I forgot to mention in my blog yesterday I had taken time to reorg the glasses. We hardly have a set of anything – just a collection of mismatches. George doesn’t like to get rid of any of them so when I buy a new set, we don’t have room, so I quit buying new sets – story of my life, LOL! Yeah, then there’s the coffee cups, and well, that is my fault! LOL

I finally brought up the wreath from the basement to put up over the fireplace. This was Granny’s wreath that I made for her door in assisted living. So after she passed I brought it home. I think of her when I look at it.

We ended up going to LongHorn yesterday and had a great time. Gosh it was busy. But they were safe. You had to wait in the car, or the bar (if there was a social distance spot open). George found us a spot. Of course he did! 😉

Not sure if I showed you the monogrammed handbag? I ordered from Marleylily. I had ordered Katy one for Christmas (might have been her birthday – same day – I can’t remember! lol). I loved it so I ordered me one when they had a sale. It’s kinda “western” a bit. Reminded me of Texas and my Katebug!

I love Long Horn! We hung out there at lunch at least once a week when I worked at the envelope plant – it was a different one, that was near by – and at lunch it was usually loud with conversation and laughter and you’d see people you knew all the time. But ours here in Mount Juliet has a quiet sophisticated vibe – it’s just nice, quiet, and superb service and food. I enjoy going there. I guess we get to go about twice a year.

While were there a storm blew in. I was so happy we were inside eating! It was raining a little bit when we went to Walmart after but waited until we got home for the big downpours. And a big downpour it was sparking Flood Warnings with very severe warnings not to get out unless you are fleeing floodwaters themselves.

We came in and unloaded the groceries and was amused by the downpour. We called Little Bit in. He was ready to come in. He sat quietly with us in the den.

Roger’s diaper was changed and he was sleeping and oblivious to the torrential rain and storms outside.

Soon bedtime was upon us and I was so happy to sleep. I’m loving bedtime these days. Have you heard me say that? My little sleep world is my haven. Not to mention it’s beachy theme, including a painting/print with “Little Bit” in it.

Complete with back scratcher – lol. I mainly use it during the day but that’s where it is kept. Lotion for my feet and hands, nose spray which the doc recommends you use daily, my probiotics which another doc says is best to take at night. I also take my IsaFlush – which has all good things for the tummy, and my Sleep Spray – 3 little squirts that includes melatonin. Of course water and my sleep sound machine. I also only use half the bed so it’s easy to make up. And the bed is soft too. I sleep so good in there. I need to put a pic of River there too. My pics came in this week!

I fell in love with this playful print at a local gift shop. Just looks like a place I’d like to be – with a good book, a cold drink, and beloved pets by my side.

Today I have been busy loading files. I thought I was going to get through. It has taken me ALL day. I knew it was going to be a big project. I’ve also created files (LHMC = Less Hustle More Coffee).

Without boring you with all the details – I’ll try to summarize – which is hard for me to do, LOL

Dealing with Photos, Files, and External Drives on the Mac

Well, as you know pretty much since I’ve had the Mac, I’ve had to struggle with what gets stored on your hard drive versus what is stored on the cloud. I’ve had to figure out where my files are and decide which files need to be on the cloud and which on my hard drive and if it’s not in the cloud, make sure I’m backing up the hard drive so as to not lose that data either since it’s not in the cloud. And then there’s the OTHER external drive in which to park big honkers of the iMovie videos themselves and all their individual working files that went along with each video. It’s been a learning curve for sure. All that said, I’m still glad I have the Mac despite the naysayers. I absolute love it as I come to understand it more. It’s certainly the better deal for me with the way that I’m wanting to be creative. Having the ability to take photos on my phone and it show up on my Mac automatically saves soooo much time on an ongoing basis. So….here’s some bullet points from today. And by the way when I move things around on and off the cloud – it takes FOREVER – b/c you are working with videos and they take a while.

