Invitations and Enneagrams

Oh my gosh, it’s my Friday! I’m taking tomorrow off for a lovely long weekend. The washing machine is being delivered and installed today. I will be in laundry bliss mode tonight and tomorrow.

I will also be working on the invitations to the shower. I took a late lunch yesterday, and worked on them a bit. I hadn’t really taken a lunch in a while – mostly work and eat at desk with a moment of checking social media, but yesterday I took a lunch and knocked out a few things.

I can post the invitation now. The Momma to Be has seen them and after filling one out, I had her check me. Not all the information will fit because it is a virtual one so I have a couple of inserts going with it. One telling about their use of cloth diapers, to consider buying a book for the baby instead of a card and be sure to sign the inside, although now it seems pointless to have mentioned that if they order from Amazon and have it sent. lol. Oh well. And I mentioned a little more about Zoom – to get on a few minutes before so they can check audio and cam settings and so forth.

Plus we have a game we are doing and there is an insert for that. So tomorrow I’ll be working on getting these all put together. They are already addressed and stamped. I just need to write on the invitations and put in the inserts. They will be taken to the post office sometime over the long weekend. I’m glad I thought to put EST and CST on the time as our families and friends on the Zoom call will be over at least a couple of time zones. What a disaster that would have been. The host and the hostee in two different time zones, lol. I can see me going “where is everyone?”

News from the ranch in Texas

Looks like a new little critter showed up that needed some loving. It was in Cody’s truck. I think it’s a boy.

Then came bath time.

Therefore, they named him “FORD”, lol.

Having a few lazy nights as always watching some shows. One night though I needed to work on a few invitation things. I’ve been spending more time in my office.

That said, we have almost finished with “Dead to Me” on Netflix. Only one or two more shows and we’ll knock that out this weekend. The show makes me laugh. It’s not really set to make you laugh but more set to make you go “oh you have got to be kidding me” with it’s ironic little twists.

The duck is back. I think this was Tuesday. I saw it again yesterday on Wednesday just walking around in the parking lot alone.

I feel so sorry for it. Why is it alone? Why isn’t it with its family or friends? I mean don’t birds of a feather flock together? I just want to pick it up and hug it. I know better though of course. I guess it has come to depend on people feeding it instead of the wild as it should be? But why aren’t others with him? Usually there are more. He just looks so lonely and I cannot stand it.

I’ve always had a heart for animals and birds – some of the birds anyway. Growing up I loved my stuffed animals more than I did the dolls. lol. I guess God designed me a little different. I’m still very much a girly girl but while the rest played with their dolls, I lived life full on with my stuffed animals. They were real to me. And instead of decorating with glass and china and pomp and circumstance, I preferred to decorate with wood with just a little lace doily here and there and natural colors. I’m drawn to log cabins. And I prefer settings next to a body of water instead of the mountains – although either scenario is acceptable. I think that it’s awesome that God makes us all different and we DO have our “flocks” out there somewhere. Yes this is all going somewhere.

Recently in a prayer, I asked God to help me understand why I’m wired so differently than most. And why I’m most misunderstood. Verbally I do not do a very good job explaining my persona or reasonings to others. In writing I do a better job of it. Which is why I do it. I asked Him to help me understand why it is that I don’t have compassion that others do. I do one on one but not so much in the masses. God commands us to love one another. I am trying to do that through my persona. But I’m so drawn to inanimate things. Like computers, apps, books, stuffed animals – lol, real animals that can’t talk back. I often have thought “why am I so different” but really chalked it up to just being introverted and let it go. And that is true.

Someone told me a while ago to check into the Enneagram. Not because I was telling them all these things but I had asked a friend if they knew anything new and they said “yeah I’ve been into Enneagrams lately! It’s all the rage in Nashville right now”. This was months ago – maybe a year ago. It’s been on my list to check into and I finally just took a few minutes when I got home last night to look it up and I did the little online test.

I’m a “1”. I took a picture of it so I could learn more. I may go back and pay the $19 for the complete results, but I googled a Type one and Type 6 to see what it would say. I need to do a little bit more reading. But after doing only a few minutes of research it has provided levels of understanding of why I do the things I do, think the way I do, act the way I do.

Here is a pic I took of a Type 1 – if you can even see it. Might have to zoom in.

