Little Roo’s Newborn Pics and Hello India, What is Your Game?

Well, just poppin’ in to say Hello. I think it’s been a few days. Just really between sleep, Roger, and work, have been worn out. Just trying to get things done.

The Grandson, Little Roo, had his newborn pics made and these are my favorite.

I like them all!

This one below, looks like me. 😉

Here’s a cartoon me with my camera.

See the resemblance? lol

I’ve been keeping up with my prayer journal, including thanking God for the blessings from the day before. It has been a nice way to start the day.

So much has been done at work but I still have a LOT to do today. I’m hoping not to have to work tomorrow. So that being said, I’m getting off of here and heading toward work. We are going out to lunch today to get to know a new person that is in our office. And so that will take 1.5 hours away. I’m glad to do it though but it will make my day harder and jeopardize tomorrow. Not an ideal day for me to do this, but I should go.

Between you and me and the fencepost who has ears like corn and eyes like a 45 eye’d monster, I’m probably not going in to work tomorrow regardless. I just have to much to do here as well. So let’s hope I finish. lol I think I will. But we’ll see. I guess I’m on the fencepost too, along with everyone else. Why do we tell a fencepost things like it is a secret? There are always so many people sitting on the fence within earshot! lol lol lol I often can’t make my mind up, so I sit there often.

I fixed Chili last night. It was pretty good. Not the best in the world. I think it could have been meatier and more chunky. But the taste was pretty good. I didn’t get pics. I’ve not been my usual self this week. I have been more like a robot – such as the weeks of January after year end. The year end push is always harder because each state has an extra report that has to be done so it’s quarter end plus all those extra reports. As I remember last year, I don’t think we finished on time either. But we got close. Very close. I’ll definitely get close. But I really need my weekend.

So what’s up with India? All of these places visited my blog about a week ago. Why on earth are they interested in my blog of all things? Ya’ll coming in on key words? Pic images? What? A rash of them all about the same time coming from all over India. WTH? Nothing political about my blog at all! Are you spying? I have no secrets but I’ll be glad to expose yours. lol lol

So the blog visits looked something like this at the time. India is lit up like a Christmas tree! If you are from India speak up and explain thyself. Anyway, welcome, I guess, although I’m not sure why there would be a rash of folks hounding up my blog. You know I’m just NOT that popular, lol.

I’ve tried to eat good this week. If you have been following me on Facebook. I’ve been posting my daily calendars and food items. It’s mainly just from all work and no play! Food has been the fun and it’s not really been that much fun either, lol. Although I did really enjoy the banana sandwich for breakfast.

I can make some pretty good salads at my desk on the 2nd day of a salad kit, some sandwich ham, and some onion straws. And some pretty good hot meals too with a frozen veggie mix and canned rice.

It’s bought me time at the desk at least.

So I’m happy it’s Friday. Gonna throw on some jeans, get out the door and try to peck away at the rest of the annual reconciliation returns, w-2 reportings. Hopefully it will all come together. I’ve been praying not to have to work this weekend. The work weeks are very long as it is and I need time to get laundry done and rest, and do some things. If I do have to work tomorrow I’m taking the same amount of time off during the week next week – tit for tat. It’s only fair since we already give most of ourselves over as an offering for most of our life with long days. So here I go to try to knock it out.

George and I were both so tired last night we went to bed at 8:18! Wow. I still could have slept this morning.

Ya’ll take care. More this weekend as I have more to report! lol

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  1. I’m not going to write to much today as I don’t want to intrude in your already busy day. I’m glad your going to take the weekend at home. I’ve said it before so I will bore you by saying it again. YOU GIVE FAR FAR MORE HOURS TO THE COMPANY THAN THEY GIVE YOU. YOU WILL NOT BE ANY MORE APPRECIATED…..indeed so long as work gets done I doubt if they think of you at all ..if you didn’t get it all done……then they would notice !! Sometimes it would be good for them to see just how many hours you do work.
    Love love love the photos of the baby, he is such a bonnie wee bairn …
    Lots of love for today, hoping it goes well and you enjoy your …guilt free..lunch….God Bless

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