More Eating, Shopping, and Visiting Katy’s School

We started the day taking Katy to school- like old times. We went the local donut shop for breakfast. I got a cinnamon roll and after so much sugar which I’m not used to, realized I needed protein to offset it so I got a egg and bacon taco – which was really a burrito and included potatoes.

See those cinnamon rolls on the bottom there? Yum.

Then we dropped her off at school and headed home, got our showers, cleaned up a bit, and “leisured” around.

Maisy & Roger

While we were at the donut shop my chest started hurting when I breathed in deep. It scared me but I realized that also I had pain in my shoulder and up into the back of my head and it hurt worse when I moved in certain directions. It was either from lifting a heavy thing of water bottles the night before or from the way I slept. I took acetaminophen and it barely took the edge off. I was miserable sitting, laying, and it felt ok standing but who wants to stand all day?

I had no other signs of heart attack or distress – I felt great otherwise so a couple hours later I took another acetaminophen. Still no impact. I try not to take anything else but was going to Aleve a few hours later if nothing else worked. George gave me two back rubs and could tell it was inflamed. He suggested a hot shower and then ice pack. That did the trick! Plus I prayed so God had a hand in that! It didn’t hurt again. Once that was all fixed we went shopping. lol Then I never thought another thing about it. George said he figured that would work lol!

Rustic Charm, Breckenridge TX

We stopped at a place that made candles and had a lot of rustic pieces for decorating- a whole porch and side yard that went in forever!

It was was fun looking around but there was no a/c and it was already 100 degrees! We said hello to Max the cat.

We went to a little boutique and I wasn’t expecting to find much but surprisingly found some adorable winter shoes that were a cross between tennis shoes and boots and a top! Pics later when I get home!

We went to the General Store Gebo’s and I bought a comfy blue t-shirt with a message that says “cherished girl” as God loves his own. I plan to wear it to Hot Springs as it’ll be a comfy shirt for travel.

I took a pic of some plaques, like I like to do. This must be what George dreams. lol

Then we went to a place that has clothes and trinkets inside and yard art outside. It’s a bit pricey on their tops, but I love our bed spread we bought there a couple of years ago. It’s like a quilt made of polyester blend and I can wash and dry often and it’s never faded. It holds up well.

Bunkhouse Divas Boutique, Breckenridge,TX

Then we rode around a bit to kill some time. And went to the store. We had a cooler in the car.

I’ve never seen cacti in a store! That I recall.

We bought a few things that were different that we can’t get back home and some pizza toppings for dinner. And we headed over to pick up Katy from school by 4:00 and was asked to come in and see her classroom and meet teacher friends and principals. Got to see Katy’s good friend Shelby again. Everyone was so kind.

Katy has done such a cute job on her room. As did Shelby. Here’s Katy’s classroom. Can you imagine how many hours and dollars goes into this? I love those little curtains!

Her classroom is so relaxing. I love the colors. My favorites….colors of the ocean! And here is Shelby’s room. Hers was very cute also with a lot of red and blues and was jungle theme. There’s a monkey hanging in the middle. These are some lucky 1st graders!

We got a lot of compliments on Katy. And they raved about her teaching skills. We are proud of her.

I think she said there are five or six others that are pregnant there. So will be a busy year of showers and substitute teachers!

George found a tree to climb. Aren’t these hallway trees cute?

We then headed back to the ranch!

George set into making his pizzettes!

After they came out of the oven there are no pics as we were too busy eating lol! We lazed around with doggies for a while then headed to bed.

I am horribly dismayed at my tangle of existence in my corner of the room. The more we shop, the more I dig in to look for things, and every day that passes, the more tangled it all gets. I have to laugh at this, because it is the total opposite of who I am. But I can’t lift the suitcase to organize it. So it will be this way til we pack to leave. I may try to organize it today if I can to at least bring “some” order. It’s driving me mad! lol I have to pile it on top of each other so we can walk around the room! lol

We are going to go to Abilene to eat dinner at a nice steakhouse tonight. George and I may go early – we aren’t sure if there is anything for us to do though. We can shop but I’m about shopped out. The high is going to be 107 today. Wow- just glad it’s not humid. It’s just hot with very bright sun and a 12-15 mph breeze.

Ok tomorrow is our last full day here. It’s going by fast. But we have really run out of things to do in these COVID times. Around here you can hardly tell it exists. Most don’t wear nor require masks unless it’s a chain store like Walmart or United. Some people have them in boutiques in case the customers prefer the worker wears it. We are told not to worry about it unless we just want to in most stores but we walk in with masks available and in our hands. We mainly look and see what others are doing. I use hand sanitizer before and after every store.

It’s been fun to shop again. Abilene is a bigger town though. So… we will wear masks there if we go.

Ok that’s all for yesterday. A fun little day!

4 responses to “More Eating, Shopping, and Visiting Katy’s School”

  1. I love Katy’s classroom. I am sure the kids will have many happy hours there.
    I can’t imagine it being that hot though. It has been in the 90s here and I say all the time, it wasn’t this hot when I was growing up. I hope you don’t have any more chest pains. I think I would call your Dr when you get back home. Try not to overdo while you are there. Can’t wait to see what you bought.

    • It was clearly a muscle/nerve thing that traveled to areas front and back and upward – the muscle soreness has worked its way outward. It’s sore in that area like a sore muscle now- just no radiating pain. I just can’t lift anything anymore as my muscles can’t handle it.

  2. The school rooms are extra special. They fixed them up really nice.
    The personal pizzas are a sin in the making. Yum0!
    I hope you are careful regarding the shoulder etc. pain. Don’t play now.
    I hope all your shopping fits in your car. That 100° + would do me in. Whew!!
    Enjoy the rest of your time there. 🙂

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