Tornado Warning and Weekend Progress

Friday went by fairly fast at work. After going to the store, I was happy to have the lowfat milk and a banana. Cereal sounded good. And it was.

I am happy to say I’m caught up to where I should be now – well, at least the things I’m behind on now are easy to get done here and there and of little significance, like updating things, retyping instructions on things, boxing things, making labels for the future payrolls and things like that. I have very little free time but there is just enough to get those things done on the fly. And Friday did not have any “oh my goshes, we forgot to pay so in so their _______pay”. So that was nice to have a day free from back tracking and manual checks, which have to not only be added to payroll the following week, less the advance, but run through our A/P system as well – a couple of entries there – setting the employee up as a vendor and doing a pre-pay – because you are using one of our checks so it has to be recorded there and then offset by the advance deduction on PR the next run. It has been two weeks of that lately on top of getting the normal payroll done and trying to catch up from vacation, as well as get taxes paid.

I was able to get about half way through the month end withholding taxes that we pay monthly now that the last payroll of the month has come, but I have plenty of time to finish that next week.

We ended up having a tornado warning Friday and had to seek shelter. We were just on the outskirts of where it was heading. The skies got really gnarly. There was rotation in the clouds but never a tornado on the ground – at least not that I heard. Other rounds of rain and storms were set to come through so I left a bit after 4 Friday to get home so I didn’t get caught in one of those torrential downpours on the interstate around all the nutzoid drivers.

I opened a bottle of Clint’s Salsa from Texas and it was great. Had a new bag of tortilla chips to open.

George fixed me a Paloma (cocktail with Grapefruit Juice). I was cold from all the storms, where I had been taking the dogs out in the rain, and came back into the a/c. So I put on my long gym pants and a long sleeve shirt and had on my winter slippers, aka “scorpion shoes”, as given to me while in Texas. I sat in the sun room under a blanket for a bit as it was warm in there (closed off with no a/c). Finally warmed up.

George fixed BBQ, cornbread, slaw and beans for dinner. Here he’s propping it up for ya! lol We buy this at the store in the freezer section. It’s the best and tastes just like we have picked it up fresh. We keep it as a staple now just like we do burger meat so we have always have one.

Saturday morning, I woke up and made coffee after Maisy demanded to go outside at 5:30. I was awake and had a pretty good Friday night sleep. I wasn’t ready to be productive, so I sipped coffee and “woke up” by watching some of my favorite YouTube videos.

Once I was awake, I set off to get a lot of things done in the house. It really needed some attention. I actually did some videoing of my day. I was excited to use the new camera. However, I realized how awkward it was. I could not get it on the tripod that came with it. (I hate having to read instructions, but will have to do that eventually). But my camera fit on the other tripod. I used it in the beginning to do the videos and eventually switched to the iphone as it was easier. It is easy to video someone else, but awkward to video myself and switch back and forth. So I need to watch a video on using it for vlogging yourself. I know it will get easier and it has a much better picture, but yesterday I switched over just so I could do things more quickly. What made it difficult was that I was moving around a lot. So definitely a learning curve but I’ll get better once I know more of what I am doing. I love the camera though.

My Saturday was mainly this:

  • Laundry
  • Ironing
  • Reorganizing the back shelf of the laundry room -throwing out old shakes/products not used up
  • Opening up the Amazon deliveries (mainly vitamins, a Scentsy order, and something from the system that I use
  • Clean the kitchen – reboot dishwasher, wash a few dishes, clean counters
  • Swept the floor
  • Vacuumed the house
  • Changed the Sheets
  • Put up the laundry
  • Picked out my outfits for next week
  • Took care of doggies
  • Edited video for the next Vlog

Ordered these from Scentsy and called it a “Texas Souvenir”. Katy had the Johnny Appleseed cleaner for the kitchen and I loved the smell of apples after using it. I also ordered the bathroom cleaner version but Scentsy did not send a nozzle. Katy said she had an extra and would send. Apparently Scentsy has a problem getting the nozzles in. The one nozzle I had, I had a hard time getting it to go from OFF to ON. There were no instructions and I thought I would break it getting it to work. I finally got it in the spray position and that is where it will stay. I am all for child proof but what good is it if the adult can’t even get in it, LOL. I guess I could buy a container for the bathroom stuff, but I’ll wait and see if Katy can send her extra. Of course Scentsy loses their advertisement if I put it in a different container. The reason I bought it was that Katy had hers in the original container when I used it. If it had been in another container I wouldn’t have known what it is. Of course not many other people will be in my bathroom, but I did want to make that point.

We had a fantastic roast last night for dinner with potatoes, carrots, and left over cornbread. It was so good.

