A Fall Decorated Mantle of Loved Ones!

Mmmm the coffee is good this morning! The sleep was moderate but I feel refreshed. I think I only woke up whenever my arm fell asleep or George gasped for air amidst his sleep apneic snoring. Apneic must be a word as there is no squiggly line under the spelling. LOL Had some weird dreams but the main thing is that I feel good this morning.

Showing pics of our mantle and fireplace area. Probably had show these before but I took better pics this weekend after I had added a few more decor pieces. Above on the left is Katy and then George’s Mother and Father, Jan and George H.

Here is from the left, Uncle Ken, Aunt Martha from Amelia Island area of FL and Mom.

Below is my Dad, Katy again, Susan my SIL (Georges’s sister) and her husband Kevin, Then Cody and Katy’s engagement pic.

Nieces and Nephews. Back left – Ellen and Justin, Front Left, Sarah and Ryan and Back Middle is Kadon, My sister, her husband Don, and Ella.

Above left to right, Mam-ma my Dad’s Mom and then George’s grandparents George and Leona, then my Grandparents Chesley and Violet, and then another of George’s grandfather.

Yesterday went great – payroll was smooth. I got finished early. There were not many things to enter. And for the first time in a long time I wasn’t having to do a lot of corrections and configuring where people forgot to turn in things. I think I had only one. And only one plant had missed a few piece work issues they got cleaned up quickly, so I didn’t have to wait for plants to fix things. I love a smooth payroll where everyone has done what they were supposed to on time. Makes it so much smoother when you are not hounding people for things.

I had not been to the store lately to get things that I wanted to eat. I didn’t feel like I should leave for lunch on a payroll day so I ordered in and ate at my desk which I had said I would do this week anyway one day as it was quarter end. It’s just too expensive to order Uber Eats for yourself. By the time you pay delivery fee, tip, and then they charged me a low order fee of $2. So this little jewel went from $9.99 to about $21 in no time flat. I gave them a tip. But I don’t know that I want just anyone bringing me my food. Most of my experiences have been good. Yesterday was iffy. There were people asleep in the car, there were several folks in the car – the guy was not friendly and I wouldn’t have wanted to have been by myself in a house when they drove up. Of course you can do drop at front door delivery and never see them but I work in an office building so that might not be the best option. How do you know they haven’t tainted your food? You don’t know. Most wouldn’t but the people delivering in that area come from some interesting areas. So I decided that would likely be my last time to do that. This world is just not very safe anymore in any aspect. Then there is COVID.

It did not seem as good as it usually does. I think it’s time to stop that! Or if I do at least order from a restaurant in a different part of town. Maybe that is the best thing.

Anyway, on with the day. I had to go to the store yesterday. I spent quite a while in there looking at things that sounded good to eat. I started out with the makings of a salad as we were out of fresh things and that sounded really good. I was trying to pick things that were healthy. But before I left I threw beef bologna and pimento and cheese in there! LOL. Those just sounded good. I also grabbed a mac n cheese in a cup for work on some days when lunch is just not enough – like those lean cuisines that give you a finger’s worth of food.

I have gained a lot of my weight back this year as I quit doing shakes every morning and quit doing the cleanse days, and added back mayo, bread, cheese, and some dressings. Some days I could do the cleanse and some days it was just too hard. During the pandemic any rules were thrown out the back window. So the struggle begins again. Since I’m not selling my system and not ordering enough to get free food points when I do the challenges, I therefore quit doing the challenges and that took away the accountability.

So it’s time to shake things up a bit. I have to eat good when I’m on my own at breakfast and lunch, and do some 16 hour cleanses – like not eating from 8 til Noon the next day. Eating better when we eat out. Watching the bread intake. Watching the calorie intake. Exercise more. Less snacking. Less sugar. Less wine! More greens. More fruits (fruit drink from my system).

I looked at Glucerna for a shake alternative but those and the Ensures as good as they taste are made from a soy formula and one of them had some ingredients with longs names and things I wasn’t sure about. So I’m going to stick with our system for it’s awesome nutrition value, small amount of sugar, and great taste in most instances. I just can’t do them every morning.

Yesterday, I had grits with bacon and hot Constant Comment tea (decaf). A perfect tea for me as I have a constant comment about everything. Sometimes people don’t get to hear it though, LOL.

Yesterday on Facebook we had a fun day trying to figure out if my shirt was black or blue. lol

It looks black in these pics. In person and on me it looks blue. I wore it with blue pants and got away with it. As far as I know. lol

Me, no makeup except eyeliner and mascara! I will be glad when we can wear makeup and lipstick again. But right now, there is no point as it just transfers to the mask.

