Cravings, Masks, and a “Little Katy”

Good morning! It is I here just popping on for a few minutes. Here’s a shot of me in my other mask before jetting into to Aldi’s for chicken. With the announcement of the meat shortage, I wanted to make sure we had some chicken in the freezer. Seems like my main go to has been chicken and we have had very little of it in the freezer. So I bought a couple of packs of ground turkey and a couple of packs of chicken and then George also hit up Houston’s for a couple of packs, so we are about 2 to 3 weeks out again. That is easier for me to eat over beef.

That said, I have been craving bologna! I think it was $8 pack at Publix. But George bought an off brand yesterday. At least it was beef, b/c he knew I had such a craving. Now I’m craving BBQ Fritos. I don’t know why. But I will be having some at some point!

It is a secret pleasure to go to the store. I mean yeah, you never know if COVID is lurking around the corner at you, but it pretty much is our source of entertainment outside the home.

A lot of our businesses were “back in business” yesterday and so there was a LOT more traffic on the road. Not near normal but you could tell a difference. It’s weird b/c we have the most cases yet and it’s 10X what it was. And this is expected to come back in the fall? Geez. So no one can really plan anything ever. So we will just all be exposed more I guess. I just don’t know what to think, but at least the phases of reopening made sense if they are going to reopen. So they may roll it back if needed. So I think that everything is probably going to be based on whether hospitals can handle it or not. That is how the whole decisions about staying home began, to flatten the curve so they could handle the numbers that needed care. Well the curve is flat right now but once we start going about as normal they’ll have to send us back home about two weeks to a month later as the numbers will explode. Unless the heat kills it. I don’t know what to believe anymore.

The masks won’t protect you…..wear the mask for your protection. You need the 95. Oh any mask will do now.

It’ll be gone when the heat hits it….it won’t be gone when the heat hits it.

We are going to flatten the curve….oh the number ill has doubled in the last week but we are reopening the country.

It doesn’t affect kids…oh wait kids are getting it.

It doesn’t affect pets…oh wait the pets are getting it.

I know it’s a learning curve….but the mask thing really? How can the same piece of cloth protect those around me but not protect me from others? “It’s mainly for those that have it” they said in regards to wearing masks. They is “the media”. It’s a piece of cloth – if it protects others it’ll protect me from them. It’s the same piece of cloth and we are both human – lol. Do they think we are stupid? This is the one that got me most. It’s mainly b/c they did not want us to be the masks and use the supply so they told little fibs. And I can’t blame the media so much as that they were reporting what they were told by the experts – so that we wouldn’t go out and buy up the mask supply. I’d rather just be told the truth and I’m fine with the medical industry having the best supplies and we buy the home made ones. But don’t tell me the mask doesn’t work so I won’t buy it. Just tell me the truth.

OK I’m off my rant. I guess that one is still with me.

A little bit of fun yesterday afternoon in the kitchen.

We got a “Little Katy” in the mail yesterday. How cute is that? I put her right next to Jesus. She’s welcoming you to love Jesus! I saw the little Jesus card in a Boys Town packet – where they send cards and stationery and labels and calendars and ask for donations in return. So I stuck the picture of Jesus up against the plant. I mean why wouldn’t we have a picture of Jesus around especially of Him taking care of His sheep with staff in hand. Sweet pic of them both!

My diverticulitis scare lasted a day. I snuck out of it. I ate soft foods. The culprit is just not being able to digest things like raw vegetables in this instance. I read some things about this when I googled it and it said that sometimes your nerves can be damaged where your body/intestines just can’t digest anymore due to muscle damage. I’m figuring if that is my case it was probably the Metformin I took or antibiotics or flu shot chemicals or something from an autoimmune thing that has probably been going on for years undiagnosed. However, I am able to digest most everything else so I don’t know what to think. But anyway at least I’m not having pain and I will have to be careful when eating salads so as to chew really good.

When I went to Aldi, George had said that if I wanted scallops to get them. Their scallops are really good. They are also $9.99 so we get a meal of them for $5 each plus the sides we had were rice and canned carrots. By the way LeSeur’s canned carrots rock! You can’t tell that they are not fresh steamed carrots. Great flavor. So we will get Scallops ever visit now. We only get an Aldi in about once every 4 to 8 weeks. So that’s fine.

The key to a good cooked scallop is to dry them good on a paper towel before putting them in the skillet. That way they crisp up.

I might have had a little bit of a dessert.

Creamed cookies with whip cream squirted on it. My version of Cookies and Cream!

Well, it looks like we’ll be seeing family in May. Katy and Cody are coming for his brother’s wedding. And we will be going to see Mom.

I can’t believe it is Wednesday already. It’s “Work from Home Wednesday”. It’s a nice little break from having to drive in, put make up on, pack lunch and all that.

Also it is supposed to storm today. It doesn’t look like a widespread thing when I look at the radar.

Well, I need to get up and at it! And will pop in again probably Friday morning!

Not a lot to tell. I am just keeping myself busy though. I’m loving staying at home on the weekends but I do miss getting out and about too. Can’t wait to get nails done, get a pedicure, and go out to eat again and get the dogs trimmed. However, it’ll have to wait a while. Some things are opening up but just not sure I’m wanting to be involved with the masses yet. Really not even at work but sometimes work seems like a safe place – it’s a false sense of security though.

I don’t listen to the news now but about twice a week. It really helps the psyche. And when I get on Facebook it’s like reading the news and listening to people argue about it. So I pretty much stay away from that too. Seems like Instagram is more positive. People gripe on FB but put their good sides on Instagram, lol.

Well off to it. You all have a great day. You doing ok out there?

Figuring Things Out, Getting Things Done, or NOT

Good morning! A quick entry here as my alarm did not go off. Or I turned it off in my sleep. I kinda remember hitting my watch and wondering if I had turned it off completely. But I intended to blog this morning. So I shall!

