Announcing our Grand Little Buckaroo!

He’s here and he’s a cutie! And his blog name is Little Buckaroo! ;-). And I get to see him tomorrow!

Momma Kate looks about the best I’ve ever seen a person look after giving birth? How does she maintain her beauty through childbirth? Good job Katebug! She’ll always be my Katebug! And my Katebug will be a beautiful mother.

And Cody is happy and gonna be a good Daddy.

Thanks all my blog buddies for your prayers. We are blessed beyond belief. And you betcha we are proud grandparents! He is a precious one!

Our names have changed:

So the fun begins. We are officially on vacation from work! George was already, yesterday. I worked and got everything done I had planned to do, well almost. I also got most of the report done I needed. It was not finished or balanced by any means but most of the numbers entered. Just needs tweaking now, which my boss will do. It’s far enough along.

I guess the baby was being born about the time I got into my neighborhood. I remember feeling that feeling that something was happening. I was beginning to get anxious not having heard anything since mid afternoon but I know that it always takes longer than you think. I just wanted to know everyone was ok. And I got home and then within a few minutes we had a pic pop into our phones! We were elated!

We rallied around and got final things ready for our trip and ate the 2nd night of Chinese (we ordered 3 orders the night before and made a buffet, saved half for last night). I have a few things to do this morning to add to the packing after I get a shower. Our house sitter will arrive and will take care of Little Bit. But Roger is going with us. He requires a lot of attention and special care. Our adventure begins.

Stay tuned.

9 responses to “Announcing our Grand Little Buckaroo!”

  1. Congratulations Nonni and Pop…
    I’m so very very happy for you. And also for your Mom Sonya that will be another great grandson….
    Doubt if Kate or Cody will remember me but I certainly have happy memories especially of Kate at school and growing up to get married and now having the baby….please give them my happy congratulations…
    Drive safely. God Bless you both and Roger on your trip.

  2. Excited for you. Take care on your travels. You all are in our prayers. Give all a big hug for us. Lov you

  3. Congratulations! He is beautiful. How much did he weigh? He looks like a good size boy.
    Your daughter does look good to have just had a baby. I know she will be glad to have her body back. Those last couple of weeks are hard.
    I pray for you to have a safe and calm trip.

  4. Well now the fun begins! Congratulations to you all! He is gorgeous !!

    Safe travels !
    Now time to go hug your new grandson!
    I’m a Nonni, too!

  5. He is precious. You and George are going to be GREAT GRANDPARENTS. Let the fun begin!!!!! I can’t wait to see more pics. ENJOY every minute of your time in Texas.

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