So on the virus. I don’t really see an end. With the antibodies not lasting long what good does a vaccine do? So…..yeah I don’t know. So are we going to wear masks forever then? I guess so. That doesn’t seem right either. I’m not sure what to think so I just don’t. It is what it is. Maybe we should have been wearing masks every flu season as the flu also causes a similar amount of deaths with complications. It’s all so confusing.

Anyway, we are making plans for the weekend to go out and eat and do some Christmas shopping. Also working on the Thanksgiving meal and plans. Mom is coming in for a few days while we are off. I will be going to get her Wednesday after work that day and bringing her in. Work will be nuts that week too as I have to figure out how to get 5 days done in 3.

Que Sera Sera, LOL. Always fun to try and figure out how to get work done when you are not there to do it. LOL. I’ve pulled bunnies out of the hat before. Ya’ll take care. Better head in. I don’t have enough time in my mornings!!! I have decided to keep typing when I want to instead of rushing off. Then I have to rush to get ready. But honestly I don’t do very good at rushing. It’s not my nature. I’m tired of being rushed! So I end up getting later and later every day the older I get. Take care.

Fall Decor, Home Decor, and a Being a Woman with a Voice

I found a spot for my “Coffee Sign”. It was half price at Hobby Lobby and not very much so I decided it was a must have. Less Hustle and More Coffee for sure. One thing is for sure, I don’t like being rushed and quite frankly I don’t conform to a rushed lifestyle anymore. Not quite sure I ever rushed to begin with, just mainly was frustrated having to move so quickly from one agenda to another every heartbeat. I think life in a city with a career and family was just that way. I chose to “have it all” and I did, and I’m ready to slow it down. I think we’ve done a tremendous job of that lately especially during the pandemic. Pandemic aside, I’m ready to get out there, do some shopping and adventuring!

So back to the coffee area, I love our little Keurig center. The books make me want to read. I’ve not had time to do so. The making of the videos and the blogging and our watching shows – and sleeping – keep me from getting much reading done. Most of mine are audio books.

Then there is the tea center. Some of these teas are really old. I don’t drink as much hot tea as I should. I’m usually wanting something with caffeine and most of what I have here does not have caffeine. But perhaps I can sip some while watching Netflix. I forget about it.

I added the “We are Thankful for our Blessings” sign to our fall decor. I have a turkey or two stuck back that I will add once Halloween is over. I never really got into Halloween decor after Katy grew up and honestly we never did do much anyway. I do have a Halloween face pumpkin though and I need to be hooking that up at night and keep forgetting.

Why I’m Not in the Mood to Cook

My goal was to get in the mood to cook, but for some reason lately I have not been in the mood. I’m not sure why because normally I get in spurts of it. I really think it is more of a “time” thing. I’ll want to make things and then don’t have time to because I choose to do something else and it gets squeezed out. I also do not love cooking in our kitchen anymore because because because – old counters, old flooring, old stove(s), old everything. It just does not inspire me anymore. George does most of the cooking because he likes to and so a lot of the time it just feels like his domain sometimes. However, I am sure once the flooring is installed that I will become inspired to work in it again. Cabinets need reorganizing, and we need matching glasses instead of all the onesy twosy things. But George gets attached to certain things and won’t let go of them so if I get new glasses he won’t let go of the old and it really makes the space difficult. So I stick with the old things. I am about ready to buy some new dishes though. I’m toying with the idea of black stoneware kind of dishes or a brown or tan. Right now I have white dishes. I like them but just ready for something different. It seems wasteful to spend money on it though. But I do plan on looking at these some in the next year. It’s a next year thing and something to maybe save blow money for. Anyway, those are things I think about when I am ready to cook. I think about the changes I want to make. These things about me drive George bananas. His wanting to keep things the same drives me bananas. But at 58, I’ve decided to be me and well quite frankly I think I decided to be me a long time ago, lol. I’m just not going to feel bad or let anyone make me feel bad for being me.

Making a Nest and Plumping it Up

As a little girl, all my life, all I dreamed about was having my own home, making it nice, creating a nest, and decorating it. I’ve done a lot of that. It’s not been as fast as I’d have liked. Anything over $300 required some topsy turvy conversations, near divorces at times (thinking of the old house and a table I wanted for the new house), but yet we spend house facelift money tens times over with food, wine, beer, liquor, concerts, fine dining and all our hobbies and so forth – and used to spend it on nails and hair coloring, and now all my monthly subscriptions to everything. So I don’t feel bad for being me and wanting to enjoy these things and making my nest nice. Not going to apologize for that. Yes I’m thankful for what I have. But it doesn’t mean you can’t plump your nest up occasionally. Won’t apologize for that and not being selfish for that. I have a personality that likes to make things better, and I can’t help that. I’m looked at being negative because of that and that really hurts my feelings. “I’m never happy” they say.

