Starbucks, The Shower, a Squirrel, and Father’s Day

I treated myself Friday to Starbucks, using up the ends of two gift cards (Thank you Katy and and Wood Personnel – yup, I’ve had them a while.). I only owed 17 cents. I think one reason I hadn’t used the cards were that they had low balances – not enough to complete a transaction. But it was really nice. My favorite coffee at Starbucks is the Pike Place with Cinnamon powder on top. The Cinnamon kinda knocks down Starbuck’s overbold coffee. I think they always have superstrong coffee as many people put things in their coffee. I like mine black but from there I get Cinnamon. Of course me being who I am, a middle TN hillbilly as you all call us, asks:

Me: “Ya’ll still have that Pikes Peak coffee?”

Starbucks: “Yes – Pikes’ Place coffee, ma’am”.

Me: “Ok I’ll have that –just black with cinnamon on top”

Starbucks: “Is that the cinnamon syrup or powder?”

Me: “oh, powder please”.

Starbucks: “What else”

Me: (Having my order all ready to go having looked it up on line a few minutes ago forgets it) Ahhhm, I’ll have that ahhhh —(all I could get out was…). “Spinach”

Starbucks: “Oh the Spinach and Feta Wrap?”

Me: “Oh yes”. (I love this guy he finishes my sentences for me).

Drive thrus are hilarious with me. Anyway, I enjoyed the wrap although it was hard to eat while driving. And it totally hit the spot! I was so happy that Starbucks was so easy to get to in the morning traffic now. I may have to make it a Friday tradition now until school goes back into session.

Friday night George fixed us a Nashville HOT Catfish meal. Oh my it was good. We had salad and a cup of Red Beans and Rice with it.

I actually got up and made some tarter sauce for dipping. I’ve really had a lot of mayo lately and it’s going to soon be showing on my hips. But a bit of mayo and lime juice (we didn’t have lemon and I think I liked the lime better) and I chopped up some pickle. What a fine dinner. Lately we have been eating in the sunroom and just enjoying a slight breeze – but the last couple of nights the breeze has had to be instigated with the fan in the room. Probably getting a bit warm to be in there now as the cool evenings start to wane and the humidity begins to rise. We will have a few surprise evenings here and there to open it back up and read, eat, or sip wine and check cell phone messages is more like reality.

The dogs love the sun room. They hang out with me in there. Roger in his weakened state tried to jump up there and missed. Bless his heart. Momma came to the rescue.

So both George and I were extremely tired from the week Friday night. The warmth of the sun room and pollen and outside coming through did not do us any favors. Why is anything good that you like bad for you? Ice Cream and Outdoors and Pie? So I decided to go to bed and George was going to get in a movie. I threw Maisy on the bed at 8:00 p.m. telling George to come take Maisy out at 9:00 when he takes Roger. They go out about 9 for one last time. I am not sure why I didn’t just take her out. I think I was just THAT tired. But also if they go earlier than 9 they just wake us up earlier the next morning wanting to go out.

So I threw Maisy up on the bed (more like a light tossing, lol) Anyway, she was so excited that she started throwing herself against the pillows and rooting around and she pee’d all over everything. I was so mad. She has not done that in a long long time, like when we first got her. I think it’s a form of marking and I’ve read that it should be a compliment, lol – that it means she is happy and wanting to mark the spot as hers and our domain. But trust me I most certainly did not take it as a compliment. As tired as I was, I had to strip the sheets, the bedspread, pillows and go get them started in the wash and then I went to the Guest Bedroom. Meanwhile George heard the commotion and came back and worked on the mattress, as it went through.

So sleeping in the Queen bed Maisy and I got settled and I threatened her to “no pee…you better not” with my finger pointed in place. She tucked tail and went to bottom of the bed. I told her “I love you anyway, just don’t do it again.”

So about the time I got comfortable and my weary spirit and tired bones gave up and rested, here comes George and Roger. George had given up on the movie 10 minutes in as he was really tired too. Back to the Queen size and I felt every inch of it. And the snoring began in my ear. A triple whammy of oinnnnnnn, gnnnnnnnhhhh, fphewwwwwww. I stared at the ceiling and prayed Lord please let me sleep I am so tired. I was about to get up and go to the couch just feeling like there was no room but sleep came and it was quick.

Saturday morning we got up and had places to be and people to see – not something we have been able to say a lot lately.

We went to a graduation party for one of George’s cousins. It was outside. And come and go. I tried to stay on the outer fringes of the mall crowd.

The online shower was a lot of fun.

I had ordered Ellen a cake and it turned out cute for those at the shower at their house.

I bought Susan and Kevin and George and I a dessert for our end of the shower at Susan and Kevin’s. Susan and Kevin had bought a BBQ lunch for us.

