Winter in Texas

The snow was beautiful on the ranch! I love being “out in the country” so to speak!

The “kids” took Little Buckaroo to a lactation specialist yesterday and a follow up today. He’s been a little jaundiced. We sat him in the sun some today. He has an appointment with the Pediatrician on Thursday.

George came to get me yesterday and again today as he is staying at a “fisherman’s lodge not too far away”. I was craving unsweet iced tea so we went to McDonald’s drive thru. Someone had built a snow man.

River got to outside for a pic! But yesterday and today the snow has melted.

Oh by the way, I’ve been moved to the backseat lol!

Here’s a peek inside the man cave…

Me hanging with the Little Buckaroo.

He’s holding George’s finger below.

The sunsets are just a beautiful as always!

I love the contrast of the snow and cactus.

I’m really getting tired with the lack of sleep. We also eat fast food and fatty foods when here. So I needed my greens today with my e+shot included. Had that this morning.

We have had Walmart shopping again today. People have brought lots of food.

I’m getting my Findlay fix (grand dog). I’ve been taking the early morning shift. So resting some in afternoon. I’m pretty tired out myself but it’s so worth it. Just so sleepy right now!

And my Roger fix!

Best try to get a nap. I keep falling asleep during this post!

More later- just going with the flow. Snow mostly gone except in shady spot! The time is flying by.

4 responses to “Winter in Texas”

  1. What lovely photos of the baby and Mum and Dad out in the snow. (76 years ago tomorrow thurs) apparently it was even in Scotland a relatively warm? Day and my aunt bundled me up and took me a walk up the garden when I was just four hours old !!
    I’m sorry your not getting much sleep I had hoped you would get some good sleeps in the hotel. But I hadn’t thought you would be baby watching…..I know you wouldn’t change it for the world but I do worry that your not getting enough sleep especially as you’ve got a long journey home and then straight to work next day. Just take as many naps as you can. Love the thought of Roger taking the front seat in the car LOl…
    Love to all but an extra hug to you. Xxxx

  2. Lovely photos each and every one. Looks like a winter wonderland. serene and peaceful. This time you are sharing with River, Katy, Cody is precious indeed. Enjoy each moment. those grandbabies grow up so fast. take care.

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