Maybe I’m not at times because I always feel held back from so many things that I want to do so often. But when there are two of you, you unselfishly allow the other person to have a say and have their way a lot so….we wait, and wait, and wait until it’s your turn. I’m really looking forward to the flooring. And I’m really looking forward to a new stove and counter tops after that. Wonder how many years that’ll take. lol I’ll be dead before I ever get to RV. LOL

Men, Embrace Your Women’s Strengths

So yeah, all that just coming from – I am not in the mood to cook and here’s why. I was trying to analyze why and that all came out. I guess a few years worth of frustration was hidden down in my heart somewhere. But it’s all good. We are blessed beyond belief and I will never be able to shed my love for having things look nice, clean, functional, and organized. I love my clean lines and a fresh look. That will NEVER go away and I will NEVER apologize for it or try to change my persona for another. But I will be willing to compromise so long as it truly is a compromise and not one sided. Sometimes as a woman don’t you think people just want you to be shoved in a corner, be silent, and not saying, not cause any ruffles, any changes, not spend any money, not have an opinion. Oh yeah, it’s everywhere in my world. Has been for a long time. I witnessed it early on and continue to see it in ALL parts of my world. Women get less pay, less titles, less help, less heard, ignored, bullied, and so forth. Some worse than others. I could prove those things to you right now, but I won’t. I choose my world and I choose not to expose ALL that I have seen because I have no need to do so. But I have some stories! But I also am not going to belittle myself just because ANY man wants me to, whether it is my spouse, an employer, or some odd man you have to deal with in a retail store.

Wow, lots of frustrations coming out today. And that is good thing. Apparently I’m frustrated with some men in general these days – no not just these days – actually for a long time. I think they have a lot they need to prove otherwise to convince me they are not the way they are. We shall see. Not all men are that way to shove women aside. But a lot of them are and I do not respect that at all. We have a voice as women. We often have to raise our voices to be heard when others won’t give us space to talk and then we are accused of yelling. And if we are responsible we are called the B word. If we call the behavior out we are most certainly the B. lol. Oh wow, this stuff mainly goes back to my career all those years and all those places in HR. I could go on but there is no point. It’s over and done. I fought the battle and I actually feel like I won. I won for me! I usually said my peace when they needed to “come to Jesus” as they call it, LOL. Usually when they would try to pick a speck from my eye, I’d show them their beam of wood in their life that stretched out a mile and a half from their eyes.

I’m happy with what I’m doing now career wise and retirement is almost here – 4 years or so. And I will celebrate all men who hold their women up and cherish them for who they are, whether it’s their secretary, their wife, their management professional, or their girlfriend. Embrace and celebrate who they are as a person – don’t fight it- work with them, encourage them, endorse them. Have the “balls” to humble yourself and be a good partner, friend, or boss, supportive of their efforts. Don’t leave them on an island to fend for themselves, hoping they screw up and die along the path or just go away. Don’t make fun of them or mock them. Shame on those who do those things. God sees and God will deal with those as he may. Some sooner than later.

And that’s all she wrote for today as payroll must be done. But Wow I feel Better with a capital B. I’ve been listening to Jen Hatmaker and it’s making all this tangle of a mess of feelings come out that I’ve held in a very long time for many many many years. Whew Jen, thank you dear!

Ya’ll gotta read this one! There is no reason other people should make you feel less than special. God made you and me the way we are for a reason. And YOU are needed, as Jen says. Excellent book, Jen.

Next Video, Relaxing Weekend, Fall Decor, and Que Sera Sera

Surprise! The new video is published on my YouTube Channel. Here is the embed of it. Was fortunate to have time to get to work on it this weekend. It was good therapy for me. Even when I’m not in a good place, it seems like I can enjoy doing these videos. So that is a good thing. That is how much I enjoy working on them. If you go watch it, please give it a like and subscribe if you would like to see more. I appreciate your support and I’m still looking for a goal of 100 subscribers. I get some perks when I reach it. But don’t forget about coming back and reading the blog entry! I have a lot to share.

It’s been a really good quiet and much needed down time this weekend. I value that. And I have revived and recovered from the shenanigans of recent days and am ready to move on into holiday flair and shopping and of course eating that wonderful cuisine as we do and heading into the holidays with camera in hand.