The worst news of the day is that the diverticulitis is back. I began having twinges of pain in the lower left abdomen where my “diverticulae sac” is. (The pocket of the colon at the turn where things get stuck.) I am pretty sure it was tomato seeds. Since the whole stomach is not raw and upset, I know it’s not a colitis situation as it is only a certain section that is irritated. So likely something stuck. I had tomatoes also in my Mexican food the other night and had spaghetti twice. My guess is that there is a polyp or something that needs to be removed that is making things so difficult in there. I think it’s been five years – maybe 3 – since the last colonoscopy. But he’s (the doc) likely going to send me in for that. Our medical procedures are opening up now. However, I am first going to see if I can sneak through this one. I can’t live on antibiotics so if it gets worse, or I cannot pass, or I begin getting a fever (infection) – then I will call. It may get better on its own and heal if I do the liquids and soft foods and start over and we’ll see if I can buy some time during this pandemic. But the colonoscopy, polyp removal – or worst case scenario – surgery – some of it is inevitable. There is no sense in worrying about it. It is going to be what it is going to be. Hopefully it will turn out well.

I feel bad for George who has tried to eat with me and eat things that I have to eat. He’s a real trooper in that way. But he must be getting tired of this scenario that keeps happening. Back to the drawing board.

I got into all the vitamins this weekend and finally decided what I needed to take when. I decided to buy and AM and PM pack – so that some will be taken in the morning and some at lunch time with my meal. This is the one I picked out from Amazon. How cool is that. It’s nice as you take out the day and put in your purse if you don’t want the whole thing. This is perfect. I’ll probably be taking out the Saturday and Sunday ones as I won’t have my “work bag” with me when we are out running around. Hopefully the pills fit, lol. These are bigger than they look. I think they will hold 3 big vitamin E’s on each side (for example).

So, I did get a lot done yesterday. I was pretty happy. Although I did not do a lot of cleaning. It really didn’t need a lot of cleaning. Most things are in it’s space and we’ve not messed up too much. I did work on the laundry, hung the bulletin board, got the ironing done, nails and toes done, dog baths are done (even trimmed their front paws but not the back as they won’t be still). Bed sheets changed, pill box ordered, packages from the week opened and put up. Also checked out Zoom. It’s $14.99 for a month. So I did not upgrade to the paid version yet. But I had George get on and practice so I could see how it would work. Seems pretty easy. I also watched the online church in Graham Tx.

But the things I’m most excited about is that I watched a couple of YouTube videos on Movavi software and actually had the free version on my laptop which I’d forgotten about. I hopped on the laptop to do something else and that icon popped out and grabbed my attention.

It’s been a while since I’ve been on my windows laptop. I have it on the desk (table) on the other side of the office but may move it over to this long desk next to my iMac so I can still do PSP. Anyway it’s a lap top and moveable. But the important thing is that since that icon jumped out to me and I opened it up, it took me to their website and I could see the prices. It was reasonable. $79 for lifetime download for it. So that led me to watching the YouTubes just to see what it was like.

The videos showed the basics of starting and saving and several things in between. So I downloaded the software and gave George $100 bucks of my blow money which is all saved up as we’ve not been going anywhere (lol) – it was that much with tax and some extra fee that they had to protect your download. A fee they probably came up with instead of raising the price, lol.

So I got on the iMac and downloaded. It came in a package of downloads. It had a separate video recording program and some type of Media Player. So all that was a little bit confusing as each one had a key and I was trying to use the key for the wrong thing until I realized “oh I had three emails with different keys” on it. The other two came later after I had already grabbed the first one thinking it was for all three, lol. Geez.

So yeah, I bit the bullet and went with a much easier program to use. I actually made a little stupid video with a few clips just to try it really quickly. iMovie has more upgraded things to work with. Movavi is coming out with a newer version in June. But it looks like I already have the 2020 one – at least it says 2020 on it. So maybe I just got it early. iMovie has a better look to its transitions and titles and has a LOT of music to work with. Movavi’s tools were not as many but what good is iMovie if it corrupts my videos and doesn’t work.

So to appease my soul at having to give up a lot of really good sound effects and music with iMovie, I allowed myself to join Epidemic Sound (one month free) which is know to be THE BEST at being able to download songs (can search by mood, or music type, or emotion) for the video you need it for and with copyright protection when uploaded to YouTube, Facebook, or Instagram.

So….if I am going to pay a $15.99 per month fee for Epidemic sound, then I need to be making a lot of videos. lol I may not keep this around forever, but as I told George – “I found a new hobby”. It’s just something I would like to learn to do. I first want to be able to do our vacation videos. But at some point, I may just do some simple videos of our week to add to the blog. Much like blogging led to graphics, it’s also leading me to video now and want to integrate Vlogging into it, if I can and if it makes sense to do so and I can be artful and intent with it – and it is a useful thing. So we’ll see.

I also did the Magazine project which is for the past couple of years, I have folded magazine pages of things I want to go back and keep. Many were recipes, many were websites, some were products to check into. So I’ve torn them out, tossed the magazines, and separated out the recipes and the other is in a file “check out on the internet”. I will share with you as I look these things up. Some things were very interesting. Some were blogs. So I’ll share with you as I “make the magazines come to life” as I call it. lol

And I need to quit blogging and go get dressed, pack some liquids/lite foods for the day to give my colon a rest, and put makeup on and go to payroll related activities. Sadly the info I needed did not come Friday to begin starting on the unemployment taxes we have to pay for the many states we have employees in. There is no way it can all be done in two days along with everything else that has to be done once payroll is closed. So pretty good chance it’ll just have to be late. I’m only one person and also don’t know what will happen with this diverticulitis thing either. It’s a ticking time clock right now. But the phrase of the decade is: “It is what it is!” None of it really in my control so why worry about it.

iMovie Glitches and a Mostly Wasted Day

Was very happy to get to sleep in yesterday. I mean even George got up first and made coffee and took both dogs out and made their breakfast. It was a rainy and grey day.

I immediately ignored my to do list and dove into working on my video project for Hot Springs. Much to my surprise, 8:30 turned into 12:30 in a blink and I’d not even had breakfast.

I stopped for lunch as I was all through editing, which involves getting the lighting adjusted, cutting out extras in the clips, cropping and adding “Ken Burns” to the videos I’d taken in vertical form (a habit I can’t seem to break), applying Ken Burns to my photos so they zoom over correctly, adding special effects and placing music, adjusting sound, etc. And the last thing I needed to do was add titles and upload.