Publix had this Strawberry Shortcake Tarte that we put on Susan’s beautiful platter. It was pretty.

I ordered flowers to be delivered for Friday for Ellen. So Ellen steamed from the nursery and opened gifts. It was great. I think it’s probably ok to show the Mom to be opening a couple of gifts and you can see the nursery which has mountains painted on the wall. Ellen loves the outdoors. And she had just been back from camping in Colorado.

I absolutely loved it (and so did everyone) when she put the baby towel on her head!

No one declared bingo until everyone began to try and use sentences with the phrases. Everyone had all but ONE. So that was fun. Once we determined who it was that said Bingo after we awarded the prize, the person said “But I kinda cheated”. We all laughed. It was fun anyway.

Katy did a cute game with fill in the blanks. Name that song! See if you can get it. I don’t have all the answers but I think you can google it.

Katy (daughter) and Susan my SIL, and I stayed on at the end to talk a bit.

We were laughing at there was one left with us but no one was there. It was an aunt that left the room but didn’t know how to turn it off. Fun times! And that’s almost us! ;-O

So I think the shower went well.

Then George and I headed to the store to get steaks for Sunday and headed home. He offered for us to go out to eat for dinner but I was tired and didn’t want to get back out.

I sat in the sun room and watched YouTube videos trying to get some ideas and also catch up on the travelers that I keep up with.

Here was the scene yesterday. Please ignore the vacuum cord. I usually keep the vacuum out there. There is not a good place upstairs to keep the vacuum so it really just gets tossed into the next room that needs it most, kindof like a manual roomba. lol I pulled up a chair to put my legs in. Had a glass of chardonnay and Maisy was making herself at home taking my blanket off the couch to suit herself. And Roger giving up and sleeping on the floor at my feet. Of course moi not pictured as I’m taking the pic, lol!

And that brings us to this morning.

No pics yet, but the new coffee pot arrived and the decanter was NOT broken. I’ll return the other one tomorrow at the UPS store with my label that I need to put on it today.

We are also going to a friends house for pool party cook out. Just six of us I think. It’s Father’s Day and none of us get to see or travel to be with kids so we are all hanging out. We are taking dressed eggs (I need to go make those here in a few). George is making steak kebobs for the grill and also veggie pizza for an appetizer.

I really need to get at it today though with the few hours we have at home. I have a lot of laundry, need to clean a bit, and need to kind of plan the next week or so and look at the to do list. It’s been a busy week for some reason. Just a lot going on, getting ready for the shower, making lists and trying to remember to do things, touching base with people, and just so many things went wrong also that just kinda taxed my brain a bit. I think I was pulled in so many directions this week. So I’m thinking we get a little bit of a break for the next week or two and try to catch up with life and what we need to do.

I’ve not focused on trying to capture life through video this week. Also events where there are people are really hard to do. And nothing really interesting going on at home. Trying to keep the videos positive and if I had video’d this week, I’d be venting and talking about how tired we are, lol. I’d rather wait til we have a better week! I mean I suppose I could video the ups and the downs, and I will SOME, but I mean how interesting is a broken coffee pot or the fact that I uploaded the wrong YouTube account the other day? lol lol But I will begin videoing again soon for the next now that the shower is over and we will have some time again on the weekends.

I may eventually put out a schedule for the channel once I get into a rhythm but I don’t want to do that to myself until I get a few videos ahead so I have wiggle room during busy times. So for now it’s just testing the waters and periodic. We will see how it goes. I’ll be itching soon to to do the next one.

It’s about to rain here I think. Alert came thru for lightning strikes 4 miles from here. We may just be eating and not having the pool part of the party. lol We mainly sit around anyway but usually enjoy getting in and floating around.

I was hearing some weird noises out the window just now and thought it was a squirrel. Can you see the “squirrel” through the window? It’s an industrious “squirrel” working on some bushes, for this early in the morning:

Ok hopefully more tomorrow. I think we feel much more rested today. We both took a Benedryl last night as we got stuffy from being in the sun room as allegies kick in. I’ve had to clear my throat since January. He’s been trying to get me to take a Benedryl since. I finally took one. I think it helped some. And I slept really well yesterday. Had weird dreams but slept really well.

It was so strange that I thought maybe I’d write a book about it – that dream of mine. Then I realized that book is already written by someone else. Mine could have a different twist though. I have to end this post here. If I remember maybe I’ll blog about the dream tomorrow.

What are you doing on this fine Sunday, Father’s Day? I’ll leave you with a pic of my father. He loved to play the fiddle.

