Texas Bound, Restless Night for ALL

Hey guys! On the road here!

Trucks Everywhere

Trucks were everywhere yesterday but not as many today!

Made it to Hot Springs. Travel rough with Roger in the a.m. He calmed in afternoon and evening and started up again after bedtime. Unsettled and up and down off bed. Kept us awake a lot. Not much deep sleep. Trying to be patient.

We had a nice BBQ/Tamale dinner from McClard’s, and set up a buffet and split it all. Had leftovers for breakfast. Our room at La Quinta met our needs. Not over the top but “met”. Had to ask for shampoo lol. Hurriedly showered this a.m. without getting to was hair! The universe must have known I wouldn’t need the shampoo after we asked for it last night. Didn’t want to make George wait for hair drying and styling and I was ready to get out of there.

Here was our arrival cheer. I had requested a cold arrival beer for Hot Springs so George had a couple drinks on ice. Was great poured in the hotel cups! Icy cold! Morale boosters on long travel days are good!

Above Roger finds contentment for about an hour with the air vent. Whatever works!

Find Roger above. Travel is better today! So far!

Yesterday was cloudy but that was ok. Today it’s sunny! And we are expecting 1-6 inches of snow in TX adding to the uncertainty of what comes to pass in this trip.

We have talked with Katy and the night was not too bad for their first night home. They got home about bedtime being released and having to drive an hour from home.

Of course not a lot of sleep. We will do what they tell us to today/tonight- first order is a Walmart run. And also for us too stocking up food for hotel room in case we are snowed in. Have to see our accommodations first. So busy afternoon ahead. I’d like to see some snow but not enough to hinder our travel back and forth to see baby from our hotel across town. Wish we could have stayed on ranch but can’t b/c of Roger. ::sigh::

As I type this we are outside of the Dallas area. Maybe by an hour. Going for a In/Out Burgah as always.

Ok over and out and hopefully more tomorrow! Prayers requested for trip, for Roger, for less snow, and for Little Buckaroo’s routine. Lord help us to know how to help! Been a long time since we have been around babies but I’m sure it will come back. Can’t wait to hold him!

4 thoughts on “Texas Bound, Restless Night for ALL

  1. Sybil

    Glad that your well on your way I’m not sure what the time will be with you but know your behind us so possibly it’s afternoon and you hopefully will be near your hotel I hope it comes up to your expectations,and that there’s somewhere you can take Roger for wee walks. I’m so pleased that you will be seeing the baby soon. Hope Kate is not too tired. I think it’s sad that they don’t keep Mothers any time at all in hospital. To think years ago Mums had to rest for at least ten days. I think that was good as it gave their bodies time to relax after all it’s been through in the last nine months. Hope she takes the chance to rest whilst your there and that you get nice time to bond with baby…he looks so lovely. Take care love. Drive safely to and from the ranch, real sad you can’t stay there or at least close by….anyway try to get some sleep tonight. Night night. God Bless

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  2. Lauren

    I wondered if you would see some snow. We had just a dusting. Big pretty flakes fell but melted when they touched the ground. I hope you can get some sleep tonight. I wonder if Benedryl would help Roger sleep at night. Or melatonin? I know you can’t wait to hold your little buckeroo. I am sure everything will come back to you. It is so much fun just holding them and rocking them. They have so many new things for the baby’s now. I really like the boppy things. My grandson loved his. We didn’t have those when my daughter was small.
    You and George be careful if it does snow. Have fun with baby.

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  3. JE

    I am excited for you too see your new grandchild, how wonderful. The way it sounds Roger would have contributed to a disruptive night if you were at your daughter’s so sounds great you have your own place. Although it’s not a familiar place for Roger he is used to you being gone all day to work so maybe you could both leave for a few hours.

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