So I fixed myself a nice little turkey sandwich with olive oil mayo, spinach leaves, cheese, and sourdough bread (Pepperidge Farm – one big slice cut in half). And I added leftover tortilla chips from the night before. I love a good tater chip kinda crunch on a sandwich. I’ve not eaten many sandwiches lately just trying to stay away from bread, but after finding this bread – it is soft, and fresh, doesn’t feel like leather in your esophagus. Here’s a pic of my sandwich. It’s just bellowing with goodness.

Watched some You Tubes yesterday on technical stuff. And then mid afternoon I was hungry again b/c of course this sandwich was my breakfast, lol. So I had a little thing of leftover spaghetti and ate that.

I watched Sister Wives – yes I just threw all my important to do’s out the window, except for laundry. lol. I just did what I wanted to do. Create and watch, create and watch and learn. I’m just inspired by the videos and I want to learn to do them and get better at it. I told George I had a new hobby and I think he sarcastically said “greeeeeat”. I’m not sure if it was sarcastic or not but it didn’t sound like an excited greaaaat. I have a hard time getting in any of my hobbies daily. I only really get to have a stretch of time on the weekends and can get further into them when we are not out running around everywhere – and that is why the Pandemic has been good for me. I get to be home doing some of this stuff.

So I went to watch the next sister wives show on our cable TV – it’s on TLC. We pay booooo coo oodles on our cable bill. And dang if they didn’t want to charge me $2.99 to watch the next episode after that. Well, heck no. Keep your dang show to yourself. I can watch a whole lot of other stuff I’ve already paid for. So I just VOTED NO to that. I’m not going to pay extra just to see a show I watch. I’ll just pick a new show. I hate it. I enjoyed them but “bye bye”. I’m not paying for it. I am not sure if it gives you so much time to watch it before you have to pay? I have Comcast/Xfinity and they are on TLC. Normally it’s free. It let me watch to a certain point and then tried to charge me for the next show. So…!

So I rebooted the laundry and then opened up all our packages from the last weekend’s shopping (vitamins, clearance tops, toilet paper finally came in, and the Target order). And then I came in and decided to finish up the Hot Springs video and upload it to YouTube.

There is some confusion when I go to save and upload. Apparently iMovie saves it as you go along, which is good. And I learned last time to save to the file first instead of just directly uploading to YouTube. So I had created a Hot Springs Weekend file on iMovie and also the project was in a folder called “My Movie”. It’s really confusing me where my movie really is. lol

I think only one clip was in my Hot Springs Weekend folder and the My Movie was what contained my movie. (I think). So I renamed it where it was to Hot Springs Weekend b/c well, that is what the project was. Only I think I was supposed to wait until I exported it to name it. (I think). And then uploaded and got errors in the uploads with references to problems at the first point of error in which I had a clip at :16 right off the bat. So I replayed the video and found that spot and noticed that ALL of my video clips had turned black and would no longer show anything but blackness. I’m not sure if renaming it corrupted anything or not. This did not happen to me last time. At first I thought it was just one that had corrupted itself somehow so I reloaded that clip in. One clip I couldn’t find anymore in my files to drag over to the project so I cut it out completely. And then I realized that ALL the clips had gone bad just as George came and told me dinner was ready. Arghhhhhhhhggggggaaaahhhhhh!

I wanted to cry. I had spent upwards to 5 to 6 hours on this. Yes it was fun hours but you would at least like something to show for it. Have since spent more hours in research. I obviously have learned a lot, but I think I’m at the point that I’m dangerous with it. Going to bed last night having done many searches to figure out how to fix, I only found one or two and it seemed more complicated to resolve than just starting over from scratch. But I just thought if iMovie has glitches then maybe I want another program even if I have to buy it. So I spent some time looking at Movave and Final Cut Pro. Final Cut Pro is mainly a professional video software and an upgrade to iMovie and iMovie is throwing me curve balls, I think Final Cut Pro would send me over the edge. So I just don’t know.

Going to bed I was so disgusted, disappointed, and time is so precious to me that I felt like I’d wasted my time. I’d really like to talk to someone who uses iMovie and get some tips OR talk to someone that has another software that they feel would work better for me. I was loving iMovie but it definitely has some quirks. I also get really confused about the files on iMac. I think I need to watch some YouTubes on that. I was told this would be a problem. I love my iMac but it’s taking some time to get used to. The photo/video files are not “clean” and I struggle looking for the photos and clips I need. I have them in my Hot Springs file, for example, but they are all over each other like a virtual puzzle piece if I need to increase the size of the thumbnail so I can see. So l am not happy about this. I like clean and organized files.

The files that are on my computer versus the cloud is a little confusing. I never know where I’m saving things. It may be both. But I’m loving the big screen and the apps and everything else for the most part.

So this morning, I’ve moved from “disgusted” to just plain “put out”. I feel like iMovie has let me down and my hopes and new hobby has crashed and burned.

Having been through these things before, I know it won’t be long that I will be above the curve again. And will figure this out. I’d really love to get that video finished. I really don’t want to start over. I really need to understand what happened so that never happens again. But today I kinda need to focus on a few other things. But my mind will OBSESS over this video and I’m relentless in that way. I will not be satisfied til I figure it out. So I know it will be only a matter of time. But that is the problem. Time. This new hobby is definitely a time suck. And will likely be an expense, as I know I will be wanting more “tunes” and “sound effects” and will end up joining that program that is about $100 something a year to access. Yeeeeeahhhh. But that will be “my golf”, lol. It’ll be “my concert tickets, my movie tickets, my entertainment” and might even be “my shopping” if it keeps me from thinking about what other clothes I need. Don’t need much if you are sitting in your chair creating videos, lol.

Next comes the added iPhone microphone for talking into video made with iPhone and the gimmel and a Canon camera with the microphone wind protection thingie – but I’ll probably get that for myself as a retirement gift. Then the Go Pro camera with mount – also at retirement – for travel pics. Yes I intend to travel somehow. With or without RV. But we already do a lot of exciting things to video, I just have to get around this learning curve.

