Five Quick Ways to Reduce Stress in Today’s World

Well here she is. The 2nd video on the Less Hustle More Coffee YouTube Channel. Maybe one day we will actually get out and go on some excursions. Til then we capture what is going on around the house!

The video is in my side bar here as well and will stay here until the next video, if you can see the side bar. Usually on a computer you can see the whole blog and side bar. If you are on a phone and maybe on an ipad have more limited vision of the blog but you can see the videos in my menu section.

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It was a fun Sunday getting it all finished and ignoring all my responsibilities. lol.

So Sunday night and Monday night – and even lunchtime on Monday I was doing errands, making phone calls, checking over lists, catching up on laundry, ironing, doing my nails, checking up on Mom, checking in with friends.

I’m trying to make sure all the plans are in place for this Saturday’s virtual baby shower. I’ve talked about it for two months I think. It’s finally here.

George and I have plans Sunday also for his fathers day. And we have friends that invited us to come over in the afternoon for a cookout and swim. We are looking forward to that. I’m really looking forward to that.

I was feeling a little blue yesterday. I think it’s just that I want everything to go back to the way it was before COVID and before our nation began …..doing what it’s doing. I want us ALL to enjoy living a peaceful, safe, and happy life. I look at the TV and all the stupidity I see. Not going to apologize for saying that either. Because there are ways to protest and trying to take over the Nashville Capital (this mornings news silliness) is not the answer. It makes me so mad that I have to turn off the news or I’ll spend my whole day angry. It just makes me mad on so many levels what these instigators are trying to do. I believe they are instigated by someone outside of our country along with political agendas inside the country. It used to be other countries that you would see such unrest. Whoever it is orchestrating all of this is trying to oversee the downfall of our government and you see they are trying to take down the power of our police force, the power of speech, and yes, there is someone trying to take over our country I do believe. They are trying to weaken it. And are succeeding unless the government steps in and just forces all this mess to stop. I don’t believe it is all about race. I think they have stirred up the race thing as they knew it is a weak point to bring America to her knees. But if our government doesn’t watch it, we will lose America. No one needs to be mistreated, but the people who are supposedly protesting these things are doing bad things too. So it doesn’t make sense but to think they are being puppeteers from others outside. I have a feeling we are going to end up in a huge civil war. And then it’ll really get ugly.

God, when He makes His judgment on some people, is going to be furious. I’d hate to be those folks. They have a lot worse coming their way. I mean they want to burn things down? I have a feeling they will be seeing a lot of that on a future date, for a very long time. But I’ll let God decide that.

I just got myself started there. If I’ve offended anyone, I guess I have to say I can’t apologize. All I want is peace, love, happiness, and people to get along and love one another. I want us to be protected citizens from those who are trying to burn and tear up things and harm each other. Everyone should have the ability to be treated respectfully, but they have gone too far. I don’t agree with this violence. And now more than ever I believe our police and even our Army will need to show force to stop it to bring the peace. But this group is trying to tear down our country’s power to do that.

Anyway, I have payroll to close today. And I have a few things to share, but it’ll have to wait til tomorrow’s blog post.

I hope you check out my video. I added bloopers at the end! ha.

We will keep count, but today is:

9 You Tube Subscribers!

I know it’s not many. But…it’s better than 4. I thank you for helping me to grow the channel. When I get to 100 I get a link with my title in it instead of a number! lol. So it’s a goal and when we hit that one I’ll find out what the next goal is. Still so much to learn.

I better go. More tomorrow.

7 responses to “Five Quick Ways to Reduce Stress in Today’s World”

  1. Bravo!!
    This is a great video.
    You are really good at this. The bloopers are a great addition. I liked the music when you took Roger outside. He’s so cute:)
    And Miss Maisy…she’s a little heartbreaker.
    I hope your payroll goes smoothly today.
    Oh, that tomato sauce looked really good. I could just drink it. Yum

  2. Hi Sonya, well I watched the video number 2 ….I found it quite good especially seeing the …real….you, it’s such fun to see you. Loved your new extension thingy you look much better not showing a close up of yours face etc. I am trying to find some good advice but as I really coudnt makes video myself I feel bad criticizing your efforts. However I think if your going to increase your “ watchers” ! You may have to make your videos slightly shorter and do more in depth things…Who is your target audience? Is it people who cook? You get some great reviews I think , is it your pets ? A story wound round the dogs, where do you walk them? why, what do you see.
    Family..this might entail more about Mom etc and could be difficult …that’s just a few hints from me. I found the way your video has come out well, just a little too”long…perhaps you could concentrate on having a weather report one day…a countryside look at the country around where you live, that could come in with the Dodd’s section…
    Anyway love I think I’ve said enough, all said with love Xxx
    Hope today at work went well. It’s been a lovely warm day here, I am just about to sit out with my wee dog Masy Xxx

    • I think all of that is part of the learning curve and evolvement into what it will be. Right now not having a lot of time or materials being that we are home a lot, it will be limited. It is a vlog so the idea is to include what is happening to us but at the same time provide value from what we learn in life. So to answer your question best – right now it’s geared to those interested in following a lifestyle in the Nashville area. Similar to the blog but bringing value.

  3. Your vlog turned out really good. You have a pleasant and calming voice. I loved seeing the deer, duck, and of course your cute Maisy and Roger.
    You live in such a pretty place. The lasagna you made looks delicious. I enjoyed watching it. Great tips on relieving stress. You are a good speaker. Great job. I look forward to the next one.

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