  • So the players are: my Mac’s hard drive, my Documents folder which is on the CLOUD, the Lacie external drive, and my desktop which is on the cloud and a temporary folder to park things sometimes.
  • I moved all my photos by year into my Mac hard drive which has a back up drive now. It doesn’t have very many videos so it’s not a huge honker and so far not messing with my hard drive or making my computer slow. If it does I’ll order an external hard drive to park my photos on, although then you have the problem of not having a back up unless you back up your back up somehow (rolling eyes here), but of course my current back up is in the same place as my computer in THIS OFFICE so if there is a fire they’ll both be gone anyway. If you really think about all this too much it will totally drive you insane. I’m sure I’m there! I’ve decided not to worry about it beyond here b/c most of the important things are on Facebook or the blog!
  • I moved all my Working Files to the Lacie External drive because when I moved it to my Documents folder (which is on the cloud) it copied them first instead of moving them straight out which doubled my data (wahhhhhhhhhhhh!) and I had no choice but to just do it externally to the Lacie. But once I copied things over and cleaned everything out, my cloud storage was only 1/4 used up, LOL. So I decided to move it back to the cloud like I originally wanted in the first place. But it’s a huge file, but still less than my storage so we should be ok – Lord help me if we are not. I’d just rather have it in the cloud until I’ve made the video. But it’s taking a LIVING FOREVER to upload. And I hope all this moving around of files is not hurting or corrupting my videos. Can it do that? Ahhhhh! (Insert home alone face and home alone yell!)
  • I also ended up with two folders of photos by year. (Insert pulling out of hair graphic here)!!!!! Apparently I moved the folder a few weeks ago but didn’t realize it made a copy instead of moving it. So I had two of the same – one in the cloud and one off. And I’ve added pics to possibly both folders (oh my gosh) so I didn’t just want to delete one as I might delete some photos for good. I had to check the files and it was too big to just dump the files into one spot and delete the duplicates – oh my gosh! Finally got all pics in the one folder and deleted the extra folder. Are ya with me? What a taxing day!
  • So I created video working folders for each of the upcoming videos with their footage/photos. I drug over to each file from my photos file (taken with iPhone). Now I have to add the footage/photos from my Canon camera files which downloads into a separate photo file than my iPhone photos. I probably should just make these download into my iPhone pics. I think that is an option. It would be easier but I’d have to clean out my photos more often. Matter of fact I outlined the date at which I need to start again to “move over” files from phone and camera for future videos, so I wouldn’t forget where I left off today. lol I still keep some pics on my phone/cloud/photo storage so it will all blend in if I don’t write the date down where to start next time.

I never dreamed how much of a process this would be keeping it all organized. Of course I enjoy doing it and once it is all set up for “major work flows” it will serve me well. The set up will make things so much easier now as far as work flow! I was just hoping to get through but I’ll have to work on the Canon photos/video segments this week to include its data in the video folder I’ve set up for the separate upcoming videos. I think there are 4 – maybe 5 videos to do now.

The Texas video will contain a lot of editing – or we may just have to just do Part I and Part II – very likely!

Ok enough file rants. I’ll be nervous until this final file RE-UPLOADS to the cloud. I don’t think I could lose anything as it’s merely copying it, and I’ve not deleted the other file yet. But my Mac has a lot going on right now as I also moved some Canon files to my desktop not thinking – and so it’s pulling double duty and here I am blogging on top of it all, LOL.

I know this bored you! Sorry, the geeky folks will get me!

Setting Appointments Again and Working on Computer Files

My little desk calendar knows me well. What a perfect calendar! I do want to wander the world but if you can’t, just sit back and do it through YouTube. ;-). But the weekend is here. And true to my blog’s title, I enjoy the weekend with it’s Less Hustle vibe and More Coffee of which I’m sipping now. With six days of work in a row, I was ready for downtime. It’s been a really busy week. Upon arriving home I took 15 minutes (maybe 30) of just sitting in the dark with a glass of wine and watching Instagram stories, maybe even creating a few of my own. My brain was just DONE! It wasn’t that the week was bad, it was just busy and my brain and my persona needed ME TIME! So I transitioned!

Setting Appointments, Here I Come World!

