Taxes, Texas, and Letting Go

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Good morning friends! Boy let’s see what comes out at the type writer this morning as I have no plans. The coffee is absolutely wonderful this morning.

It’s questionable as to whether I’ve slept good. I went to bed about 8:30 but woke up at 1:00 for about 45 min and then also again around 2:30 when storms rolled through and again about 4:00 when my alarm went off. I chose to ignore it and go by George’s 1st alarm. His 1st alarm at 4:45 (allowing him to snooze for 30 min) is just enough time for me to get up, make coffee, get the dogs plates ready with their Science Diet, Fresh Pet mix topped with Doggie CBD oil. Take Maisy out and give her breakfast, and get my shower. Go grab my cup and hit the computer for the morning blog. And those sips of coffee and an open blog slate is always a fun moment.

I have not really felt like I’ve slept good this week. I have felt most all week like going to bed and taking a nap. I’m not a napper but if I were not working I would probably become one at this point.

So I’ve been pushing through the days the best I can. I am almost finished with quarter end (taxes and tax returns) and today is the last day of it, so good thing. As I go along I discover more I have to do and some of it confusing on the parts I’ve not done before, as to what is supposed to happen. At least I ask questions right? But about to get it all figured out now. Hopefully today will be a good day so I can finish it up and begin on the month end so I don’t have to work around the clock next week when I need to be getting ready for the trip. I’m already tired now so I bet that next week I’ll be zonked by the time we get off the merry go round and actually get in the car to head out.

I’ve been trying to stage things for our trip and trying to write things down as I think of it to avoid that last minute “oh no I forgot this or that”. I’m usually pretty prepared though and ready to go since I’ve traveled and packed for trips a lot in my life.

I worked some more on the next video and decided to try to go forward with it. I said I didn’t like it and wasn’t going to do it and that decision bothered me. So I’m in! I’m stripping some things out that I don’t like and may have time to add some different clips in. I think yesterday I was just sleepy, tired and thinking about so many other things. But I am adding layers to make it more interesting. We’ll see but I will really try and get this knocked out so I can post it before we go. There is a LOT to do this weekend though.

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You know what though? I think my zest in doing the video has been clouded or shadowed by several things, which are both good and not so good depending on which thing it is.

  1. Definitely the virus – keeping us at home primarily, away from friends and fun plans and excursions, or anything interesting outside our household
  2. Planning for the trip – most everything is on hold until “after Texas” but we are very excited about the trip.
  3. Quarter End/Month End at work – paying taxes and doing tax returns. It’s just hard to concentrate on anything happy for worrying about getting that done on time.
  4. My spirit is zonked anyway which is really #1 all over again except for maybe #5.
  5. Sleep needs to be better. I think I could sleep for a year right now.
  6. I need more fish – it’s good brain food and we have not had much lately. And Logan’s upped their price on me. It’s a $20 meal to get salmon at lunch unless you get it on a salad and it’s scarce on the salad. I may start calling it medicine though and spring for the $20. I miss it.
  7. Creativity – I’ve not felt creative for probably all those reasons above. My mind is elsewhere. Things are a bit crazy and stir crazy and all plans are on hold til taxes and Texas are done, lol!

I think a change of scenery will do me good. I’m tired right now and I’m tired of everything.

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I hope my post yesterday did not offend anyone. It was not my intentions. I just had/have questions as to why certain things happen and certain things don’t. I find it quite frustrating that sources you once trusted can no longer be trusted. And that so much has become corrupt that you can’t see straight any longer. Everything seems crooked. It doesn’t help matters for any of us. The very fact that you question something to even try to form an opinion even brings anger or rejection. So I give. Not giving up my rights to saying what’s on my mind. As long as the world is turning I’ll be doing that. I will hold it in until a certain moment and you will know it all at once and really fast. lol. Just ask anyone who has ever poked at me and tried to get away with it. But for the most part I just give. I just give it to God. I guess I don’t need to know what is happening on this earth. I’m not a God and can’t fix it anyway. And I’m trying to just go with that. That maybe I’m not supposed to know.

