Homemade Pizza and a Productive Sunday

George fixed pizza for dinner last night with whole wheat rosemary bread. Absolutely loved it. There was a pepperoni one and then also a pineapple pizza.

While Saturday was my relax day, yesterday was very productive. Still had some relaxing moments. Did some laundry as usual, cleaned up on the kitchen and rebooted dishwasher, surface cleaned including handles, door knobs, leashes, light switches and so forth. I cleaned the bathroom, changed out linens and bath mat, emptied trash, and scrubbed the bathroom floor. I vacuumed all over the house except the sunroom – leaving it closed for now due to allergens.

I also gave George a hair cut with the trimmer 1 inch all over. He put a chair out in the back yard and got an extension cord. He made me practice without it running first. He said I did a good job. I was afraid to apply pressure at first though. I was afraid I would hurt him, but then I got the hang of it.

I worshipped yesterday morning with Katy’s church on line. And I blogged a long blog. I also have redone the blog to include a feature picture and changed the style a bit. I’m wondering if you like it? Or if you liked it the old way. It won’t hurt my feelings. I’ve just been needing a different look. I’m not sure it is the look I’m going for. I may go for a different theme completely. But I’m afraid to switch it. As long as I won’t lose any content, I’m not worried about it. But I guess you can lose widgets and have to reset those. I only have one or two. So this is something I may do before long. I really like having some sort of pics on the first page. But it may be a bit too busy right now. I also want to redo the logo – very similar but a bit different. I also want to have a signature for the end of each blog post. I have these added to my to do list.

I also had to pack my work box up yesterday so that I would have everything I needed when I got back to work. I will be going in to work today to do payroll.

I decided to order two washable masks on Etsy yesterday. They were homemade and not the official medical ones. I’m ok with that. At least it is some form of protection. I know they told the public it’s not going to protect them – but masks have protected people for a long time. It may not be perfect – but at least it will be *some* form of barrier for my nose and mouth against any air borne stuff. Maybe it will be enough to protect me, maybe not, but if it gives me peace of mind, it’s already done something special when we need to go in and get groceries. I can wash them. And if I like them, I may make some more at home. I have to take the design I get though. There is no picking. lol. So hopefully I won’t get any with like elephant butts on them. But it’ll be what it will be. Then if these are good ones for me, I’ll have a sample and maybe can make some more. I can wash them and reuse them. Most masks on Amazon won’t even get here until late April, May, and even some in June. For both medical and these little homemade type. As this thing steroids up I’d really like to have something over my mouth and nose. Even if it is just a reminder not to touch my mouth and nose. We are not spring chickens and it’s questionable if we have underlying issues or not. I’m on blood pressure meds and pre-diabetic. George is probably there too but won’t see a doc. And he is 60. So I think masks are a good idea at this point in public. I won’t wear one in the office – well not yet anyway. I’ll have to decide if I will when we all go back.

So another month of social distancing. And Trump said an announcement would be made on Tuesday evening. (??????). Is this a federal mandate? Or by region? Or what? I guess we will have to wait and see.

Anyway I’m off of here to go and try to get payroll done. What I need to do will probably take me two days to do. So I’m thinking to work in the real office today and tomorrow. Then I can try to avoid some of the issues we had last week. You can’t be at home without a printer and tools you need and everyone expect that it’s going to be 100% perfect with pink roses. OH. Do. Not. Get. Me. Started. :-O

Ya’ll have a great day and hope you are coping well. There are many out there who are not. I’ve been maintaining but with an edge. The doggies however, seem to be not bothered and happy to see more of us. Our fur babes. If only people could be as nice to us as our doggies are. A few could certainly take some lessons. lol

Hopping to it. Ya’ll have a great day. And remember we have a God that is in control. We may not like His plan, but it’s all going to work out for those that love Him.

So what special plans do you have today on this Monday?

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  1. Hope it all goes well and you are safely back to working at home soon .home has always been my peaceful place but never so much as now

  2. OMGosh! I would love those pizzas. Both. Thank you.
    I went to Walmart today. Bless those workers.
    I am going to have to trim/cut my husband’s hair soon. I don’t own any clippers but I have scissors alright! I’m waiting for some warmer weather so I can do it outside. The porch or deck or maybe in the driveway. That would make for easy cleanup. 🙂
    I hope your day at work went smoothly.

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