Our First Day as an Office Complex

Well the Day 1 of working at home, and being quarantined went well. It was a true work day, George and I in our separate office “suites”. I fixed us boiled eggs in the egg steamer for breakfast. Steamed up an extra one to put in the tuna fish in a day or two for lunch. Will have to go slow though having eggs for breakfast as they are hard to find and we want to make bread. He fixed cinnamon toast to use up some old bread, mid morning. We had left over beef stew from the night before, for a mid day meal. And I fixed spaghetti for dinner. We might have had a Little Debbie’s oatmeal cookie for an after dinner delight. We watched Downsized, about becoming little bitty people. It was ok.

So what did we do with our commute time? We walked in the neighborhood at 4:30 when I closed up shop. Almost everyone walked off and on all day yesterday. I could see people walking, keeping their six feet (except for some younger ones that gathered together to talk). We were able to have time to pick up after ourselves. George enjoyed a phone conversation with a friend. I was able to get an extra load of laundry in and of course the dogs are happy as they don’t have to cross their legs with several pee times and got to go “sniff” around the neighborhood. Maisy has been trained to walk and keep up with you. She stays at my heels most of the time. Roger on the other hand has George trained to sniff every mail box. Well, to clear that thought, Roger sniffs, George has to wait til Roger is through. One mail box he sniffed for about 5 minutes. lol. I had to go on. And after Roger and Maisy and George went in the house, I walked around again so I could actually get a pace going. I was worried that Roger and his little legs would not make it around the block, but he did. He was tired out the rest of the evening though. And I bet he’s sore today. And cocktail hour was after our walk and while I cooked dinner – can’t forget that glass of wine as a treat for a first day home. It was a pleasant day but a productive one. We are starting out with 8 a.m. conf calls to work through issues every day and probably so execs can make sure everyone is out of bed and focused. lol.

Even though we are on shut down, sort of, and the mayor says DO NOT go into work if you are in a non-essential business classification as defined by the order, I may still have to go in and do payroll and/or go in and sign checks. I would really like to be truly quarantined for the period of time we are supposed to be, but it doesn’t look like that will happen fully. It is easier to do payroll from the office and would be done in half the time. Technically since I do *some* things for our Transport company during the week, it would not be a lie to say that I could be there for a certain percent of the time. I do their withholding taxes and pull reports from their payroll and do the unemployment taxes. So I could get away with doing payroll there I think. I am happy though to be self isolated as much as possible. I think pretty much all of us though that are salaried will be in and out of the office at times during the week to get critical things taken care of, mainly from financial aspects to keep things rolling from a money flow while we are down. Was kinda surprised but I guess that is the way it will be. While the mayor thinks it is non essential, it is to many. What is essential however, is that none of us get this thing, have complications and die and many of us are either near or over 60 so……… Every time we get out we play roulette. I’m done with the grocery and done with Public places unless we just have an emergency and it’s critical to go. Same way with work – I don’t want to be around anyone unless I just have to.

I didn’t cough as much yesterday and as far as I know did not have any fever. I didn’t take my temp, but I had energy and wasn’t tired. Getting a couple nights of good sleep did wonders for that. Since we have been given the order to stay home, my nerves have calmed and sleep has been tremendous. Although now I’m realizing we may still have to go in some, as mentioned above – it’s still reducing the chances. I just have to remember to sanitize every time I use a surface or hit a button or grab a door handle. I am not willing though to go into UPS or post office or any of those places or even the grocery now where much of the community has been. The risk is getting higher every day. I am now 8 days away from having been in two major airports. Kinda looking forward to next Sunday as that marks day 14. And hopefully that makes my risk factor go down. But we have been to Walmart, Publix, and Aldi in prep for this supposed two week or longer shut in, knowing it was probably coming.

I realize that two weeks is not going to get it. We are not going to be around the curve, so in my “uneducated about viruses” opinion is that this will get better by May as the temps rise, for the Southern states. New York City has 13,000 cases – it’s really going to be bad there as this thing doubles every few days. George says our city is now under a state of emergency which is probably so they can get funding. We have some cases here now. I just feel like we’ll be off longer than 2 weeks, or back and forth to control the curve. I’m fine to keep it flat. Less loss of lives, although business will be hurt. Take your pick.

It made me sad that when George’s friend called, he said after the call, “sorry to interrupt our movie to answer the phone but I felt like I needed to talk to _____ (said friend) because we are all getting older and you never know when it will be the last time you will get to talk to them again, if we die – from this virus – or whatever reason.

It is true. After this is over, sadly, there will be a lot fewer of us, according to the numbers. And when you are in 60 and up it’s not as pleasant of a situation. And I’m only 3 years from that number. And none of us know we are carrying it or not, the virus. I wish more would take it seriously. But I have a feeling in a few weeks, they will. And I really don’t think that 2 weeks shut down is going to be all there will be.

But, anyway, this is all so crazy.

So we are supposed to have some severe storms rolling through today. Two rounds. One comes through this morning and the other in the afternoon. Low possibility of tornadoes but yet it does exist to be a threat. At least we have a basement. And I don’t have to get out today!

Alright, it’s 6:30 and I think I may get a head start on work and then quit earlier in the day. The sun is about to come up! Let’s get this Quarantine Day 2 work party under control. My company payroll mascot says hello. She slept with her head under the bed (tail out) most of the day but toward afternoon she climbed on the bed and watched me and watched the birds and squirrels out the window.

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  1. I have been unable to leave a comment for a long time. It keeps saying someone else is using my email address. I did have fraud on my credit card last month. I reported it right away and they froze my account right away and issued me a new card. Anyway, I’m glad you’re working from home. Stay well.

  2. I am not going anywhere unless it is to the pharmacy drive-thru wearing gloves, or to the grocery store to do a grocery pickup. We are stocked up except I need fruit and fresh produce.
    I am so glad I got to see daughter and my grandson about a week ago. And gave them a big hug. I too thought to myself what if that is the last time I get to see them in person Any of us could get this virus or like you said already have it. I had one day where I felt really tired and ached all over like I was getting the flu. I made my self rest and just take it easy. I pushed the vitamin C. I feel ok now. I am just worried like everyone else.
    It sounds like you had a productive day. It’s good you and your husband both can work from home. And that you both have your little dogs to love on. I know that they are happy to have you home.
    I heard the coronavirus is in 146 countries. So wear your gloves and be safe as you can. I have been reading more and it helps my anxiety, Take care,

  3. Our Publix is opening an hour early on Tue and Wed for Seniors. We went in a little later for a few things, fruits bread, They have someone at the door wiping down the buggies as your come in. They then turn it to the customer. Our cashier said that when the opened the doors early for the seniors they had 200 people waiting. They had no ground beef and no chicken. They had pork, and lots of bacon. No paper products when we got there. They had strawberries for 99 cents. I was impressed that everyone walking by only took 2. We got one which is all we need at this time. They had plenty of eggs also. Low on milk.

  4. I’m glad you are safe and working from home. It’s a difficult time for all of us. i did go out to the early morning senior shopping day at Walmart briefly. the shelves were mostly stocked. plenty of meat, fresh fruit, eggs, veggies and yes toilet paper. they were limiting one per customer. everybody kept their distance, so it was a win, win situation. made my day. my daughter had to go to New Mexico to get her coronavirus test at a drive thru. It was an hour drive. No excuse she couldn’t get one in Colorado. now she waits for results. you all take care. life is indeed precious.

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