Shopping and Cleaning in Breckenridge

Ok so it’s Monday already! We are enjoying having the week off. We could get used to this real quick.

Katy and Cody took his parents to the airport and George and I hung around Breckenridge. We all had leftovers from the breakfast Breezy fixed- enough for both households to have again.

George and I ate lunch at Buckaroo Burger! We always eat there when we are here.

You know I like my burgahs but really usually try stay away from them on a normal basis! I’ve had two in three days time. lol

Then we went to the local Walmart which I love. Oddly enough I can find clothes I like here. Basics but good ones. At my Walmart or any Nashville Walmart I am always late after the truck arrives I guess as my size in the cuter and better fitting clothes are gone already.

But here I even found cute tops on sale for 4.00! What? Found a new one for $12.

So this town here is getting into mask wearing at places that are chains it seems. Otherwise most do not as the virus is not widespread- at least not yet.

We definitely wore ours into Walmart but did not into the burger place.

We bought a few groceries. My biggest scores were: Oscar Meyer beef bologna- we’ve not had that in my area since the pandemic stated in March/April. At least not when I’m at the store. And also some disinfecting wipes. We’ve not had those either.

We came back and I cleaned up. Washed dishes, used the cleaning and disinfecting wipes as there had been a lot of people coming in to use the restroom from the gender reveal.

George and I fixed dinner. He fixed poutine and I fixed a salad. It was a meatless dinner but we all had eaten pretty good all day.

Chef George’s Poutine

We ate as the sun lowered in the sky. It had been 101 or so. Very hot out. But not humid like Nashville.

Our Dinner Salad

After dinner I went outside. And grabbed a quick pic and some video footage.


George and I got into Lone Star Law about Texas Wildlife Officers. It was really good and some of the scenes were not far from here.

I love watching the day turn into night from the sofa! I love that big back window!

It wasn’t long before it was 9:30 and I was ready for bed.

I’m loving the breeze that blows 12-15 ish constantly especially since it’s so hot. It feels amazing in the mornings and evenings. I love a breeze blowing on my face when it’s warm!

We have slept so good here too. There are 2 double beds in the guest room!

WordPress in my phone is starting to act up by not showing all the words I type.

So I’m having to add extra blocks of about two sentences each.

It does not wrap but keeps on typing into infinity and off my screen.

So over and out! Not sure what we are doing today. Katy’s last day before school.

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  1. Hi Sonya, it is a very hot day here just checked and it’s 32/89f that for us is really hot and even worse for me is that it is humid today. Yesterday was hot as well but a drier heat and I didn’t feel it so much..but today…WHEW and WHEW again. I don’t know how you can put up with such high temps. I hope you have some air con over here in the UK it is a very very rare thing to have in homes. Thankfully I have it in the car if I have to go anywhere. I’m glad you got to Walmart and got a nice new top at a reasonable price….I’m surprised that everyone was not wearing masks as I heard on TV that TEXAS has a high instance of the virus…hope Kate is keeping herself safe. Did I read she is starting school this week ? I pray that she dosn’t catch the virus from any children….
    Enjoy the next few days of your trip…
    Sending love over the very large pond !!! Sybil xxx

    • Yes it’s a town of 5000 population here – small and 2 hours from Dallas and an hour from Abilene which is closest big city. So here it’s just not as populated and quite frankly many say it’s already come thru. Who knows? I guess normally here people are so far apart already. But yes they start with kids next week and just in service this week.

  2. Katy looks healthy. I hope she’s feeling well. Cody looks like he’ll be a proud daddy. This is regarding your last post. Blue is my favorite color. 🙂
    You guys always manage to eat well that’s for sure. Yum
    Our Walmart has a nice clothes department. We’re out in nowhere, so they have no competition. No malls or major clothing stores. Nuttin’ honey.
    Does the heat bother the doggies? They look so content. Always.
    Enjoy your day Texas style!

  3. Congratulations on your new grandson! I somehow missed that post. So very happy for you all! Nothing like a new baby to brighten the world!

    Have a wonderful vacation!

  4. my mom was born in Abilene. the house has a lovely view. sounds like you are having a good time. wish katy well heading back into the classroom. take care.

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