Meeting Grandson and a Snow Storm

And here we are, holding our precious grandson after traveling miles to get here. If we look a bit tired, we are. But don’t tell Katy. You never mention how tired you are in front of a mother who has just given birth!

He is so special! Of course tears of joy fell at the milestone moment that I held the baby that my own baby “begat”!

After a brief visit with Roger tied outside we gathered him up and headed to the hotel! We unpacked and checked the place out!

Quite the interesting place, mostly where fisherman stay. A nice cozy place better than the motels! And by a lake with ducks!

So the big deal was the snow storm coming! What????? Four to six inches?

So I put some ideas in place. I suggested we buy things for the motel kitchen for a day or two and things for me that I’d want or need IF Katy wanted me to stay with them. I let her choose what she needed/wanted. She texted for me to stay. George was all hip to stay in motel with Roger and let me go. I wasn’t going to stay in hotel by myself either and he wouldn’t have suggested it.

We had a few items to get for Katy too. Some Walmart didn’t have and we had to go to CVS. We also had to drop off groceries at the motel kitchenette and I repacked for two days for Kate’s.

People had brought food to Katy and Cody. We didn’t want to eat up their food even though they offered. (I did eat some as seconds though today). But I ordered Ken’s Chicken and fish plates to pick up. One of each and we had a buffet at Katy’s.

We had found male doggie diapers in the right size for Roger. So I guess he was allowed to come in. He sat quietly in his bed and was a bit mesmerized by Findlay, Katy’s dog. I think he enjoyed seeing her again. My heart was content! My pack was all together lol!

So we ate and George and Roger headed back to motel. I prayed they would be safe there in that remote locale. Felt good knowing he had protection!

I was happy to have a hot shower and a hair washing finally and into my PJs. I was prepared to help however needed and snoozed off and on on the sofa which reclines mostly all the way. I watched Cody change a diaper in case I needed to. It’s been a while! But mainly needed to know where everything was.

Cody is a wonderful father and husband. He worries and takes care of Kate. He was determined she would eat and sleep, and he took charge of diaper changes.

My time came for helping around 6 and I watched over him while they slept a couple of hours. They were refreshed and when they got up I fixed breakfast for us and cleaned up the kitchen.

We awoke to a fabulous snow of course! We missed George but he was happy I think to have a man cave of rest. He had guitar, books, Roger, food, TV, Titans game, a lake view, and seemed happy with that. The last couple of days were a bit stressful with the drive and with Roger especially! Then all the running we did yesterday after we got here.

I too was happy to be cozy here! But I missed him.

Got this shot during my watch this morning! A very sleepy me! Raw no makeup!

I watched as the snow inched forward this morning in between cat naps. And as the morning came I could see through the window it was coming down for a while. When everyone got up Katy opened the blinds and we had had about 4 inches then and it continued to fall. I captured a few pics.

Also took video!

Around noon it appeared our Little Buckaroo was getting jaundiced. So we all worked through how to resolve that with Google’s, phone calls to docs and so forth. Personally I think he looks better this evening. But he will be checked out tomorrow as roads clear.

I tried to read but got sleepy. Drinking a lot of coffee! I prayed silently for Little Buckaroo. And as I finished a red bird flew to the window where I stood.

So that’s about all I know right now. About time for another shower lol!

And perhaps dinner. George coming to get me tomorrow and we will see what the day brings.

9 responses to “Meeting Grandson and a Snow Storm”

  1. So cute little fellow. Take care and enjoy your time there. Be careful in the snow and weather. Give all a hug for us. I know that Katie and Cody are excited about the new chapter in their lives.

  2. So precious!! I wonder if they still advise to put babies in front of the window for sun to reduce jaundice?

    • Yes I think so. We had no sun yesterday but he is improving- several poops yesterday! Eating pretty good now and milk coming in. Sees the lactation specialist tomorrow

  3. He has so much hair! cute as can be. That was a long drive for you and your hubby. You both have to be exhausted after working all week. Try and get some sleep tonight. Got to keep yourself healthy and well.
    I know it was worth the drive and all You and George will be the best grandparents. It is wonderful Cody is helping with the baby. I can’t get over how fast they send you home after giving birth. They use to keep you at least three or four nights. It is going to get down to 27 degrees tonight here tonight.

  4. Hello Nonni, has that gorgeous little Buckeroo called you Nonni yet ? LOL
    He is such a lovely looking baby. I’m so pleased you could share those few photos of him with us….love the one with Pops, and of course with his Nonni.. I’m so glad you arrived safely and that the hotel looks nice. I think George would be quite content there by himself. Poppy loves baby I know but most men like babies once they grow into little people that they can interact with…I hope the snow stops soon and does not delay your getting home. I’m pleased that Roger was allowed into the house with you and that he behaved, he must be finding everything very confusing …hope he is good going home….but plenty time to think of that. Do you think you will start going home on Saturday ? I’m praying baby will be ok with the jaundice look. I think a lot of babies get that soon after birth…
    Anyway dear please give my love to everybody and keep lots for yourself.
    Keep safe. We are having terrible warnings about the Covid virus it’s worse now than it was way back in March. Everybody has been urged to stay indoors as much as possible…
    We are ok but not going out at all…

  5. Well everyone looks very content. I remember my grands feeling at peace holding them. I could sit for hours with them and stare. lol Of course the parents kept saying “you know when you leave they have to be put down!” Very true.

    He is beautiful !

  6. What an adventure you all had with the snowfall. River is so sweet. Taking care of a baby is a hands on job, that doesn’t stop when you are tired. with all hands on deck you are getting some shuteye. enjoy your visit. it’ll be hard saying goodbye.

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