So a bit of a set back for sure. A huge disappointment and yet not a lot of information out there on this issue. So I’m not sure what is next.

Will I just try to find the clips and fix? It looks like one I fixed last night has already turned to black again.

Do I just freaking start over? I can’t even….

Or do I put this project on the back burner and start another?….Not this weekend for sure.

Or do I just watch some more videos?

Or do I dive in and just get something like Movavi? Or Final Cut Pro? Need to do more research first.

I will try to be responsible today and do the more urgent things that need to be done though. And play later. I might sneak in a few things I want to do today.

But first more coffee.

I have too many projects. Am I the only busy at home person during COVID? Everyone else seems bored but the more I’m at home (which for me is only on the weekends) well and at night but during the week, the Hubster and I are pretty much doing together time b/w 6:30 and bedtime – so the only self time I get after I get home is during happy hour – maybe 30 minutes after I sneak in laundry rebooting. So the more I get into the projects, the more I create lists of to do’s for myself. Much of which I rarely find time to work on. And they remain on the list for weeks. Eventually get them knocked off though, but you know, I post my to do lists on here all the time and how many times do you see the same ones?

I guess it makes us feel special in life to seem busy. Last weekend I created a to do list on my calendar for this weekend. It has 17 items on it. I’ve done two things on it. Laundry and iMovie. One has created more “to do’s” and sucked about 7 hours of my weekend so far. And it wasn’t laundry.

So in light of that. I should NOT work on the most difficult things first. I need to work on some “low hanging fruit” and some “quick hits”. Otherwise I’ll feel like I’m growing in a technical sea of “I can’t get anything done”. I know I’ll figure this movie thing out. It’s too important to me. But I need to go and see about normal life.

I was going to work on the blog some but was also discouraged there a bit. I’ve gone from like 150 views a day to like half. I try to remember I am mainly writing for me – this need I have to write and vent about my life, my feelings, my frustrations, my desires. When people read it – it just fascinates me. I can’t imagine anyone remotely being interested in my daily shenanigans at attempting life. But it inspires me on I guess. But I DO KNOW that every spring and fall – as the seasons change there is a resurgence of energy where everyone springs into action and does more than just sit and read blogs. lol And also just before holidays. And I know that our country is opening up again all over and that has been exciting for some. But I chose not to work at the blog – making signatures, working on my “About me” section and trying to connect it to the You Tube and integrate that. I need to focus on a few other things I guess.

So I’m gonna work really hard at getting the house blessed, the laundry done, ironing done, and get ready for the work week. The dogs still need that bath they never got and I need to work on the next shower steps, I need to do a devo this morning or on line church service. I gotta look at the date for going to see Mom around Mother’s Day. Need to order a Mother’s Day gift. Gotta see when Katy and Cody are coming so we make sure we are here. Oh and I need to order a vitamin container so I take some of the supplements across the day. I have to figure out which ones will be best taken at what part of the day. Everything turns into a “personal study”. I’m so detailed. I’ll be googling to see which ones are best in the morning or bed time, etc. LOL. Geez, always something that requires research. I need to hire a research person just to live. LOL

Ya’ll take care! Are you going to resurge out into Public yet? I’m really not wanting to do much of that. I already have to work. There is enough risk there. We had an employee at Kroger here to test positive for COVID. It’s not the one we go to. It’s the big one close to the interstate where the mass of our town is. We live further out and there is another one we use. I like Publix though. We go there more often. It’s smaller, less folks in there. But I think everything opens up next week in Nashville and across Tennessee as far as restaurants and retail. AT half capacity.

Roger hung out with me for a bit yesterday. I took his pic. Mainly he’s a Daddy’s boy.

And that is a wrap for today!

Weather Apps, A Flat Daughter, and a Night Out during Pandemic

Good morning! Here was my work scene on “Work from Home Wednesday”. I’m also working from home today. Have made a LOT of good strides on the “quarter end” and also the next “month end”. Really waiting on materials from others to be able to finish out and hoping that comes today, otherwise I’ll only be able to work on it a day or two next week after payroll closes Mon and Tues. I hate that the 30th is on Thursday and not Friday as that would give me an extra day. But it just takes time to get through it all on everyone’s part. So I understand. Everyones crunched. Hopefully we will not be late. If you have a week’s worth of work and only one or two days to do it in, it kinda is just that. It will be what it will be and there’s not much you can do. I think the first diverticulitis attack came during this week right around the end of January as I sat and sat bent over the desk, not drinking enough water, not stretching, not getting deep breaths, ignoring vitamins, and trying to rush. But I refuse to let the stress get to me and make me sick. I will have to stop and take little breaks and get up and down and move and get my fluids in for this final push and probably the most rushed of them all for me. I will do the best I can but I’m not rushing and making myself sick over it this time. It’s not worth it. Because once the bouts start it is hard to get rid of. Here I am having two more flairs of it since then. I’m convinced it’s not ONE thing that does it but several players of things involved that creates the perfect storm. Stress is just the first wave and gets it started.

But it helps to have your line up of “care” going as you start the day, so that throughout the day you can grab “whatever”. My vitamin regimen has not changed just yet. I’ll be setting that up this weekend for next week and figuring out the schedule and how I need to remember to take them all during the day. In a way this seems insane, but then again I remember just about every older person I know having a Tupperware full of supplements they lugged around when traveling somewhere, lol. Or kept them sitting on the counter in the kitchen as a reminder. I guess I’m joining the club.

This is the current lineup before the changes that are coming. Probiotics in the morning along with vitamin D and blood pressure meds and the a.m vitamin pack (multivitamins). My “fruits” drink which can be morning or afternoon. I try to alternate every other day with fruits or greens or a hydrate drink. If it’s afternoon, I pour an e-shot in there. I also have the Ionix stress reducer with adaptogens and several other ingredients that are good for you. I try to insert the Ionix in a drink or in oatmeal or just in hot water (tastes like apple juice) depending on what I’m in the mood for that day. You can also put it in shakes. It’s all very versatile. You can put the greens in the shakes too. I only have shakes a few days a week but not every day. I miss things like oatmeal and eggs especially if it’s cold in the mornings.

