Work Day From Home, Sleepless Night

This was my work scene yesterday. I figured out how to get mouse, keyboard, monitor and all hook ups going and calculator and got the boiled eggs done for breakfast and water set for the morning. The scene of course is complete with cat and dog. Also you can see my coffee on the desk shelf there. Can’t beat a window view – partially blocked by monitor of course but you could see the birds. lol

Little Bit kept me company for a good chunk of the day. And Maisy absolutely loves this spot.

My view at the monitor. LOL I could wave at my neighbor Christy!

After work we went to Academy Sports to get George some more steel toe shoes so he has another pair he can wear for work. They are tennis shoes. This is a Christmas gift he requested. We bought a few little other things for stocking stuffers. Then we came home and I shopped for some extended family members via Amazon as he put dinner together. We had an unusual dinner. But it was good.

Fresh Spinach Ravioli (homemade in our area – that we bought) stuffed with bacon and onion and topped with a red pesto sauce, served with a side of bacon beans – all topped with parmesan. We love this ravioli. What a treat. The red pesto sauce comes from ALDI.

We tried watching a show, Derry Girls on Netflix which was a popular show in Ireland. I didn’t really like it. We watched another show after that to try it. It was Arrested Development. It was ok. I think I was really just tired and not in the mood to watch anything, but I definitely did not and would not have liked Derry Girls had I been in the mood to watch.

And that was our day. I slept good until about 12:30 or 1:00. Roger wanted down. George took him for water or outside. Not even sure. He wanted down again around 1:30 so George got up again. Then Maisy wanted down so I took her out. I tried to feed her (I do that any chance I get) but she was not in the mood to eat in the middle of the night. She did eat a few bites throughout the day yesterday. George is home today and is going to fix her some hamburger. I think she is about chickened out. I’m trying to hold off to the weekend for grocerying but when I do I’ll get her some bone broth.

It’s hard to keep Roger and the cat away from her while she stares at her food and decides to eat or not. DRives me nuts. We’ll have to start separating them I guess. Usually they both gobble things down and then whoever has any left the other will eat it. Little Bit the cat is normally outside but he gets to stay in some when it’s real cold. He won’t go in the house and is “trained” (self trained, ha) and will only go in the grass. So that is good. We can trust him to come in and nap, hang out some, and then go back outside. He’s good about letting us know when he needs to go. He circles us and meows. When we get up he starts running in front of our feet toward the door as if “follow me” and he goes out.

Well I have a big day at work today. Have to do all the things I couldn’t do here yesterday. And have to do a check run and run a mock payroll to get the exact net amount on some checks we have to have early that just can’t wait another business day or two until we do payroll. We live in such a “right now world” and some state’s laws are just not adhered to what is reasonable. So we try to comply with unreasonableness. So yeah I get to go be unreasonable today and that is my story and I’m sticking with it. LOL

I hope my one monitor works and that it is still hooked up. I hope the cord I brought home doesn’t impact the one at work. If not EVERYONE will have to wait for what they need. Ain’t nothing happened til the computer’s working, and I can see what I’m doing on the screen.

And in case you need something to get that favorite fisherman in your life that has everything else, here ya go! They had these at Academy Sports. Some poor fellow will get these for Christmas. They would provide humor to a family gathering, I must say. Can’t believe it’s Thursday already. The weeks I work partly remote sure go by fast. Back home again tomorrow. Next week I think is a 4 day week back in the office and on a normal schedule except that I have a PTO day next Friday in which I will do stocking stuffer shopping for George and wrap his gifts in the afternoon.

Ok off to get this busy day started. Maybe we’ll get more sleep tonight. I think it was close to 3:30 when Roger finally got settled. Alarm went off at 4. I slapped at two different alarms for almost an hour, then George’s went off. Geez. Sleep is hard to come by with these old doggies. Not to mention having to get up a time or two for our selves.

Ahhhh I gotta quit typing and go do my hair and my eyes and put shoes on give Maisy her meds, lug my stuff down the stairs (2 trips unless GEorge helps) and then head to work, lug all that in the door to my office door (dropped off at front door) then go park car, the lug it all back to my office after doing a temperature check, then get it all plugged in and going. Yes, it’s a LOT of trouble. But at least I’m leaving the monitor home and will just have to do with one in each place. It’ll take me longer to do things but it’ll be what it’ll be. Ok I’m stopping now. ;-D

5 responses to “Work Day From Home, Sleepless Night”

  1. Good morning to you!
    I don’t think I could perform my job after a night like that. I might be good until noon. Maybe.
    Maisy is funny lying under the clothes.
    Little Bit looks like he/she is never going to move from that position. lol
    I’m guessing that was a somewhat good day for Maisy.
    Coffee, coffee, coffee…

  2. Hi Sonya, well another wet day over here iBox…although I’m thankful I don’t still stay in Scotland as they have got snow….they say the higher ground around us may get a bit of snow but it won’t last. Sorry you had such a disturbed night with the dogs going in and out plus that alarm of yours going off at the daftest hour. I’ve said it before but I don’t know how you manage to work with so little sleep….but you clearly do….I’m amazed …. Hope today working from home will go well and you get everything done that you want. Hope also that Masie is still getting better….take care. God Bless

  3. That cat looks so pretty laying there on the bed with the pretty pillow. Sorry, you had a bad night. I hate nights like that. I had trouble getting to sleep. But then slept late this morning.
    It was a beautiful sunny day.
    I wonder if Pedialyte might help your little Maisy? I know it helps kids when they are sick.
    I know she is glad to have you close by.
    We watched the series The Undoing. It was very good. And a movie based on a man’s life called Hilbilly elegy. It was interesting how he survived and made it out of poverty. You might like those.

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