So it is Sunday and today’s plan looks something like this:

  • Bible study/devo
  • Iron pants that have now hung dry so I have some for the work week.
  • Tape the video segment(s) that need to be taped.
  • Clean my office
  • Clean my bathroom
  • Restock up the vitamin pack for the week.
  • Amazon orders
  • Go to Aldi with George
  • Do some meal planning
  • Do my nails

The rest of day remains open. But I really feel the need to:

  • Work on photos/storage on the Mac and my iphone as I’m starting to max out on iphone memory
  • Watch a video on Vlogging with my Camera or lessons on Camera use in general
  • Figuring out the back/up and storage of my imovies and all that. I need to get a handle on that. It’s been on the list for a while.
  • Hopefully finish up the video

Regardless, much of my day will be spent in the office at home today now that the house is fairly clean. For the Amazon orders, mainly need to order some more blue pants. I have some but they are on the tight side, lol. I get in them, but I am b/w sizes right now. I may order some more masks. I need to order my Clinique eye liner too. And I need to order a bigger camera bag for all the new camera tools, lens filters etc. The one that came with it only holds the camera itself and no room for the other stuff and it is sitting around my office. But I might ask for the wide angle lens for Christmas – although I’m supposed to be getting flooring – lol. So I guess that means ask for my birthday? Or maybe just buy with Christmas money.

So I better get started on the day. I’m always disappointed at how fast the weekend goes and I want to get a lot done. I’m tired of having a to do list I can never get accomplished. And I know that more things replace the things done as I create more things for myself to accomplish once things are complete. But I’m ready to accomplish a lot! I want to get around some learning curves, eat better, and make progress to my goals. Sometimes I wish I could have a hundred lifetimes to do everything in.

What are you accomplishing, or NOT accomplishing this weekend?

Vietnamese Pho, Hurricane Laura Remnants, Shopping, and Sleep

Miss Laura will be passing over us today. Gusts of 20 to 30 supposedly from The Weather Channel at last night’s forecast. Already we have had a wave of storms roll through as we went to Walmart last evening.

We went to eat Pho last night before shopping and it was really good. We got fresh spring rolls. We are going to try to make these at home. We had a nice time. It was nice and healthy except for maybe a lot of starch in the rice noodles, lol. I think it needed a few more veggies! We talked to the owners a bit. They are really nice and hanging on during the Pandemic.

We got in the parking lot of Walmart (after we ate) and the lightning was unreal with the storms approaching. We got the groceries in the car just in time. I was thinking how glad I was to be so close to home and we’d be there pretty quick and then George said he had to go pay the water bill which meant we would be caught up in the storm. ::sigh:: but it is what it was. It wasn’t too bad and mainly sprinkled. So I think it skirted us. If it rained much I didn’t know it. George took dogs out and I unloaded the groceries. We both rebooted the dishwasher (clean out/dirty in) and I washed some other dishes.

After that, I poured a glass of Pinot Noir and turned on The Weather Channel and put my feet up. A very productive day and enjoyed our dinner but hauling two loads of groceries up the stairs (George got the 3rd load) kinda wore me out. We had been out of a lot. My muscles have been very weak this week. Scarily so. So I’m really going to have to focus on fixing that. I think it’s been the way we’ve been eating from vacation and maybe I need more D, more fruits and greens. It’s always THAT I think. I have to really focus to make sure I get in what the body needs because the normal way we try to eat does not get us there. George rarely infuses greens or fruits in the meal without my push for it. He prefers the beans and rice and taters. I do too but that doesn’t cut the mustard. lol

So last night Maisy had to go out about 1 in the morning. The deer was in the front yard. Got back in bed and almost asleep and then Roger had to go out. Darn it! He takes his sweet time. So by the time we got back in I was fully awake. I had to drink Sleepy Time tea and play Candy Crush and wait for it to kick in. I think I went to bed again about 3:00 or 3:30 and didn’t get to sleep until probably 4. I could not get comfortable. George was snoring loudly and had been all night. I am getting very close to moving myself into another bedroom. Seriously. It has been hard to sleep for a while. I think I may just need to for a night or two to get caught up on sleep anyway. I don’t always have this problem. But it’s a problem right now. IF I wake up in the middle of the night I can’t go back to sleep until it’s almost time to get up. But I worry if I go sleep in the guest bed, then Roger may try to jump out of the bed without me to catch him. Maisy will often wake me up if Roger is getting to the end of the bed. She looks out after him. Bless her. I would have slept in the guest room some before now but hadn’t because of Roger. But I may need to sleep in a couple of days this weekend.