So I’m debating whether to upgrade and get one of those med holders that has the a.m. , mid day, and p.m. lol. And then every Sunday divide them out. Has it really come to this? lol

Of course my work set up on Wednesday was also complete with dog by my side. I had to be careful not to step on her, lol. She sticks her head under the bed for darkness. Her butt sticks out or sometimes just her tail. lol

Weather Apps

I found a new Weather App I really like. I guess I have 4 of them now and use them for different things.

MeteoEarth is the app. It gives you a world ball and you can see the weather satellite across the earth. I am zoomed in. I put Nashville and Breckenridge on there so I can also keep watch on Katy’s weather too.

You can add in various layers. Like clouds and winds and rain and hurricanes.

When it’s animated, you can see the lightning flash in the clouds. I would have to make a YouTube video or use another method to show you that. The app was free.

Why do I have 4 weather apps? Each one does something different for me that I don’t want to delete because of it.

MyRadar app is just great because I can pull up the radar immediately without fuss. That is the app I show a lot on here when I do screen shots. It also has the various layers you can add. When I fly, I add in the aviation layers to see if there is going to be turbulence. Sometimes I don’t want to know. lol

WeatherMate (The Pro Version I think, and it wasn’t very expensive) has the actual “weather radio” option on it. You can listen in to NOAA weather radio right from the app. The app has a LOT of bells and whistles as it comes to weather information and it has the forecast and the radar and is an overkill app perfect for the weather enthusiast. I don’t have time for that usually but it’s nice to have.

The Weather Channel app has the best “alerts” and seems to be dependable. The others either don’t have that feature or didn’t work too well. It could be a setting somewhere, but the Weather Channel one was user friendly and worked the first time. I like to get severe weather alerts – I even get alerts for lightning nearby, and snow and rain.

MeteoEarth is just fun and cute. And I will like it for hurricanes during hurricane season. But it really is good to kinda see the big picture of what the weather is doing. It truly gives you another angle at the forecast as you can slide the arrow along and see where the weather is going over the next day.

Dear Daughter’s “Flat Self” amidst COVID-Teaching of first graders.

Is this not the cutest idea. I want one!

I have to show you this cute pic of her. She had her friend dye her hair the color I always used. I was afraid it would be too dark for her as she has kind of a honey colored hair that looks so good with her complexion and her eyes. But look at it. It looks so good on her. Her friend Shelby, as they break the social distancing rule, helped her get it done. She and Shelby are such good friends. I love that she has a best bud like that. They teach together and do life together. Shelby came here and stayed with us and we showed her Nashville last summer. You may remember the pics if you read back then.

The Toilet Paper Arrived and now one can sit high on the throne again!

Hubster is happy. These days it is no longer about the hunt and the kill for dinner. Its about the hunt and the find of being able to pleasantly wipe your behind. Yeah that rhymed. And so did that. lol

So, the only way we could find anymore toilet paper was just for a minimum time to be able to order a big box. There was no small packages available – we had no choice but we took it. We will share with family, friends, coworkers, neighbors, and even my close blog buds here if we need to. But hopefully your scores have been successful and as exciting as this was for Hubby. He has truly provided for us! We were getting down to the 1 ply stash, lol.

Close Encounters of a Feathered Kind

A screen shot of my video of the duck that wanted to befriend me yesterday. I was a little scared of him. But he was friendly. He was hungry. My coworker saw he was hungry and bought him something to eat. I got in my car. I wanted to befriend him but figured I’d get bitten, lol. He was cute. Might have been a she. I didn’t inspect. lol

“Big Night Out”

After work yesterday I came home and we went back out. We braved the “storms”. They mainly fizzled out for us and became spotty rain showers and the worst was way south of us.

First of all we went to the liquor store/premium beer store. I wanted a low cal IPA that I loved. They didn’t have it but George located another brand. They also did not have the new one I wanted to try nor the one I usually get that is gluten free. All the ones I like are hard to find. I bought a Chianti wine for spaghetti night. We’ll be having it soon. I bought turkey to fix instead of burger meat. I’m going light on the red meats – few and far between. Neither of us need it really but we have that whole 1/2 cow.

So next we went to Publix and filled a buggy full. We have added in some frozen things to fix easily. We bought pizza and I’ll be nervously adding that back in to the diet. I also bought one that has a cauliflower crust. We have been eating a lot out of the freezer b/w the pig, some of the cow, and the fish and chicken. So we had some room in the freezer to buy frozen things. I also bought some for work days as it’s just easy to grab a lean cuisine and go.

Then we paid a utility bill and then we went to a Mexican Restaurant at El Como and got our dinner. And because we could, we go Margaritas to go. What a nice perk during this epidemic. So far no problem with that. My tummy has been good this week and getting stronger.

I think that is about all to report. Except to say that I am joyfully elated about it being Friday. The weekend is upon us again.

Oh wait, I do have one more pic.

This is the scene by the end of the week with that week’s deliveries. So we keep it there til the weekend then I open all the boxes and wash my hands really good. These would include: shower invitations, vitamin supplements, toilet paper, target household needs and a couple of shirts I ordered from clearance, and I’m not really sure what all else it is. It’ll be like Christmas tomorrow.

Oh I was also shocked that Mom wants us to come down for Mother’s Day. I have to see when Katy and Cody are arriving here. They are coming for his brother’s wedding in May but whatever, we’ll figure out the right day to come down. I wasn’t sure it was a good idea yet as we are exposed to *some* others and often are out doing grocery runs. But she says she is ready to see people and wants a bucket of fried chicken. Sounds good to me. So I will check into that and we’ll put the date on the calendar.

And I need to go get dressed and set up for work and get a 2nd cup of coffee. And get this Friday rolling. I hear it’ll be a beautiful afternoon. So I may go for a walk after work today. Ya’ll take care and let me know what you are doing this weekend during your Pandemic part of the world? Are you free yet? Tennessee is starting to reopen but is doing it beautifully in phases. Davidson County is as well. There are 4 phases and they may roll back to any phase at any time if the numbers start to go up. I’m pretty happy with their plan. I give a huge thumbs up to their work on this and how the government has protected lives and tried to resolve the issues at hand without taking a year or two to do it. Kudos! My faith is somewhat restored! Just amazed at our leaders.