And I do want to say that “Yes I do believe the virus is real” that is really not what I’m questioning. I did say that I didn’t know of anyone that has had it but that does not mean that I didn’t think it was real. I do want to get that very straight and clear so there is no misunderstandings of that! I hope no one I know gets it. Yesterday’s post was simply asking questions as to why certain things happen and certain things don’t. I will remain suspicious of it and I will talk about it when I need to even if it upsets someone that I’m asking questions. But my goal is not to upset anyone. I think we would all be amiss not to ask questions. I think we all probably should have been asking questions about a lot of things in all parts of our lives when we shove things under a rug. But for now, I’ll let God take it and he can have it all til I’m ready to take any of it back. lol

There is a frog outside my window talking to me right now.

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No worries though. I usually find “my happy” and “content” in whatever I’m doing. But I do recognize the 7 things listed above and try to fix it – adding nutrients, God’s word, music, and definitely food – to fix the moment.

There is a deep deep sadness though and maybe some hidden anxiety. About the corona virus, the future, and all that goes with that and many other subjects. As the sadness starts to come through I try to fix it and cover it up and squash it back down. So many things bring joy to cover it up. So while I’m sad we can’t do this and we can’t plan that, I’m at least grateful and happy and blessed for all the things we have to be grateful and happy and blessed.

And it’s Friday and that is a blessing in itself. Two whole days off and much to do in those days. And I get to go get a 2nd cup of coffee and wear jeans and a tee shirt today. At there is comfort in that!

Suspicious and Mysterious

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Just poppin’ in. We have been sailing along in our work week and now all the focus is getting things done before headed off to vacay – both at work and the home front. I think this makes us very boring people. lol

My work. I am chomping down on getting the quarter end accomplished amidst weekly payrolls and all the normal duties that come with paying the payroll taxes and garnishments each week. I’ve come in early, stayed late, and on some days didn’t take lunch. But, I usually needed some kind of break so yesterday I drove to get Taco Bell, to give my spirits a boost and actually see that other parts of the world still exists – more than just home and work. I’m closing in on the quarter end. Most of it done but then there is a new month end now and all that has to be done as well. So I’m a little nervous considering there is a lot I need to do in the next 3 days before the payroll toots it horn again – and then we are gone as I won’t have the end of the next week to do anything. It really has to all be done this week or close to it. I will need my week next week after work to prep for leaving so I’m trying to get everything done this week.

George’s Work. As for George, what a horrible thing – his boss had given notice and is no longer there. George’s assistant is no longer there as of this week and George goes on vacay next week. His days has been extremely busy since his department has gone from 3 to 1. And we leave for vacay next week which unless they find someone to step in, there will be 0. So quite interesting. However, it is understood by all that we leave when we do. After all, his vacay was turned in well in advance, as was mine, and all approved.

Disappearing things. It’s funny because this week – my planning, shopping, and “doing things” is broken down into “before Texas” and “after Texas”. And as I reached for my black dry erase markers and the pack of colors from which that came – I find it no where. Now where did my dry erase markers walk off to? The mysteries of life. How can I plan w/o my dry erase markers? lol I’ll have to order those “after Texas” now. But I’ve looked everywhere for these in my office here. No where to be found. It’s like there is a ghost in this house making all the mysteries happen. A favorite lotion I reached for – now an empty container. Maybe it all dried up somehow? I usually throw things away when it’s empty though. And there is the conditioner. The one I put in the shower but saving it to use until all the other conditioners are gone, but yet this new one is almost empty now? How does that happen? Is someone using my shower when I’m not there? Unlikely as George has his own shower. Weird and odd. So maybe conditioners evaporate over time? lol So yeah, that favorite conditioner will be on the list to buy after Texas. Petty but yet perplexing. I’m pretty big on things being a certain way and in a certain place and left alone. The result of being an only child until the age of 10. Became permanently settled at that point that I didn’t want my stuff touched. I don’t like for anything to be moved or touched. And I can usually tell when it’s misplaced or moved. I guess we’ll toss this up there with the other unsolved mysteries of life. And life goes on and on. Mysteries unsolved. Yet.