I will try to be a good person today despite my lack of sleep when I was already tired out from the week. I am caught up on most of my weekly tasks at work – I had been a day behind, then half day behind and yesterday I caught up with myself, lol. I do have a lot of extra things people have been needing from me. But extras take a back seat until the main stuff with payroll and taxes and fixing all the payroll mistakes that people forgot to turn in. So now I can work on Friday’s stuff and if I get through with that, then I can work on the extras. That said, I am trying to go in early and leave early. Not sure if that can happen with me sitting her blogging, lol. If it looks like it is going to be pouring rain later in the day, I may leave early to miss it. After all I’ve NOT taken much of a lunch all week long. Have worked longer days and made up my dental appointment time. It’s hard to drive in pouring tropical rains. So if I feel like I need to, I’ll leave a bit early. With the way people drive in Nashville, they’ll try to go 70 in one of these downpours – they pass you and then you pass them later upside down in the median or slid off the road in the trees. I drive slow in the rain and if no one else does that puts us all in danger. So I try to NOT be on the road when it rains a stupid heavy rain.

OK off to pack lunch and scoot myself in. I’m so glad it is Friday. I hope I don’t nose dive on my desk this afternoon. I’m about ready for a nap already! Will Laura be impacting you? Or has she?

Ya’ll have a good one.

Gender Reveal Party and Decor

I had to wait to post all these as I transferred them to the iMac at home. But it was a special time in our life and so I want these pics on the blog and to be able to share them. Mostly did not include a lot of people since you are never sure about who is ok with it and who is not. So I usually stick with family, the decor, and often I end up getting pics no one else did. So it works out. Most of the time.

They surprised us with shirts! So so cute.

I hope you enjoy! This will be mainly pics of the decor! We are not allowed to take pics of much on the ranch and was reminded of that periodically while there. So hopefully with these pics we will not reveal any secrets, whatever they are! lol.

I am sharing this one because these are Katy’s friends that she teaches with. They are awesome! They have been so good to Katy. They all look out for one another! So I appreciate these ladies so much! The let me take their pic so I am guessing it is ok to share on here.

I’ll be doing a separate Texas Sunset entry soon but I did want to put a couple on here because the sunset was a special part of the night that night. Also have to mention the WIND! The wind was blowing a lot that day and made the decorating very difficult. But all in all it turned out to be a great party. It was outside. It was 105 or so starting out the party. But not humid – still very hot. Maybe that is why sunsets are so special sometimes, lol!

The actual gender reveal section is on a video which has mainly only been shared on facebook in a more private matter. I’ve been asked not to include it on YouTube, and videos don’t do well here on the blog unless it’s been added to YouTube, so I can’t actually show the reveal part – not by my choice – but I will honor the request.

Bottom line – it’s a BOY! Due in January! And we are so excited. We just hate they are so far away. Fourteen hours away! What are we gonna do?

Notes from the Week:

Ahhhhh I should probably just not include this part but I will say that this work week has pretty much been____________ at work. Sometimes it’s best to just leave the blank there but “sucky” would do just fine if you really need a word to be there. Bless its heart! I think it’s a good week to put work in the corner – in time out. It’s not been good this week. It’s too bad we really cannot ‘punish’ work when it’s been bad. lol. But I can blog about it. Not about people but “it”.

So many things making it harder on you than it really needs to be. I’m behind but it’ll just have to be that way til I catch up. It’s one thing to stay over for work when its busy and to make sure everything and everyone taken care of the best of your ability. But it’s another to have to stay over to fix things others should have done. I’m trying to keep a good attitude. But right about now, I’m really very very tired and ready for the weekend.

I went to the dentist yesterday morning and so I was a couple of hours late coming in. So I didn’t take lunch and for the most part lately I have not all week- no time to) except for a quick drive thru one day. So I made up the time but I ordered Greek for lunch thru an app and it was so good. We didn’t have a lot for dinner last night so I was glad I did. This meal got me thru the day yesterday.

When I came home I folded the laundry and rebooted (started the next loads – tossed the washer clothes in the dryer and so forth). Then sat on the sofa in the sun room and watched the deer eat in the back yard. Very much needed down time there. And this morning I need to go reboot the laundry again, lol.

We are headed to the store tonight and think we are going to get Pho or some kind of Asian soup or dish before hand. Just ready to be done with the work week. I was going to go in early but decided I didn’t want to give up my blog entry just because others are creating a lot of extra work for me. Didn’t seem fair somehow! lol. So here I sit.

Ya’ll take care. Prayers for those impacted by Laura.

Tomorrow maybe I’ll do the Texas sunset post from the cam! I think this is my favorite though. I am still learning! This is on automatic settings most likely.