Country Opening Up, Diverticulitis, and Other Mid Week Talk

Look what dear daughter did! She is a hunter for sure. I stole this from her social media. She is a woman of many talents.

Well the news is sounding better about the virus. I’m really just baffled by it all. The cases are going up which is what we see in the graphs – even during the shutdown and social distancing. Up 28.9% from last week, yet we are talking reopening the country. And I’m hearing we are flattening out – ummmm, but the graph is going up. So the argument there is that the testing has increased but the ratio of those testing positive to the number of tests done are going down so therefore we can reopen.

This is why numbers can be so confusing. You can twist anything around to “fit the need”. I’m not in either camp really. I am just about as ready as anyone else to get back to a normal life where can go and do and see people, despite the fact that I love love love being home more since I’m an introvert anyway! That part has been a dream. lol. And I do get the fact that business and the economy has been harmed. I also appreciate the fact that the government looked out for people or society as a whole. I get the fact they are in the middle of trying to keep people safe versus tanking the economy. They acted swiftly despite all the accusations that they didn’t. I mean considering the fact that the country was basically shut down – that anyone including our president – give pause at doing so – is understandable in my opinion. I’m not being political at all – I am just speaking from a human being’s standpoint and how I would have reacted if it was me. Shutting down a country is a scary thing to do but it was brave and necessary. I get that it is complicated. But I guess we cannot be “safer at home” forever or “stuck at home” or however you want to refer to it. I guess the fact that this has got people’s attention – maybe if we ease back into society with ‘rules’ it will be ok. That is my hope. However, we all know that people live to break rules because everyone has to be their own individual self with their own individual will according to how they would have it. So we all know how it will go. Unless this virus is killed off by the summer heat – then – it’s gonna get bad before it gets worse.

So people are showing signs of having antibodies in certain regions. I’ve not looked at this much and don’t know a lot about it but that is promising.

Well in case you have been wondering, I’ve been several days with NO pain now as far as the diverticulitis. I’ve not even started the new supplement routine, although they have started arriving. All were to have arrived today in one shipment but some arrived yesterday, some coming today and some tomorrow, lol – I tried to help the deliver guy, by scheduling it to come at once but it is all coming different times.

I definitely think the probiotics help that I began taking again that I already had from Isagenix, the mid day supplement I take for metabolism that has green tea, cinnamon, pepper – I forget what all. And I’ve taken a digestive enzyme with dinner, and then at night magnesium. I’ve also, much like my Dad used to, drink a couple of glasses of ice water with and after dinner – replacing an after dinner glass of wine or decaf coffee.

This is making me savor that happy hour beer or glass of wine as a really special treat. But I’ve also with the same fervor, told myself to enjoy the ice water. And it really is becoming something I’m looking forward to after dinner. I fill my Isagenix cup with ice, add the filtered water, put the top on and add a straw. I go through two of these.

So, it’s been a couple of work days AT WORK the last two days. Today I am at home. It’s easier to blog on those days as I don’t have to put on make up or have a commute. I enjoy each day whether it’s at home or work. It seems about perfect to have two days there, one here, one day there and then one here again, that way I can toss things back and forth, print every other day and so forth. It’s been easier to get things done having only one day at home in b/w the other days.

The parts that are challenging is wagging work files back and forth. And judging how much work you will be doing for the time at home. Bring it all? Or not? It’s hard to judge. But I’ve learned to overload myself so I have what I need. It’s frustrating to get into something and part of what you need is at work or vice versa. So that big white tote bag is what I use to go back and forth. The flowered bag I got at the Mercantile (Pioneer Woman’s shop) and love it. I actually use it as a carryover work bag – I put lunch in it, vitamins, snacks, water, drinks, anything I need for the day. My computer glasses also are in there. An umbrella is in one end and water bottle can be put in the other. Each end has a pouch. This bag is perfect for my carryover bag! But lugging purse, work bag and my lunch/carryover bag all three – is a bit much sometimes. I brought a lot of stuff home yesterday (files) in the big white bag for doing taxes and such and I like to have never made it up the stairs. It’s month end again, so more states to pay.

I had to laugh at Monday’s selfie. I was trying to smile for the camera but it ended up being a smirk. I guess my smiles are just smirks. lol.

I really intended on eating chili for lunch yesterday and testing the waters from a spicy standpoint. But after looking at the sodium content of 1700 mgs per can- I decided to go with something else.

I ordered Cracker Barrel. They had free delivery. And they have a limited menu right now but still the old favorites. I had grilled chicken, brocolli, and pintos. And I ate a biscuit and butter. And then later on mid afternoon I had the other one. I didn’t care. I just ate it.

George fixed shrimp and grits Monday night and then we had hamburger steaks and onion rings (cooked in the air fryer). I went back for 2nd’s on the onion rings and George had eaten all the 2nd’s. lol. He said “oh I thought you didn’t like them”. He said I made a face when he said we were having them for dinner. I don’t remember making a face. I could have wondered if they would be good for me but I didn’t say I didn’t like them. I tried to get over the fact that he ate the seconds – I didn’t care that he ate the seconds – it was just that my taste buds wanted them and I was so excited to go back and they were gone. So I ended up air frying some more. After all it was only 6 minutes at 360. So then life could go on! lol

Here was his shrimp and grits dish.

Sometimes frozen shrimp can taste fishy and I thought these were fishy. That has no bearing on George as a cook. The grits were great, the dish was great. But I think we needed a better quality shrimp for the dish itself.

Well, I guess I need to go figure out breakfast and get plugged in and set up for work.

Oh, I did get the baby shower invitations bought yesterday thru Amazon. So I marked that off the list. And I had some time after work and before dinner to watch a show – I love to watch the YouTube shows but have to sneak them in when I can because they are not George’s favorites. It was a perk to get to do that yesterday.

Ya’ll have a great day and I’ll likely post again on Friday morning.