I’ve not had anything ever describe me quite so perfectly. It’s kindof important to me to realize that evidently there are more of me out there, lol. There’s not anything wrong with me. I’m a “type”. lol It’s ok that other’s don’t get me because it’s just that they don’t understand. You can’t explain this to people. It’s not even appropriate to explain these things to people. It’s just not talked about. That’s even weirder. lol

So now I need to go and check out the 6, b/c that also was a big part of it. I’m not through with this at all. If we can understand one another that is a big thing. Whoever figured all this out was genius. If they are right at all.

But it is intriguing for sure. If you want to take tests, they are on line. Just google it. The test was free and then you can google again results for your number and get info that is on line w/o paying for the report. There is enough info out there now. But I think there is a book out there. Might find it and purchase the real book, if so. That would be nice to have on hand.

Well, I better quite typing and head on in. But I do want to add – having just spent a few minutes on this – I have started to develop some understandings about myself and why I am less tolerant of others, don’t always have empathy that others have. I have always known that my feelings and emotions run really deep. I had already suspected and figured out that I had developed a shell of protection around me because of that. And I think that is part of the problem. We shield ourselves from pain and hurt and feeling and emotion. I’ve done that. I’ve removed a lot of feeling and have built walls.

I didn’t ask God to break me so I could love again, trust again, feel again, be compassionate again – I couldn’t go through anymore heartbreaks over anything and survive it. I did ask Him to SHOW me though why I am the way I am. And I think through this Enneagram – he is showing me.

We build walls as life has happened. We do what we have to do to protect our psyches. And it’s ok to be who we are. We just have to learn to take that and become who God wants us to be, so that we can follow His love commandments and understand ourselves so we can understand each other and DO just that.

I could go on, but my other calling is calling me. Got to get to work.

My patience is about out, waiting for this washing machine. I’m gonna wash the laundry and the worlds problems with it down the drain and then work on my invites and the rest of my list.

Actually have some fun times with friends planned – a little pool party – in which we can only have less than 10 gathered. Following the rules. Not going to hide out for years over this thing. It’s gonna be what it is going to be. I’ve asked God to protect us as we emerge. He either will or He won’t. But we can’t NOT keep staying away from family or friends.

Ya’ll have a good one. Back later in the weekend with an update. If you hear shoutin’ it’s one of two things. It either did arrive and I’m happy or it didn’t and I’m having a full on hissy fit. Because I’m a 1! And I have expectations!

8 responses to “Invitations and Enneagrams”

  1. Your online shower sounds like a lot of fun. I’m curious as to what the game will be. With regards to the other – I think each of us is unique. I wonder if most think they are not quite like everyone else. While I think it is important to continue to grow, there is peace in accepting who we are – and find God’s purpose in that. Lastly, I think of St. Francis’s prayer – “Oh Master, grant that I may never seek to be understood as to understand.” Lastly, for me, I am too cheap to pay the $19. 🙂 I enjoyed reading your post. Enjoy the day!

  2. Enjoy your new washer. I know if you are like me you will be using it a lot. I do so much laundry at our house.. I have a load waiting to be put in the washer now.
    It has rained for days it seems. I am tired of it. Glad your sil is taking good care of the kitten. I bet it will be well-loved and taken care of at your daughter’s house. Sad when so many are lost and have no one to care for them.
    Your invites look very nice. I hope you have a good turnout.
    Just be yourself Sonya, You can’t please everyone and make them happy.
    I think you are great person just the way you are.

  3. I am reading. I haven’t had much time to comment.
    Ford is a cutie. The duck is cool.
    I like your shower invites. I think the shower will go perfectly.
    I hope you got your washer and you are enjoying using it. lol
    The weather absolutely sucks in my neck of the woods. Past few days have been in the 40’s and raining. Blah…
    I spent several hours today dealing with Comcast. God help me.
    Anywho, it’s almost Friday!!

  4. Oh, Comcast – we’ve all been there. It’s been rainy here but at least 60’s and 70’s. Soon things will be hot and sunny again. The washer is here and it has been going full blast since.

  5. Good morning, Sonya! The Enneagram sounds very interesting. I’m confused a little by your saying you don’t have the compassion or empathy that others do. This doesn’t sound like the Sonya I’ve come to know over the years. Can you clarify what you mean by that or give an example of a situation in which you don’t feel the same empathy or compassion that others seem to feel? Just trying to understand what you mean because you certainly seem like a compassionate and empathetic person to me! You don’t have to answer if you don’t want to – as you say some things are hard to explain and put into words – but just thought I’d ask.
    Yay that you’re getting a 4 day long weekend! I bet it will be heavenly!!

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