It feels so good to be getting on over some of the hurdles of my to do list. I am now moving on around the curve! Appointments. With the virus cases down, spring on its way, our hibernation month over – and THAT IT WAS, I made appointments for the following:

  • Doc Appointment – mainly for Rx renewal of BP Meds
  • Dental Appointment – it’s been set for 6 months but it’s coming up so I’ll include it
  • Pedi/Mani Appointment – ahhh yeah. I’ve waited months for this one.
  • Hair Cut/Style Appointment – Trying a new place at the recommendation of a friend
  • And Dinner with a friend out to eat has been set
  • And a trip to Mom’s coming up – rescheduled due to weather

It may not be much but it’s a step toward getting out and doing normal things. Yeah we have eaten out some and have seen some family and so forth. Most of our outings have been close to the ranch when we were in TX as their cases were very low and the risk was much less. Anyway, I’m excited to have some things on the schedule. Maybe not the doc and the dentist, lol, but oh well, at least it’s an outing!

Blog Stats on the Move Up

I don’t know what or why or if they are advertisers, real people interested in what I have to say, or the sneaky spy types that read over to see if you are going to say something wrong so they can ding ya later, or the creepy types that spy for different reasons. But…..hey, thanks for making the numbers go up whoever you are! ha! That was nice to see in my notifications before going to bed last night.

Photo by Daria Shevtsova on Pexels.com

After a spaghetti dinner, another glass of red, and a another couple of shows of GOOD GIRLS, bed was in order. And it felt so good. The last two nights I’ve slept all the way through – maybe one wake up in which I took a sip of water and rolled over. I’m happy to say that my dreams are more normal these days and no weird odd ones. That is good. I can’t always remember what they are but I did take notice how much more normal they are. I’m not sure what makes dreams weird or normal. I think perhaps it may be if you are trying to sort things out versus whether you already have things sorted out. I guess I feel I’ve already sorted things out! I think the Bible reading daily has helped with that. And I feel God is protecting my mind and heart by doing so.

Today’s Productivity at Home

So I’m not even sure what time I awoke this morning (a perk of not having to be anywhere on Saturday) but it was after the sun came up, which can’t happen during the week! I began laundry and got all of it done. Well I started laundry last night to be honest. I’m sure I’ll end up with more by tomorrow. Sometimes George’s laundry is late boarding the train! There is no schedule. I like to do it on the weekends but if I notice enough for a load I’ll do one during the week.

I had bacon left over from my red beans and rice dinner the other night, so I fixed bacon the way I like to – in the old black square skillet we have. I fixed the last few of the “farm eggs” that we got from Whole Foods. They have the yellowest yolks. And they were really good too. I fixed toast and put a garden blend cream cheese on there (a weak moment I had at the store and threw it in my basket), and finished up the strawberries! Our breakfast was delightful and has lasted all day. It’s 3:50 as I type this and I’m not hungry! I guess we ate late morning though so it was probably like a brunch!

I’ve cleaned the kitchen and vacuumed the den. And have Roger’s dog bed covers from the den in the wash. I’ve set up some new ones on his bed. I always move them around and swap them about. Just want him to be comfortable and it’s been a while since I cleaned them.

Techie Progress

I have dowloaded Malwarebytes free 14 day trial version and have deleted Flash Player from iMac since it’s no longer supported by Apple and hopefully no longer needed. Good timing too. I was getting notifications for updates over and over and I was not even sure it was a valid Flash Player – or just some bot pretending to be as I’ve heard those are out there. I think I downloaded to play a computer game or something. But I was afraid to download anything further. Malwarebytes showed my system was ok though and now Flash Player is gone.

I’ve started working on the files to house the pending video content. But I stopped to clean up what was on the cloud vs not on the cloud. Just trying to make sure some things are secured in the cloud. And moving some additional files off the cloud onto the Lacie1 which housed a lot of the working files for those videos. Just trying to clean things up. I honestly don’t have a lot on here. So since the household work has been done today I’ll likely spend a chunk of time working on the file creations tomorrow and then guess what?????!!!! I can start to work on my “new intro”. I’m really nervous about it in a way. Why am I nervous? Because I know how I get when I want something to be a certain way! And I’m also not wanting to spend a lot of time on it and I am probably going to have to! lol. I’m hoping to use footage we already have for some clips – but if not we may have to film new. I just know that I’ll be wanting to have it just right and we’ll see how it goes. I liked the last one but honestly have worried that the explosion of color at the beginning will signify meaning to someone other than what it does. It was just “my colors” and I loved having it “spill out” across the screen! But it does not mean I’m gay! lol. I’m not sure if I’m keeping that or not. I might buy another segment. Anyway I’m looking forward to starting the project very soon! Just a little nervous. I guess that is a good thing. We often do well on things we are nervous about. It’ll be on EVERY VIDEO so I want it to be good. lol

