New VLOG Video

Here’s the new video. Please give a like and subscribe if you’d like to see more of Less Hustle More Coffee Vlog Version!

Texas Backroads!

Click link above and enjoy!

6 responses to “New VLOG Video”

  1. That was a smashing vlog Sonya, you get better every time. Loved the music on this one, everything just seemed to mesh together very well. If ever I went to Texas I think I’d be interested after seeing your video of some of the places you have been. Liked how you changed your faces to painted mode a couple of times, all adds interest, also seeing the foxes and other wildlife…the foxes looked quite small so think they must have been young ones….
    Keep going love. I’m not exactly sure where I click to say I’ve watched it and am a subscriber…at least I think I am. I think I did it on your second vlog…
    Good luck with the next one….Thanks for sharing

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