Good Eatin’ this week and a Sun Dog Moment

The sleep has started to go downhill for the week but at least the “eating” is good! George fixed “Mexican Pizza” night before last. And last night I fixed BBQ meatloaf, mashed potatoes, corn on the cob, and green beans.

I can’t believe I got it all done in an hour. It was so good.

The meatloaf has bbq sauce and oats instead of tomato sauce and bread crumbs. Also a bit of BBQ sauce on it toward the last 15 min of baking. The first one out of the pan crumbled a bit. It was great with the burger from the cow we bought.

Sleep and the iPad/iPhone Updates

I really don’t have a lot to offer today. Sleep has been minimal last two days. Mainly due to Apple, and it’s updates. I started on the iPad last night. It’s not allowing as wide spread of widgets as the iPhone which is disappointing. You also have to take it from “large app” to small app to be able to use the new widget line ups and set the page on your left side (swipe to the right) as your home page (when turned landscape). I want the widgets but I’m back to small icons. And I had my icons grouped which makes them even smaller. So……I’m needing to either ungroup them or forget the widgets. Not as happy with the iPad update. It’s almost more frustrating. Well it is. You expect it to be as accommodating as the iphone.

But I will work on it later. I finally quit and went to bed, although already 45 min past my bedtime. George was already snoring. I tossed and turned all night, had weird dreams, and some problems getting comfortable. His snoring was up a few decibels but not really the source of my issues. Some nights I just can’t sleep. It like a combination of everything. But the weekend is nearing and I’ll get to sleep til 6 Lord Willing and the Maisy doesn’t rise.

Prayers Requested, Please and Thank You!

Pray for Mom and my friend Amber. Mom has a hemorrhage in her GOOD eye, the other eye is blind. We are hoping it clears. The doc seemed to think that this can happen when on blood thinners. She says she can see ok but sometimes it’s blurry. I think it’s reversable, but not sure as I’ve not had time to do research on it. Then my friend Amber had surprise surgery yesterday so hoping for quick healing for her.

Prayers for my right arm too? Might as well. It’s increasingly bothersome. Originally hurt two years ago – maybe 3 now during some fall travel, and carrying suitcases – probably getting it off the connector bus or off the carousel at the airport. Somehow yanked it. It’s been back and forth ever since. Usually would hurt if eating sugar or starches as it would get inflammation. Now it hurts pretty much all the time. Hurts to use on the PC – it’s my right arm, hurts when sleeping no matter how I lay. One way gravity pulls on it, the other way I sleep on it. I sleep on my side. So I can’t get comfy. All I know is I need to figure this sleep thing out and try to figure out how to heal the arm. A friend has told me to stretch it and that will help. I put that ICE cream on it a lot.

HOLD – I have to go get more COFFEE.

OK, I’m back, LOL.

Looking forward to the weekend also as it’s a free weekend. I’m getting the fall clothes out a week early as we’ll be busy the next one. And I’m ready for me flannel pants. But gotta get through two more work days. They should go fast.

Sundog Moment

I was able to catch a sun dog this morning. If you will see the light to the left of the sun as it was rising a couple of mornings ago. It’s really light reflecting through ice crystals in the sky and usually at sun rise or sun set is when they are seen on certain days when conditions are right.

Folklore states a few things and I’ve heard a few things about them.

  1. They can be a sign of change.
  2. They were once thought to bring good luck or good fortune.
  3. Mainly just an atmospheric condition
  4. This one was surprising after I looked a few things up today via google about them. And that was that a sun dog was an act of Sodomy on a beach b/w two males. What???? I wish I hadn’t seen that.

Why people have to take a perfectly beautiful thing and claim it as something like sodomy is just beyond me. Well I OFFICIALLY take it back and claim it as only a nature term from this moment!!!!!!! There! Done!


Well, it’s been fun, but the time has come to get ready and move on. I’ve been pushing the schedule to the limit lately. Then having to hurry. I’m not good at hurrying!

Ya’ll have a good day!

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  1. 1 more X
    I hope your mom’s eye clears up soon. I’m sure that affects her vision & is just all around bothersome. 🙏 for her & Amy.
    You didn’t say, but I hope you don’t sleep on your right side. I use to only be able to fall asleep on my left side. The last time I did that I couldn’t use that arm for 2 weeks. I swore I would never do that again & I haven’t. I know how hard that is to do especially when you have sleep issues to begin with.
    The picture of the sun is eerie & beautiful.
    And thanks to you, I am now dying for meatloaf.
    Have a good day!

  2. Is your pocketbook very heavy? Sometimes that can make a shoulder hurt. I hope it is nothing serious. I feel your pain though. Yesterday morning it seemed like everything hurt when I was getting out of bed. My lower back, my left knee. It must be arthrits. I was pretty much useless until i took a motrin and had 2 cups of coffee. The weather is getting cooler here in the mornings.I am debating putting my electric blanket on the bed or my heavy comforter. I hate to see summer end. I had never heard of sundog. Interesting tidbit. Pretty picture.
    I hope you feel better if you don’t take a sick day and get shoulder checked out. I hope it is not rotater cuff. I have heard that surgery is painful.
    I am braving out to get my first haircut since March. It needs it. I look like Shaggy on Scooby doo.

    • Yes I hope not either on rotator cuff. My purse and work bag and groceries up the stairs all very heavy. My bra hurts too! I have an indentation in my right shoulder. But only carrying those things to car or office and back for a brief time.

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