough and also with their green tomato jam, which was awesome.

I put up the pig pic I bought while I was in Columbia. I went in to Bleu 32 Vintage Marketplace to get a quilt ladder, but didn’t find what I wanted. I did find this pig though below for our kitchen and it reminds me of several things: 1) Being on the ranch in TX 2) that we love BBQ 3) We are pigs ourselves, LOL.

It fits in nicely right behind the stove.

After we got back from grocery shopping and put the groceries up, I was so tired. I grabbed a blanket and a glass of red and began watching some of my YouTube shows. A nice end to the day. George fixed hamburger steak and also fixed fresh green beans in the Instant Pot, and they tasted like they cooked all day. They were so good.

Yesterday I had a doc appointment! Mainly just to refill Rx. My BP was perfect! He said “lose some weight girl”. I told him George cooked some amazing dinners! He gave me a no no list and a “good to eat” list. It’s on our fridge. We won’t go by all of it but we will try to do better.

Anyway, better get off of here and get to work. It’s payroll day! And at 5:30 I have a hair cut appointment. I am sure I’ll end up with the same cut as always – my hair never does what is in the pics. Oh well. We’ll see how it turns out. I’ll enjoy the stages of letting it grow again and styling it various ways. Right now the heaviness of the back is getting on my nerves. And my hair has never had electricity in it until this year. I guess it’s the new blow dry brush I use. I have to douse in hairspray to make my hair not fly away and stand up! So yeah, it’ll be interesting to see what I walk away with today from the salon. It’ll either be nice or I’ll be in tears with a goofball cut. Is it appropriate to pray for ones haircut? lol It’ll at least grown back!

Ya’ll have a good day! After today I’ll be trying to work on my “to do list” a bit. Getting closer every day to making some movies! Just had a list of stuff I needed to do this year before spending hours at the time doing them. But it feels good to be so close. I just had to have time out to fix my PC, go see my Grandson, and catch up on many things behind. Soon. Soon. Soon. Maybe this weekend I can get the new Intro done and get going! I cannot wait!

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  1. I love all your adventures! Even if it is the grocery store or a beer garden. 🙂 I’m so over doctors. Everyone of them says the same thing… lose weight! And I get it, we all need to be cookie cutters in the weight department. But sometimes I wish they would listen to what actually ails us, first! I go in for a paper cut and she says… “lose weight!” . LOL Crazy !

    • I think we will get more adventures this year than last! I don’t take all the meds the doc wants me too. I prefer to try natural ways of getting in the nutrition I need versus having to take meds with chemicals that are adverse to the body. So my doc is quick with me but pleasant- he offers and I reject lol

  2. Oh Sonya, you have me exhausted even before you get your day started. As I’ve said before I don’t know how you can keep going. However I’m pleased that you got so much done, I’ve been meaning to say that I like the name Taproom…is it a kind of cafe but selling bear ? It’s not something we have over here. It’s either a cafe …no beer…..or a pub where we can get a beer, but nothing like the varieties that you pair seem to visit….LOL. It always amuses me. Actually not many women drink beer over here…..well I say that, I suppose I should say I don’t know any women who drink beer…..There are more local beers being brewed no I have noticed, there’s one even made near here. Some pubs advertise they sell local brews…..I do like your nice new carpet and the look of the kitchen I know how you’ve felt for years about the Lino so I hope that’s the next thing you decide to buy….Like you I would be missing the baby, we missed our wee ones when they lived down here 375 miles from us when they were born way back in the early 60s in those days we didn’t have a car so it was a long way to travel usually by coach to London then another to Bath it took from 7pm Friday night arriving London around 6.30/7am. Had breakfast next coach to Bath arriving around 11/12 ok…So we only saw the babies once a year or twice if Sarah and John came up, they could with our help hire a car but there wasn’t the Motorways then but think they came into use around 1970ish. But it still took a pan 8 hour drive overnight. So I can well understand your longing to be nearer. Well love I’d better stop and go start to get our dinner ready. You will be well through on your day, hope all is going to plan and it won’t be toooo long before you head home. Take care. God Bless x

    • The taprooms are places that sell beer from tap of a lot of varieties of craft beer. The brewery and taproom spots are family spots even with people taking their kids and having meetups with others as a gathering spot. Many have games or event venues. All are required to sell food that would qualify as a meal to offset anyone getting too tipsy. It’s a place to enjoy and taste but not get snockered. That’s what the pubs are for here lol. The craft beer folks keep it classy.

  3. It is so hard living far away from your grandchildren. But the zoom calls and facetime helps. Baby Roo is so sweet. I know it will be hard leaving him to go back to work. I hated having to go back to work when mine was little. I regret it now and feel like I missed out on so much.
    Good luck with the haircut.It always puts me in a good mood when my hair looks good.
    I am off to my Dr. appt today. I dread it. I hate getting on the dreaded scale too.
    Have a great week.

    • Just embrace the doc appt- think about the beach waves/sounds when blood pressure taken, and just vow to get better at weight maintenance- I got George on board now I think. It’s those good nightly meals that get us in trouble

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