Vacation Catch Up and Plans for the Rest of the Week

Leftover Vacay Snacks

Well, I pushed through the tiredness yesterday and got a lot of things caught up from being gone at work. Only one thing today that is big that will completely catch me up from being gone last week and I’ll then just be dealing with this week and a few extra things I need to do before the next quarter end and also to box up some things as I’m running out of cabinet space. I did however allow myself to eat some M & M’s left over from the trip. :-O

At the end of the day I drank a BEA drink which is on the system I do. It’s a carbonated drink with a lot of vitamins and a little bit of caffeine and it has some supplements in it for dealing with stress. I love it. I think this is what gave me the surge of energy to get home and dive into more laundry and cleaning the kitchen. I got two more bags unpacked yesterday – the pets’ bag and the snack bag. The snack bag was unpacked yesterday morning before work – thus the pic above. I threw them in the fridge so they would be cold. Since Texas and that heat wave, and that Texas sheet cake served cold at Perini Ranch, I’ve since preferred all my sweets/desserts cold. lol

Oh speaking of desserts. At our hotel in Arkansas, instead of buffet breakfasts, we were given snack bags. Usually a piece of fruit, fruit juice and a muffin. So we saved the muffin. As you know muffins are not really that healthy for you. It’s basically cake. So I decided since we had them to make a cake out of them. I bought some fresh blueberries and whip cream and plan to put them in the fridge. We are having the blueberry muffin tonight with those toppings on it. Yeah do we need dessert? NOOOOO! But I don’t want to waste the free muffins either. I think it will be more fun to slice them and serve as dessert. I’ll try to take a pic, lol.

I’ve not had any time in my office much other than doing these entries but this weekend I’ll get my pics transferred from the camera. Katy and Cody have requested that their “faces and houses (on the ranch) not be on YouTube” so I will honor their request. “Not everyone likes to have a camera shoved in their face.” I’ve heard so many vloggers say this about members of their family or others that are around when the filming begins. And just because it’s my hobby and I’m proud of them, doesn’t mean they have to put up with my hobby and my being proud of them does not give me a motherly badge of right to include them in our family vlog sessions if they don’t want to be a part of it. So I will just go ahead and tell you that some of Texas, including the reveal, will not be in the YouTube videos except for the Sunsets and Sunrises and pets, food, and other places we went. But I get it and even though I’m severely disappointed about sharing the reveal, I will respect their privacy wishes. So I will not be including them in my future YouTube videos.

I am looking forward, however to sharing the wonderful footage that I have and any future excursions we go on. I have a few ideas. But til then I have about 2 videos to put together. Sometimes I forget to film things and sometimes I’m not in the mood. lol. But I am still loving the hobby of it all and plan to get into a regular rhythm of it around the first of the year. Til then just kinda “practicing” and “learning”. But eventually want to get on a regular schedule. And that makes me nervous a bit. I think the only way I can do that is to get them made and several done in advance so that in real time I have some slack here and there if we have a streak of busy days in a row. We’ll see. I don’t think I could do a weekly schedule right now. Two weeks would even push it. But three I could handle, keeping in mind I work Full Time.

Green Pitcher from Publix

I bought the above pitcher at Publix this week. I have looked at this and the glasses for two years. The glasses are too much and too big – they were margarita glasses and I don’t have room for them in my cabinet, but I bought the pitcher as goes great with my cactus kitchen. I made tea last night. It was too weak. I guess I didn’t let it steep long enough or maybe I needed an extra tea bag. I used one family size bag and it should have been enough. Anyway even though it was weak it had lemons in it and a tiny bit of sugar just to take away the bitter. But it was still good. I love the pitcher and it will sit atop the fridge when not in use. A weaker tea is better anyway for sleep. ha.

That said, last night I slept good on the front end, going to bed at 8:30 but I awoke about 4 times b/w 12:30 and 3:30. I slept another strong hour before the alarm went off. I feel good today though.

I made an appointment yesterday for a Pedicure tonight. I’ve waited long enough. They need it. My feet are in need of some TLC. I cannot pamper my feet like they can. I’ve planned all along to get this done the week after Texas and the day has arrived! I’m looking forward to the treat.

But most of all I’m looking forward to the weekend. Where I can recover some and get caught up at home and get some things done I want to get done.

We have plans for Sunday we will drive in to meet Aunt Martha and Uncle Ken and Mom for a late lunch/early dinner – mid afternoon to avoid the crowds. They are up from Florida and staying with Mom. They arrive Saturday and we’ll have dinner on Sunday. All the other days we work and can’t take care of pets and get down there in time for dinner after work. Too far for a work day meal. They could come to us and spend the night here, but with our having been to Texas and in/out of gas stations, rest areas, shops, a gender reveal party, and so forth, we all decided just to meet for a dinner and not a long visit. My house is trashed anyway and I cannot imagine it being an enjoyable experience right now, but we would do our best if it weren’t COVID times.

Anyway, the things we risk for our kids. We had preferred to stay in for the most part, but I was not going to miss the gender reveal. No sir. A lot of trouble to get down there. And we are old enough to have some trouble if one of us got it. But hopefully all will be well. We at least have followed restriction guidelines where ever we were. So there’s that.

Anyway, maybe all this mess will be over with by the end of the year. I have my theories. But it’s all so controversial and so I will keep them to myself. That said, I do believe the virus is real and people can and do catch it and get very sick and some die with it and that is horrible. That’s all I will say for today. ;-).

Time to go take the doggies out and get ready for work.

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    • Arghhh that happened to Sybil yesterday too. I don’t get to see what either of you said – I’m so sorry. I don’t know what is going on except that happens to me if I’m not logged in – usually on a different device?

  1. That’s the crazy part of this virus, you don’t know who it will kill and who it won’t. My hubby is high risk and I worry about him but I just had a classmate that is our age pass away from it yesterday.
    Take care, Sheila

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