The next video. I have been working on it but not happy with it. And I’m not really inspired and in a creative mood to deal with it, having the pressures of work and prepping for a trip. It’s hard to make it interesting when there is just not much going on. As I say during this pandemic its trying to make something out of nothing. I like parts of it, but some parts have to go. And there’s not enough happening to replace it with. And I’ve had problems with the best clip of the video – something happened to damage the video when I sent it over to iMovie and it’s all black. Another picture is all green. So I think I deleted and reinstalled the video clip in the time line and think it is working now. But I think I’ve about decided that this one will be tossed. The only thing that will save it will be if I can add some more interesting things to it. I’m trying but I’m not going to put something out there that I’m not happy with.

Suspicious minds. And I’m just really suspicious of the virus stuff again. What is weird is that media seems to be cutting away anything that remotely suggests that the virus can be cured/controlled. Is someone afraid of not being the one to get that vaccine money? Even I got in trouble for having a certain company in the same paragraph with the virus and I wasn’t even talking about a cure but what to eat (shakes/nutrition) if we couldn’t get to the store or restaurants on our girls trip in March. Is someone getting paid to remove this stuff? Or the media getting paid to announce or denounce certain things? So if you mention a possible cure or treatment it gets removed quickly as false news. But if I were to mention that water cured cancer, and did a video on that – no one would remove it would they? So why is not everything else being censored? People post things all the time that are not true or speculation or opinion and it’s not removed. This whole thing is just suspicious. So I believe the virus is real – well I guess. Although I don’t know anyone close to me that has had it even with the numbers as high as they are, but apparently it is real. But they are so dead set against anyone having a cure and just saying it’s false information. And even people who haven’t been tested have been called and said their test was positive, lol. What??? They are also heatedly, fervently, purposely, and quickly removing information that people swear heatedly as truth – but not as much fervor on ANY other subject of questionable posting. I can post that the stars will fall out of the sky tomorrow and they would leave that one alone. This is just highly suspect to me.

Everyone keeps saying when the election is over, there will be cures suddenly for the disease and such – and it’ll all start getting back to normal. This whole thing has just been crazy and suspect they way it’s all going down and everything political surrounding it.

Ok, I’ll quit with my suspicions now. But like a lot of others I’m concerned and mad about free speech being messed with. And now I’m starting to believe that much of the hoopla is just an overgrown political mess. I hate hate hate election years. It used to be because of the media and I could just avoid it. It’s still a media issue and I’m still trying to avoid it but don’t mess with my life too. If there is a cure and patients are getting well and over it by numerous doctors who are treating with the three famous and cheap drugs and no one dying from it, then why the fervor to knock that down? They would prefer we all lived in fear and paid for the vaccine? Or lived in fear and stayed home and the economy tanked to Trump wouldn’t be reelected? I guess we’ll see how it shakes out.

Ok I will get off and go to work now, but if we’ve worn masks, not seen friends and family because this is a political ploy there’s gonna be some bad show down going on out there when this is over as it will make so many people mad. Geez Louise? What are your thoughts on all this? And again I’m not saying the virus is not real. I’m just mad about the things I mentioned above.

Ya’ll have a good day.

Message of James, Memory Cards, and our Four Course Dinner with Family

The Messages in James address our Issues today:

Yesterday was a good day. Although I started in on the laundry and shopping and a few other things in prep for the week, I remembered my promise to God to do a Bible Study in James 1st thing. Oopsie. It was not first thing, but I got it done. God had been nudging me all along to go read James. He’s nudging Hebrews next. But He wanted me to read James first for some reason.

James is filled with information about the following:

  • What to do in trials of life
  • What to do when you need wisdom
  • Explains temptation
  • Explains where gifts come from
  • Explains the Tongue and it’s issues
  • Talks about Learning/Doing the Word of God
  • Discusses Partiality
  • Discusses the Rich vs the Poor
  • Becoming involved in Worldliness
  • Jealousy
  • Selfish Ambition
  • Humility or Pride
  • Making Plans
  • Having patience to endure
  • Grumbling against Others
  • Prayer
  • Bringing Back those that Wander

What powerful words and advice in these 5 easy to read and easy to understand chapters. It addresses so much of what we are going through today.

Memory Cards

It occurred to me yesterday that I might need more memory cards for my camera. So here I go again ordering from Amazon, lol.