Enough Reasons to Vent

Well, it’s been a rough few days. I mean yeah it could definitely have been worse. But….when things just repeatedly bombard you going wrong, it kinda gets annoying after a while. Some of it my fault, most of it not. Not listed in any particular order. Some I’ve already mentioned.

  1. I had the wrong YouTube associated with Epidemic Sound which gave a copyright claim against the first video. (It’s no big deal as I mentioned previously, it’s just you can never monetize that video and I’m not monetizing it right now anyway, but I pay a fee per month to be able to use the music but had the wrong account covered.) I was mad at myself but fixed it in time to cover the 2nd latest video.
  2. I got an email from THAT SHAKE/SUPPLEMENT COMPANY I USE that I had the words COVID-19 and their name in the same blog or same paragraph and wanted it removed as well as the tag in that post. They said it’s the FTC that does not allow it. Had I made any false claims that this company would cure or prevent anything? Of course not. I said I had plenty of shakes should we not be able to get out and get food if we get stuck in the hotel. I said it would prevent my hunger, lol. But, regardless of who wants what taken down, preventing my freedom of speech, it did piss me off and I’m still pissed off. And I will remain pissed off. So much so that I will refrain from ever mentioning the company again on my blog EVER. That is just the way I roll. That way they never have to waste my time nor theirs ever again. Amen! So I have about 20 posts to go – removing the “I” word from any posts. If it’s worth having me erase it from one post, we’ll go all the way. If they ask for one shirt – give them two right? Maybe not exactly what God meant but we’ll go with it.
  3. Someone (I believe) pranked 911 using my office number at work the other day and the police showed up. (At the plant though so they have our wrong location.) It is being investigated as they can see the phone/connection and cell phone information. I’m not 100 percent sure myself but I think I get the connections/coincidences. I won’t turn them in until the records come back. Of course at that time they’ll already know who it was. But it is a crime to call 911 and waste the authorities time. And the joke is on this person now. I won’t be discussing with anyone but authorities and one person that is involved in investigating this. So it won’t do any good for anyone to poke me for info!
  4. The coffee pot I ordered arrived with a broken decanter. Of course I knew it would be the way that UPS and Amazon and all the carriers throw things around. I was hoping it wouldn’t be broken, but I knew in my heart it would be and it was. I don’t wish these things on myself. I just know how life is. I’ve been trained to know that if it had a glass part, it will be broken in shipment. So guess who has to take the thing to UPS today to get sent off. I don’t want to have to go into a UPS center due to COVID but I guess will have to. The new one arrives tomorrow. Jokingly but maybe not – please pray for the coffee pot. I like my brewed coffee in the mornings. It makes a difference in my mood.

5. The blog host through Word Press sent a notice that my renewal for LessHustleMoreCoffee didn’t go through. I panicked. I had to wait til I could get a minute to go in and see what was going on. It is set for auto-renewal. I have put so much into the blog so it scared me. All it was, was I had the credit card set to my “THAT SHAKE/SUPPLEMENT COMPANY I USE’S” pay card. I was going to use their card to fund my blog expense. However, I am not selling it anymore and forgot the card has ZERO balance on it, lol. So that is all it was. I set it to a different card and it was fine.

6. My email quit working on my Apple Watch. It’s been off for about a week or two and I’d not stopped to fix it. I finally took a lunch break and sat in the car and worked on it. I think when I set up my new email to go along with the blog/youtube – somehow it didn’t go through in my settings. I deleted and added it again and the rebooted both iphone and Apple watch – same information as before – only it took this time. But not having that set up was not letting ANY of my email come through to my watch.

The rest is just —–busy. Not having really much time to do anything. I have caught up on the laundry some in the evenings, the ironing, the things I didn’t get done on the weekend last week. I’ve tried solving all these issues above and getting some orders in.

I *think* things are set for the virtual shower Saturday. Everything that is within MY OWN control that is. With the luck I have had lately (see above for proof), I have been scared all along this will somehow all be a bust. But if it is, it won’t be because I didn’t do my part in trying to make it happen. If the internet fails or things don’t get where they are supposed to be or cakes don’t get baked as ordered, or things delivered as ordered, or as taken – it’s not as if I hadn’t tried. I’m trying to think positive. I just really get tired of things going wrong!!

So we have been working all day and coming home and trying to do things, do chores, make plans, decide things, and then it’s time to eat and go to bed. Bed has felt so good this week. It’s just a reprieve from all that is going on.

George had to go to the store last night. I have to go to the store tonight. And we have a busy weekend ahead. We have a grad party tomorrow. After that we head to my SIL’s and BIL’s for the virtual shower. After that I think George and I are coming home. We may make a stop or two.

Sunday we were going to McKay’s book store but have decided to put it off due to COVID. I was going to sit in the car and delete emails and photos, lol.

