Extreme Lethargy and Ice Storm Approaching Nearby

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Well we have icy weather in our area today. The worst is to our north. We are right on the line of a little of ice versus enough ice to be really really bad. Temps are hovering at 33 with rain and ice coming. I’ve chosen to stay home today. I brought my laptop. Swaying my decision whether to go or stay, is the fact that this morning I could hardly get out of bed. I’ve been tired and was thinking it was kind of a depression setting in. But I’m EXTREMELY fatigued. Enough so that even typing this I’m wondering if I should go back to bed. In addition I’m getting a stuffy nose. I’ve taken my temp and I do not have a fever. I have the opposite. I’m down a degree. No other signs of any virus though. Just a debilitating tired. We’ll see how the day goes. If I get better – great. If I get worse, and develop any other symptoms, I’ll likely need to be tested.

I am probably going to need to work Sunday to get ahead of the “Payroll Snow Storm” that seems to want to wind itself up on my most important days. So if I’m not getting sick, I need to go in Sunday. I’ll recheck the weather but I think it’s time to plan for that.

I brought my laptop home in case of the ice, but really didn’t think that I’d be home today. But, here I am. It may just be that I am totally exhausted – which often when we go through Christmas and a stressful January – I end up run down and crash AFTER the stressful period is over. So it could just be my body doing its “annual need to recover from life” day.

I’m able to do this blog entry with breaks in between putting head in hands and resting between paragraphs. The coffee is good this morning. And I am hungry so that is a good sign I guess.

I have now showered as if it is a real work day only I’m in sweats. I will fix a bite to eat and then will set up my computer. I will have to borrow George’s monitor from his home work station and I will enter w-2’s and do what I can, but I will likely be taking many naps through the day. And may need to be tested before going in tomorrow if this lethargy continues. But at this point no signs or symptoms of the virus other than being tired and a bit of a stuffy nose. I am those things often, but the tiredness is not usually to this level. Being borderline diabetic and having high blood pressure can also make you tired so who knows. I’ll just see how the day goes.

I think it’s good that I’m craving egg on toast and also spaghetti. lol. I will not have them both but I’ll go with the egg on toast. Could have the other one for lunch if I’m able to withstand standing up and making it.

So prayers please for feeling more energy, no virus, and for figuring out the snow storm early next week. Ok off to fix something to eat and set up the computer.

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  1. Listen to your body. It is trying to fight off something. Stay hydrated. The virus is nothing to fool around with.
    Take care. I hope you feel better.

  2. So sorry to miss out yesterday, I’ve no idea why your blog took almost twelve hours to drop into my mail box……I wonder how you are feeling now. It’s nowFriday over here but I think you might just be wakening up. I hope you feel better this morning, if not you should call the Dr. It isn’t right to feel quite so tired …so have it checked out…it’s not right to feel like that….
    Hope your weather has not been as bad as it was forecast. It has been bitterly cold with us but its a dry cold. When I hung a jumper out to drip dry within an hour it was frozen stiff !! My friend brought it in and said it was like holding frozen cardboard….I have never in all the years I’ve been down in England seen that happen. Up in Scotland it often was like that. Up in Scotland they have had the coldest weather ever reported it went down to -21 last night up in the highlands…
    Must go the very thought of temps like that is making me feel cold LOL
    Take care. God Bless. Xxx

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