I watched a video. I’m not sure I understand it all yet, but I’m getting there. I was told this one would work great and to have at least 2. And to go for the U with the 3 in the middle. I ordered them mid morning I think yesterday and they were at the house by 7 p.m. I kinda feel bad, as Amazon was at my house twice yesterday. I told ya, I keep ’em busy. I often check that box of it’s ok to do all packages on a certain day, but they usually deliver it if it’s in. I guess we have to start thinking of them like it’s the postal service – it’s a daily thing. But you know what? I really miss going shopping in the stores. So much. I’ve always liked on line but I miss going to look at clothes.

I worked on the iMovie yesterday on the next video. Doing editing. I hope I have enough material. If not I’ll record up something to go with. I have found it always works out. Somehow. I do have a little “helpful segment” that I want to record about the subject matter. I have to find the right time to record, being that I work full time. Sometimes I have a bit of time in the evenings before dinner. The best time is on Saturday when George is outside and the house is quiet. Only not when he is mowing. I’ve noticed that in the background a lot. lol Oh well, it’s real life I’m doing here and it’s a Vlog but I do want the audio to sound good.

Family Over for Dinner

Irish Soda Bread

These pics are taken with the iPhone. I had it with me and ready to go. I’m not comfortable yet to cook and have my new camera around. I think I need to break it in a bit first. But I’ll get there. I made Irish Soda Bread – nothing special – it was from a mix that I bought early in the Pandemic when there was fear of a bread shortage. Truthfully I’m trying not to eat bread. Couldn’t tell that last night, but I thought having company would be a good time to make it. Otherwise it’ll sit in the cabinet until past its effective date.

We did our “courses” last night and chatted between each one. We had soup. I made a bean and corn beef broth based soup. Not pictured. Totally forgot. It wasn’t that exciting to look at I guess, but it tasted good. We each had a cup with the sour dough bread.

Next up was George’s pretty salad.

Oh and Susan (my SIL) brought George a Sweet Potato plant.

That’s cool. While outside taking the dogs out, I snapped a pic of the clouds. I loved the “silver lining” and I took it to be a sign – the fact that I was there and that I noticed it. And look at the airplane flying beside it.

The next course my SIL made. A little side of pasta made with olive oil and cherry tomatoes and fresh basil. Oh it was good. You know I love my pasta.

The last course was George’s Chicken Artichoke over rice.

The only problem I see with the courses is that we are still eating large portions, lol. But I will say that each one digests in between and it is stretched out over time and conversation. It worked out well! And we did not have dessert. I had told George I’d make a fudge pie and he laughed out loud and said “that’s not diet food”. But we had company coming. So I didn’t make dessert. I guess we didn’t need it. My SIL thought it sounded great and I said I could make one real quick – but then remembered we did not have milk and eggs. So I told her next time. We had plenty to eat and actually didn’t need to have dessert, but maybe next time.

This Week’s Outlook

I’m doing a cleanse from dinner last night to dinner tonight. Doing my deep berry liquid drink I do, lots of water, a hydrate drink, bone broth for lunch and yep there will be some coffee in there. And a piece of tea infused chocolate to keep up the blood sugar.

I was able to get a lot of things done this weekend. It’s never enough though. So a busy week ahead. But I’m happy the weekend was productive. It’s amazing how even the weekends you have at home, go so fast and are so filled. I was hoping to get George’s birthday things wrapped and decided that getting the house together was more important since company was coming. Our carpets were horrible. I had two containers of debri that came up from the carpets. :-O And I wish I’d gotten further along in my movie making. But getting it started on a weekend is good. It takes a bit of concentration to get the file made and photos and videos selected and then download the clips and get them on the timeline. I like a weekend for the organization of that. Aside from that, I can come and go and tweak a bit here and there as I have time all week this week as the hardest part for me is done. I don’t like to be interrupted in time when I’m selecting the photos and clips for the video b/c then you forget what you added and didn’t add so best to do that part when you have uninterrupted time. My goal is to get it uploaded before we go to TX. Because when we get back from Texas, I’ll have enough to probably do 2 or 3 more videos!

I’ve already started a staging area for packing. Will be a busy but fun week. I may suggest we not watch Netflix this week much and do more prep, catch up, and then read or free time. I could use it this week.

Hope you have a great week this week! Anything you are wanting to accomplish????