Instead we are going to Paul and Judy’s for a cookout. I’m making deviled eggs, George is making his veggie pizza for appetizer, and taking some small steaks – one for each person. So we needed time to work on that Sunday morning since we are gone Saturday. So we were fine to blow off our excursion til later.

So in addition to the above, much like you, I’ve been kinda blue this week. Yes we have so much to be thankful for and I am. But just a repeated bashing of the above along with the below, really just brings a body down.

  1. I am tired of not getting to see all of my friends. Some of them are just not ready. And I respect that. But I still miss them.
  2. I am tired of wondering if we are all going to get the virus and what it will do to us. What roulette result will it be? Asymptomatic or a bad bout, or worse?
  3. I’m tired of everything being political. It was once just the media – and you could ignore the politics and go on about your life during election year.
  4. I’m tired of everything being racial. I was already tired of it. No offense, but I haven’t mistreated anyone and I don’t want to be told that I have. No one needs to be mistreated and when I say God loves ALL OF US. I’m not being racial. So if you are thinking this about me get over it. It’s my brain, my thoughts, my words and I know what I mean and don’t want to be told what I mean! God said that we are all loved and I’m repeating it. I would never even think of race if people didn’t keep bringing up the subject. I don’t want us to be different so quit making it so is how I feel. Again, we all need to be treated equally and loved equally and love one another regardless of color. And those that don’t treat people with respect should be punished. Good people and buildings do not need to be mistreated either.
  5. I’m tired of wearing the masks. But I will continue to wear them. Yes I understand the need. No I don’t want the virus and NO I don’t want to pass anything along to anyone else. Yes I get it – I don’t need lectures on why it’s important. The fact is, just the facts, regardless of the need, I’m still tired of wearing it. I’m tired of having to remember every time I step out of the office. I’m tired of not being able to breathe when I’m wearing it. But again, I will keep on wearing it.
  6. I am tired of not being able to trust anyone. Everyone has an agenda. Everyone has something to hide or something to spin. It just gets OLD.
  7. When everything starts going wrong it also reminds you of everything that was already not right. Like family that is aloof and all that stuff. And people who you love that are gone. Just missing people! Everything is magnified these days.
  8. And Roger. It’s breaking my heart that he is getting older. He is starting to get weak and off balance. Sad.

So yeah, I cried this week. About twice a day. I mean, don’t anyone call 911 or anything!!!!!!!!!! I will be fine. I am fine. Repeat. It’s ok. lol. Or is it? My brewed coffee pot doesn’t arrive til tomorrow.

I’m thinking of waiting til Monday to return the current coffee pot so if this one is broken too I can reduce the number of trips to UPS by at least ONE. lol

Anyway, better get ready and get to work.

So thanks for letting me complain and gripe. It’s how I’m feeling right now and this is a reality blog. I am my own therapist along with God so we’ll get it figured out and I’ll improve my outlook soon.

I’m trying to be grateful, park these things that bother me, listen to good music (I’m enjoying my new ear buds by the way – no cords and a perfect range, as long as I don’t drop one in the toilet – lol lol lol). And I’m thankful for friends that realize you need a friend in this difficult world! A coworker gave this to me, by leaving it on my desk, after sharing I was having a rough week just accepting/rejecting our world we live in on top of everything else.

Over and Out for now. Have to hurry and get out of the house and on the road. What all are you doing this weekend?


IN case you are getting a series of alerts. I am not sure if you are or not. I am having to update my blog to remove any references to THAT SHAKE/SUPPLEMENT CO I use. Apparently the FTC does not like the words COVID and THAT SHAKE/SUPPLEMENT CO in the same paragraph. So, being the good samaritan (and the pissed off one) I’m removing ANY instance of the word from ANY POST. Which means – oh about 30 posts have to be fixed. So if you are getting alerts on anything please forgive me and you can blame it on THAT SHAKE/SUPPLEMENT CO I do business with and also the FTC. I don’t blame THAT SHAKE/SUPPLEMENT CO as I know they have to do what they have to do to protect themselves. But it doesn’t mean I’m not still P’O’d at the lack of free speech.

So from here on out you will hear me ONLY refer to it as THAT SHAKE/SUPPLEMENT CO I use. Because if I have to be bothered to remove a silly sentence and tag then NO ONE gets the marketing or the mention at all. Have it one way or the other. And that is how I roll.

OK, back to changing that “I” word to the phrase “THAT SHAKE/SUPPLEMENT CO I use. (INSERT YOUR BIGGEST EYE ROLL EVER).

Oh wait, you probably used all those up on the news. I think all our eyeballs are stuck in permanent eye roll positions at this point.