I’m surprised that with the footage I have and photos, I was not able to cram it all into one video, so I think I actually have a couple more now I can make. Of course life is happening and I’ll have more videos and footage as we head into the holidays and then our mystery excursion in January when the baby is born.

George and I have thought of various angles for this trip. If you read the blog you know that. We really would like to take the dogs with us. There are dog friendly versions of RV’s and George had already looked at that option but the per mileage rate was horrible and would have been outrageously expensive. I was watching a video where the YouTubers were saying you could have a rig delivered to you at the RV park and set up for you (not having to drive it all the way down there). Ding ding ding! I looked at ones that you can drive (would be only a local drive to Katy’s house) so if we wanted we could boon dock for a night or two on their property but man it’s still very expensive. Anywhere from $199 to $299 per night. It’s like a luxury hotel. It will be in January and in Texas it can still be cold. There would have to be heat. I’m not sure if this will work to boondock some but I guess it’s something we can look into. We cannot rent or book in advance unless they are flexible with the dates. So not sure exactly if we can do this but it’s worth checking into more. Can you imagine how much this would help me in my worries about not having a plan? That would be so cool to rent an RV. I wish we could just buy one already and be done with that. But not to be. Not yet anyway. If we do rent one, I was looking at driveable ones so we could move back and forth. But I’m so unfamiliar with all this. But anyway, we will look into it further.

I found a good chip snack. However, they are very filling. They have sweet potato in them and also have brown rice in them. It’s a good snack to hold you over til dinner when working on payroll, ha!

I am not sure if Safflower Oil is good for you or not. But overall as “chips” go – not too bad. No long worded ingredients.

Over the next few days I’ll share some fall decor photos that I took this weekend. I probably already shared some with you but I’ve bought a few more things and moved some around. Who remembers anyway right? I live here and it’s my blog and I have no clue what I shared. I’d have to go back and look, lol.

Fall Decor on the Bookshelf

Dog Beds

I washed the dog bed linens this weekend. Mainly blankets. They love it when I do. I made Maisy a bed underneath the coffee center and bookshelf. I’m not sure why I never thought of it before. She liked it.

Roger was comfy in the clean blanket on his bed. Later Roger was missing and I found him curled up the new bed I made for Maisy, LOL. He likes to break them all in. Maisy doesn’t like laying where he has been so he is marking it just by laying on it and getting his scent on there. That little bugger. He knows. He likes to claim all the beds.

While George went to McKays bookstore today, Roger spent a lot of the time looking out the window for his Daddy. He is more clingy of him (and us) lately. But especially of him. He is not happy unless he is looking at his Daddy and by his side.

And claiming yet another bed with a new blankie. lol

A cool front came through and brought cooler temps and George made the most awesome Tortilla Soup or I guess it was really “Taco Soup”. So incredibly good.

We are well into our 2nd Season of Yellowstone! And I’m caught up on all my You Tuber shows.

What a great weekend!

Bizarre Week Ahead

Now this next week has potential to be a little bit crazy and bizarre. For the following reasons……

  1. It’s a Full Moon week so everyone will need everything all at once and everyone will be unsettled and there will be chaos, confusion, and short tempers. Isn’t that usually what a full moon brings?
  2. It is the final week to clear up any quarter end filings and guess what? I’ve basically had the last two weeks where I have filed ZERO nada of anything as I needed info from others and it either wasn’t available, everyone was too busy, or there were things not jiving up to the numbers. Regardless of the reason it was time lost that cannot be replaced and there is only so many hours to get it done and well….yeah…it’s NOT LOOKING GOOD to be on time.
  3. The normal weeks have been a little nutty in the past few weeks so….a full moon is going to cause some issues on top of the nuts! lol. And there are some nuts out there for sure. Trust me.

But we will offset that with some good meals at home each night and will end the week with some fun.

Photo by Anna Shvets on Pexels.com

Friday I got my Mammogram done at 8 a.m. So in a few days or a couple of weeks, they didn’t say….I’ll get my results. Hopefully all well there. No signs otherwise.

I think that is about all to tell. I will probably not blog until about Wednesday when payroll is over unless there is something to blog about. It has the potential to be a rough week but there are only so many hours in the day and I don’t plan on working after dark by myself, so…..it’s just the way the cookie crumbled. I can’t get two or three weeks worth of stuff done in one week so it will be what it will be. Let’s sing Dorris Day’s popular hit all week, Que Sera Sera. Everytime I’m asked if I’ve done something yet….I’ll hum this in my head. I can’t worry over things out of my control. It truly will be a Que Sera Sera Situation. I feel the QSS situation going on in several corners of my world!!!!!!!

Now quit looking at Dorris Day and go watch my video! LOL LOL