So tell me what you think of this intro. I think I got the first one free from PlaceIt. I don’t really like having their logo on the bottom either. But if I buy one I think I don’t have to use the logo? I’ll have to see. I didn’t use their music and I shortened it when I used it in my video. Enhhh… I think I’m ready for something different.

Well, George wanted to go out to eat tonight and we are using a card that we got for Christmas! We are looking forward to it. We are going to Walmart before that, mainly to get Roger some more diapers. But I think George needs a few things for cooking this week. I have a few things on my list too but not much since I went to Publix one night last week.

Well, I’m going to finish up here so I can work on my files. And what all are you all doing this weekend?

How Not to Be a Miserable Cow, Instant Pot Red Beans and Rice, and Good Girls

In the striving to get things done yesterday, I had someone to be EXTREMELY rude to me. But I’ve been reading the Bible every morning and I can say that it makes a difference in being in the daily WORD instead of the occasional WORD. The WORD is truly very active and living. The OLD Sonya would have given this person a piece of their mind. I was trained to “not let anyone run over you or take advantage of you”, and I’ve watched plenty of examples of how to “show their tail” to people as it was called. And while God doesn’t intend on us being door mats or stepped on like trash in the floor, there IS something to say about being kind, showing love, and responding with a gentle spirit when someone is rude. I could totally see the difference in the reactions with my response. When someone is mean or nasty to you, it doesn’t give you a license to be ugly back. But responding with gentleness and turning the other cheek actually SAYS a lot. And for those that know better and know they have acted out of line it “heaps the coals” as the Bible says, on their forehead.

My first tendency is to experience “hurt feelings”, sometimes even cry when I’m mistreated. It’s different if I’ve done something wrong. I teared up a bit because I knew I’d been mistreated when I was trying to “give of myself” and “help” a situation instead of expecting someone to be left to it on their own. And someone being angry with you because you are trying to help them, is just not a reason for someone to be angry with you or nasty with you. It did hurt my feelings in a big way. But I knew God saw it and I kinda felt He wanted me not to focus on it a lot. So I didn’t let it take control of my day, but it IS a little hard to forget, I’ll say. I always remember George saying “don’t let someone control your day”. So I replaced the thoughts anytime I thought of it with better thoughts. I did, however, have to refrain from saying much to the person most all day. It was not in a huff or shun or pout type of thing, but mainly in a way so that I could control my tongue and response with yes, no, and maybe so’s. Because when I talk my true feelings come out. lol. I didn’t want to start a wildfire or tell the person what I thought, lol! And what I was thinking about was this photo and how miserable the person must be today over something:

Can you imagine the wild fire started if I had said “You’d have a better day if you weren’t being a miserable cow”? LOL LOL. I would never ever say that to anyone. However, I have hung on to this photo b/c I use it inside my head to make me laugh whenever someone is rude or unkind, or “being a miserable cow”. I kept my thoughts to myself and I laughed, and then I laughed that I had laughed. And then I remembered that God wanted us to forgive. I immediately said to myself “but the person hadn’t apologized”. And the Spirit shouted “that doesn’t matter, you are called to love”. Here is where I get all confused about forgiveness. Trying to love the person and forget the sin, though is what helps me stay on track.

In your dealings with people across your life – if they were to give you a “chip” for every interaction – a white chip for good interaction and a black chip for bad interaction, would you end up with a lot of white chips or black chips? Sometimes we have no choice but to be in situations where can’t block negativity from your life. And we are all negative at times. But overall, do you give white or black chips, of goodness and love, or ugliness and meanness? There are just some we cannot avoid, but you can do the best you can to be an example, show love, and maybe it will make a difference in their own life and they will see how they are being. To respond nastily just ignites the flame. So I thought I would share this with you and you can ponder it too. Maybe this will help you too.

