Happiness Audio Book, Christmas Phone Background, and Office Decor

Quick pop in today. I need to get to work for a long day today as I have to get a lot done at the office that I won’t be able to do tomorrow in my home office. It’s funny, we have 4 office areas set up in the house. George and I each have a personal office and each have a business office for our work.

I began this book as my worship series. I always keep a “worship” audio going. Lately it seems that my contentment easily slips away. It’s my constant need for perfection in all things around me I think that begins to seep in. I think I was brought up in a perfect world sortof – the house was clean, everything worked, everything was neat, new, and in order. Everything prepared for, all options weighed and decided.

I have to work hard at making my world to perfection and when it falls short, I wear myself out trying to figure out why! The world grows farther from perfection every day. I keep spinning my wheels trying to get there! So I think this book will do me some good. A lack of contentment simply means I’m not spending my time and thoughts and efforts in the right places. Already in the first chapter, this book is making things a bit clear for me. We constantly have to reground ourselves toward God and others and less of ourselves.

I was happy to go to work yesterday after being off the four days. It was nice to be off and we were able to get much done. But it was also four days of sadness watching Maisy struggle. Although, that said, I would not have wanted to be anywhere else.

But it was a relief after she ate. She continues to eat some twice a day. And to realize that she may have a chance to pull through this. It was a relief to focus on something else and keep my mind off of it for a few. Joy truly came yesterday morning, amidst the storm.

I brought in a few Christmas things for my work office AT WORK and packed up the few fall items I had. Yes I guess I have 3 offices now? lol

I really need a few more things to sit around. I have some other things in boxes I’m not using. Much of it is breakable though. So I will dig around and see what I can find that is not being used. I am not putting out all my breakable santas and things. I don’t like a lot of things setting around anyway. I will likely begin giving these things away.

I brought the Octopus in and laid it at the door. You press it’s button and it sings a song under water. I thought people would like that.

And a little bitty Santa that lights up in front of my computer and the three candles by my in/out boxes that I have a remote to, to light them up.

George sent me pics during the day to show me what Maisy was doing. Warmed my heart. He also sent pics of the snow. Mount Juliet and Nashville had a bit of snow yesterday but it didn’t stick to anything but the roofs in Mount Juliet, anyway.

At lunch time yesterday at my desk, I ate spaghetti and made phone backgrounds til I found one that worked for me. You can’t have a lot of “jazz” in the background of your phones. I have to be able to see the icons of your apps.

Here is the one I went with. I realized after it saved I didn’t get the lines right but you can’t tell on your phone. Feel free to download it if you want to try it. I use CANVA.

I also found these two “ready to go” on Canva. This one is cute too. I just wanted a pine background and then I’ll move to a snowy one for January.

I made this one but didn’t like it as a background. It was too busy behind my apps.

I’d like to spent more time being creative but it was time to go back to work. I did stop to have a Reece’s and realized how much they have shrunk. I mean didn’t they used to be bigger at one time.

Yeah they used to be a lot bigger. If these manufacturing companies keep shrinking things, we are going to have to use a magnifying glass to see how to open them. They are cutting everything down little by little but selling for the same price and hoping we won’t notice. I noticed.

My resolve? I ate two.

I came home to a sleeping Maisy who woke up and was very excited to see me. No she did not hop up and come wagging her tail, but she lifted her head up and slowly got up to come see me. And tried to follow me around until she just had to sleep. Bless her. I hugged her and loved on her when I got home. I think that is important for her healing. It’s certainly important for ME! This is where she sat while George worked all day.

This was a past year’s December calendar pic that popped up in memories on facebook. I thought it was pretty. Must have been the year I had the Porch Calendar.

And that is all for today. It’s 6:15 and I would have liked to have arrived at 6:30. But I could not get up at 4 this morning. And I really want to blog so here I am. I was up til 9:30 or 9:45 or so ordering Christmas gifts and finalizing a few things. We had a late dinner as we also had a meet up on where we were with Christmas. George buys some and so do I -so we needed to plan. We also had to decide what was for birthdays and what was for Christmas. And I always try to even things up between people as much as I can. For example, Katy and Cody. Does one have more to open than the other? If so more shopping is done. lol.

So I finished a lot of the orders last night. Katy and Cody’s are just being sent to their house. But we have some things we have to ship so I’ll finish the wrapping for those things tonight and Wed night. And then I’ll work on Christmas cards and then the rest of the wrapping.

But I’ll have a long day at work today as there will be a lot to wag home just for a day and wag back tomorrow and the wag more stuff home from work for Friday’s day at home. It IS truly a lot of trouble. I need a private sherpa. I already have a purse and a purse overflow bag. Now I’ll also have a laptop, monitor, calculator, and all my files to pay taxes for the states I’m working on, envelopes to stuff checks with, and so forth. It’s nice to work from home except for the hauling back and forth every day. Oh well.

Better go and get there so I can get through as quick as I can to start gathering and loading. lol

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  1. Well Hi Sonya, by now you should be packed and on your way to work, before I forget I have been meaning to ask why you don’t have a printer at home ? Or is it your not allowed to print at home ?.
    I’m glad your enjoying The Max Lacado words. I have read them as well at various times. It’s very true love that you have to try to be more contented with what you have rather than fretting on things that are just not exactly perfect as you would like them to be…keep praying I’m sure the Lord will answer all your worries in his own time….I’m amazed how much you managed to get done these last few days. Poor wee Maisie I’m pleased that she showed interest when you came home and that she ate a little as you haven’t said I presume she is drinking…
    Hope you manage to get a lot done today and it goes smoothly …take care, love winging its way across the Atlantic. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    • Hi Sybil in the driveway here about to head to work. My work has not provided a printer hooked on their network. It takes a great amount of printing for payroll. They aren’t cheap. If we had to work from home always I’m sure they’d work it out, but a lot of expense and IT time for one person temporarily.

  2. I hope little Maisy feels better soon. Maybe bone broth might build up her strength from not eating. She might be weak and dehydrated.
    So many are working from home now. I know it is a big adjustment. The daughter is still working from home and grandson learning from home via Zoom. He has the best teacher. That is all she does is teach online.
    Have a good week. Hang in there.

    • Thank you and bone broth is a great idea! I’m going to text George now, as I think we have some. Yes it’s an adjustment. I’m having to work a long day today just to be able to work from home tomorrow. Kind of pointless for all the work when I could shut my door but I’ll do the best to comply

  3. Hay!
    It’s good to hear that Maisy ate a bite or two yesterday. I hope she ate a bit today too.
    I’m so worried about your little baby girl.
    I gotta run. 🙏🤞🏻♥️

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