How do you feel about our country opening again? I’m not sure exact date around here but think it’s going to be around May 1 for some things. Our business is coming back at work also so that is a good thing. I am guessing that by mid May or end of May that we’ll be back FT at work and at our desks all week. But that is just me speculating. I really have no idea. All it takes is one of us getting that dang virus to mess all that up.

Well, ya’ll be good!

Supplements, Shower Planning, and Blog Theme Changes

Caught Roger sleeping with his little stuffed animal by his side. So cute. He heard me though and woke up. The precious little baby. I am looking forward to when we get them groomed. Have been debating whether or not to try to order a grooming set and watch videos to learn how. Ugh. It’s so much better paying someone else to do it, lol.

It’s been a good weekend. Katy and I talked yesterday and did some planning on Ellen’s shower – our nephew’s wife who is due Aug 19. The shower not til June, but needed to get our heads wrapped around a few things. I’ve also talked with Ellen this afternoon about the “plans”. I want to get invitations ordered before long and asked her for a number count so I know how many to get, and for her to be working on names and addresses. But I only need the count for now. Then as planned, mid-May we’ll have to make a decision whether to just do virtual or a combo of here and there. Definitely want to stream it even if we have the actually shower here so that Katy can be present. She is so kind to help with some of the details.

So we had a good chat about that today. And I feel better to sort of have some plans in place however it turns out.

So I spent some time today doing on line orders. I needed to do a Target order as my “preferred method” of getting in some extra “to go” foods for work. I’ve about eaten all the chicken salad and tunas (canned chicken and tuna). I had better luck on the last order getting the chicken. All I could get was the already made up chicken salads. I like making my own. And I like the bigger cans. However, they were all out. ::sigh:: I bought some weird off brand. I think I only bought one can b/c I wasn’t sure about it. I figure we’ll have to just order some things next weekend anyway and have them delivered fresh or just go in and get them with our masks. We’ll see.

We have as of today a total of 171 in our county. Of course in the state there are 6762 cases – many or Memphis and Nashville. I work in Nashville and their cases are now at 1680 – up about 83 from the day before. So this thing is slowing due to the social distancing but yet growing. So I don’t see an end although they keep talking about it. But once the nation goes back out there it’s just going to blow up? Or we just always going to have to avoid one another? lol

I worked really hard on getting my vitamins/supplements ordered. For now I’m keeping my main multivitamin with Isagenix. It’s pretty good for what you get and I like the a.m./p.m. packets. It was about twice the powerful pill than the Persona vitamins were. And for about half the price. However, there were some suggestions that Persona vitamin website gave me for my personalized pack that are good for digestion issues and also those that have high blood pressure situations and high cholesterol. So given those conditions the suggestions included:

  • Peppermint – with anise seed, ginger root and peppermint leaf
  • Ginger extract
  • Turmeric (Circumin)
  • Probiotic Lactobacillus rhannosus
  • Vitamin C with Bioflavanoids
  • Quercetin Plus with Grapeseed Extract
  • And a supplement with Magnesium and hops flower with L-Theanine – a supplement pill Persona called “Herbal Rest”
  • And the multivitamin as mentioned above and mine exceeded their amounts so no changes there yet.

So I did go ahead and order some of the supplements after doing some research on them. Most were extremely helpful in digestion issues and some in heart and blood pressure and cholesterol – as suggested.

I did find a Probiotic I was happy with. My current one with Isagenix is about to run out and it was about $40 for a month. I found some similar for less and that will last for – I believe 2 months. So I will try these. If I’m going to be taking these all the time, I want them to be less of a cost. Since I’m not “selling Isagenix” anymore I don’t really need to order for myself and since I”m below the spending levels now to get my $200 free product every now and then I can’t use that to pay for it. So I’m making the switch there.

Now did I order ALL these things above? Not all but MOST.

Don’t laugh! I read some things about Peppermint and it kinda lended to there not being a lot of supportive research on the benefits long term – but suggested peppermint teas and use of peppermint oil here and there and not long term. So I already have peppermint tea and I have peppermint in my nightly Isaflush supplement that has magnesium anyway. But….I ordered some Altoids, lol lol lol lol.

It had peppermint in it! I ordered a variety pack from Amazon. I will use these. lol lol

I DID buy the ginger extract and the turmeric and also the Vitamin C with Bioflavonoids. I tried to buy non-GMO if that makes a difference. Tried to do the veggie capsules so they actually will release naturally.

But I decided against the Quercetin. It mentioned that it might inhibit some meds there were a few things that just mildly made me go “nehhh” not right now. There were some side effects and I just decided to pass on this one. The Persona supplement had Quercetin in with the grapeseed extract. So I just ordered the Grapeseed extract by itself.

I did NOT order the “Herbal Rest” supplement like Persona had suggested as my Isagenix “IsaFlush” is very similar to that with mainly magnesium as the main ingredient. I’m happy with the IsaFlush – it is the one that has some Peppermint in it. And also I take three squirts of “Sleep Support & Renewal” which has Melatonin and a Nutrient Complex of tart cherry, L-Theanine (which was suggested in the Herbal rest by Persona), lemon balm leaf extract, and chamomile.

So I think adding some additional digestive support, immunity support, the probiotics, and some of these also aided in the free radical support as well as a heart healthy approach. So all these are now ordered. Many of them dealt with inflammation in the body as well.

Part of my problem I also wondered is – my blood pressure pill has a water pill in it. As much coffee as I drink. I have that BP pill. I will have a glass a wine when I get home – I may just be getting dehydrated. So I’ve really been trying to make a conscious effort to have more water and more of my nutrient drinks.

Anyway, let’s see, other interesting things today – is that I woke up this morning in the middle of a weird dream. Since I was able to sleep in – I was able to remember my dream. And I was somewhere and was about to catch a plane to Lisbon on an airliner called Liffen lol lol lol. I was at some hospital somewhere and was trying to get home but had to go to Lisbon first and get on this airline I’d never head of. On the way out of the hospital there was a dead body in the bushes. How callous of me in the dream to ask “can I still go to the airport?” – I wanted to go home. lol

My only guess is that Ozark (yes there were some dead bodies -it’s as intense as breaking bad as there are drug lord’s involved and this family is trying to break break free from them.)