News from Little Roo

Findlay and Little Roo are getting to know each other better. There were some cute Instagram stories yesterday. And Findlay’s face! lol

My “Healthy but Not So Healthy” Lunch Getaway

I retreated for a little break to Logan’s for a salmon Caesar salad, proud of myself for being healthy. The salad must have been delivered from Italy itself, as it took forever to arrive but no worries, my hunger was satiated by the two HOT rolls and butter placed in front of me. And as I ate the creamy Caesar dressing along with the mountains of wonderful Parmesan cheese and the fried buttery croutons, I realized I was probably having all the calories of one day that I should have. There must have been a half block of cheese on that salad! ha. It was wonderful though. But next time I’ll have to get a different salad and no rolls. I did get unsweet tea but it was a little too late to be thinking about calories at that point. Oh well.

Red Beans and Rice with Smoked Sausage in the Instant Pot

Oh my gosh. I think I have just found my favorite meal – replacing spaghetti and prime rib forever – well let’s not get too carried away! But oh my gosh, this was heavenly. I enjoyed my first experience with the Instant Pot, but I was sooooo glad George was there. I asked him before I began if there was anything quirky I should know. And yes there was. Just learning how the Instant Pot “did things” lol, when it goes from segment to segment. There are some things the instructions doesn’t show you. You’d probably figure it out on your own but it would stump you if someone didn’t explain things first. Learning what a “natural release is” and when to release the steam for real.

The recipe had three strips of uncooked bacon, chopped that you sautéed in the Instant Pot. Then you took the bacon aside and sautéed onion for 2 min and green pepper for 2 min, added the garlic and sautéed for a min, some hot pepper flakes of some kind, and then added the cup of “long grain white rice” and added the bacon back in and two cups of chicken broth. Put the seal on and I think it cooked for 5 minutes and then the natural release for 10 and then let the steam out. I cooked the smoked sausage in the air fryer to rid of fat and grease.

This was the “creamiest” and “best” red beans and rice I’ve ever had. I also used the Carolina rice we had. I think it was the Aromatic Rice I used last night.

This is the cookbook I’m using and it has some awesome recipes in it, very simple, and very good. I cannot wait to fix more things in the Instant Pot. Yes I”m late to get on the bandwagon!

“Good Girls” on Netflix

So we have been watching Good Girls on Netflix the last couple of nights. Oh my gosh it’s good. It’s kinda like Breaking Bad in some ways. It’s pretty humorous. Definitely entertaining. Some of these shows you have to go into the 2nd and 3rd show. Like Brigerton. I was in after the 3rd show. I’m glad I gave it a chance.

Leaving you with Mr. Roger. He gets a little more into “doggie Alzheimers” every day. He stands and stares at the wall sometimes, he thinks we are gone when we are there at barks at the stairs until we go and show him we are actually home and he wags his tail and starts to follow us, but sees his water bowl and goes to it. He is obsessed with his water bowl. He sleeps and wanders. His eye sight is going. Yet he still wags his tail a lot, and when disgusted will grunt just like a human would. George leaned him over to kiss me and allow me to kiss him and he didn’t want that and gave a big grunt like a human. LOL. I laughed at being rejected in such a way. I forgave him too. He just didn’t want to be leaned over that way.

Well, I miss having a dog that loves me and wants to be with me every moment. Life is kinda lonely right now but it’s ok. For a season it is definitely going to be the time to wait. So much I want to do first before getting another dog. It will happen in time and “when it is supposed to”. Now is not the time.

Ok off to work. I awoke after a pleasant 8 hour sleep, still very tired. Coffee is waking me up. It’s my 6th day of work this week. I’m honestly over it and need a change of pace, but I’ll go in and give it my best. I’m trying to finish up something that needs to be finished today and I’ve asked God for help. It’ll be a crunch day. I’m NOT working tomorrow.

Anyway, take care. Gonna rain A LOT here this weekend – like SEVERAL inches and with flood warnings predicted.