And oh yes, I cannot forget this weekend’s mad dash at trying to find the perfect blog look.

I’ve spent hours at this desk trying out, customizing, and playing with widgets, and picking designs and colors and -phhhhbbbbttttt. Nothing pleased me when it was all said and done. I had recreated the old blog looks and it disgusted me. I wanted a fresher cleaner look – so I ended up with this design and I’m pretty happy with it.

One thing I liked about the other blog though was the ability to have a pic at the top that suited the season or represented the happenings of the time I was in. And this one does that but it has a fresher design to it. I can still add backgrounds if want, but I’m happy with the white crisp look.

I spend a lot of time in that chair there. (The little sloth of course representing my Tugie poodle that I miss so much). I have enjoyed it sitting there on my desk as it has “poodle hair” and looks just like Tugie! Here is Tugie below beside Roger. This pic made me smile!

So I also got in some show watching on You Tube. I’m a bit blue the weekend is almost over. I could use another day. What would I do?

  • Work on my iMovies
  • Read
  • Do a Bible Study
  • Watch Sister Wives (Catch up)
  • Play on PSP and create some things for the blog
  • Order some photos for a pic frame I have
  • Do my Magazine project (recipes, places to visit, and things to try, ideas to think on) – I can’t wait to do this, it’s like I’m saving it up!
  • Cleaning in a lot of areas that need deep cleaning
  • Picking out some recipes
  • Working on my many to do lists

See I could really use the creative fun time.

And that is why I long to have Less Hustle and More Coffee! ;-). I love my Geek time, my play time, my creative time. It makes me happy!

I hope you have enjoyed your weekend! And enjoy the upcoming week!

Oops! Kinda Snuck in Some Geek Time!

Good Saturday morning! At least it is morning as I type this. And Thank the good Lord for Saturday mornings. Even Maisy let me sleep in until 6:30 at least and George got up before I did for once and made coffee and took Maisy out. She woke me up though scratching on the door wanting back in bed with me. And then barked at me til I got up. lol

Friday went well – mainly working on the difficult returns. I made some progress on it, having to enter wage and hour data for every person that worked in one of our plants on line, and I ran reports and did some numbers. I had to look up all the data first and write it down on notebook paper, since I can’t print anything out at home. Anyway just tedious but I got through that and a few other things. Still have more work to do on the return. This one state takes several days, and usually three of us to do, lol. Most states are very easy to file but Oregon requires you do most of their return “all in one”. Sounds simple, but it’s not. There are several websites, several portals, several different kinds of taxes figured various ways, and about a 50 page book of instructions, which were written in code, lol. But anyway that was my Friday. Still have to file unemployment reports once I get the data from my uppers and finalize these last returns and then life can go back to normal. Well, whatever that is. Quarter end is a string of to do’s for sure. There are a few other things that have to be finalized for the quarter also – like the 941’s and such. And I almost forgot, with this next payroll that closes I will once again be up against another month end, in which I have several states I pay withholding for again. Never ends. I think I have only had one or two slow days ever since I’ve been on this new job. And that day or two I prepped for the tools I would need in upcoming weeks and quarters so it worked out great.

I’m also ready to take a vacation day. It may sound nuts as everyone is in quarantine. But even though we are home on the weekends, I am still working very much FULL TIME. Many of my vacation days are spent here at the house unless I have a trip planned. And it’s about time for one. But I don’t get a lot of time to do things I want to do. The minute I get into something of my own it’s time for dinner or time to watch a show together. I’m glad we have the time together. But usually on the weekends, I’m either working on chores or we are doing something here. Saturday’s and Sunday’s we are sort of on our own during the day but we are taking care of household things as well and prepping for the work week ahead mainly – clothes, food, ironing, and cleaning the house and doing things we won’t have time to do next week. We both kinda sneak in some self time on those days, but it’s gone in a flash and we still both have things left on the list we so longingly wanted to get done and also things we really wanted to leisurely do for pleasure – like reading. So to have an extra day at home to do some of these things relieves my “upset” about how short the weekends are. I need some geek time, ok? lol.

I cannot believe that it has been ONLY a month since the Tulsa trip. So much has happened since then. I mean really! It seems like it was 2 or 3 months ago already.

So in the midst of typing this blog I decided to work on a clip of George making a recipe last night so I could include it in the blog today. He fixed Chicken Pineapple Fried Rice. It was delish. He had already chopped all the ingredients up and did all the prep work. But I thought it would be fun to watch him stir fry. I mainly wanted to practice using iMovie. I have some pretty large video projects I’ve tried to start working on and they are huge projects to dive into. Very daunting. So I thought I would work on this little video. I know that video editing can take a really long time and also so can the uploads. And well to my surprise…FOUR HOURS LATER……

I still have so much to learn about iMovie but enjoyed every stinking bit of this 4 hour journey today that I didn’t really intend to spend. I love love love making these videos. So, I guess that means I have to work extra hard at getting some other things done that I REALLY need to be doing. And I hope you enjoyed the video. If you did let me know. I had to curtail it from over 5 min long to just over 3. Part of what took so long was listening to all the different sound effects. But I want to learn how to bring graphics and things onto it and be able to layer things on it. I really want to get into making some REALLY good videos with various types of photography along to music and kinda “tell a story” of sorts with it. I’ll get there. I’m tid-bits here and there in photography, videoing itself, and in making the videos.

Anyway, I’m going to go now and see if I can get some things accomplished. Wish me luck, lol! Oh and I guess you saw I completely “REDID” the blog theme? I did that just before videotaping dinner last night! And finished it up during our Friday night “at home” concert time watching Peter Gabriel videos. Even tweaked the colors this morning. George wasn’t too enthralled with my working on the blog during the video but…when I have something I want to do….I kinda like to finish it. I was ready for a change and just not quite so pleased with the last change. And to be honest not sure if I like this one either. So I may play some more. Anyway have a wonderful Saturday and I need to see if I can get some other things done that I need to do! Focus Focus Focus. But I just love my Geek Time.

Have a great day!