Yesterday’s Turmoil Amidst the Corona Virus Shutdowns

Well, here’s all the recaps from yesterday. I took this pic below upon seeing a bit of sunshine. We have had almost nothing but gray skies since forever. The very bit of light coming through was a little bit mood lifting during these bleak Corona Times and I’m not talking beer here.

Several of us emps had hoped we could wear jeans and “Friday wear” all week to lift spirits, but were told that was likely not to happen and I think everyone is scared to ask the big folk. It seems like a petty request and it is in light of things, but it’s oh so a much coveted happy thing. I just thought it would be a spirit lifter. And it would, but…not to be I guess. We aren’t allowing any visitors and we were all thinking…then…let’s be comfy in these desperate times. Not to be I guess so I came home and ironed dress pants so I’ll be pretty for….my desk. lol

George drove home from his work – about 45 to 50 minutes away to meet the roofer at lunch. It was cloudy all day yesterday until the exact time of the appointment in which it proceeded to rain hippos and elephants and the appointment was cancelled. George drove back to work and wasted 2 hours of his day basically. The dogs loved it though as they got an extra pee time!

Apparently there was an earthquake in Salt Lake City, UT. I think we have customers there. I kept thinking yesterday that those people that we always laughed about being worried about “whatever” and being sustainable on their own – were probably pretty smart. Here we all are used to our conveniences and support systems and they are all shutting down. I told George we may need to consider growing our own gardens again. But in a big way. While I’m sure we will always be able to get some kind of food, it may be few and far between. Big manufacturers began shutting down yesterday to keep employees safe – this means products, including food, may be even harder to get. The government has rights during these “war times” as Trump calls it (war against a hidden enemy), to have manufacturers make certain things. I saw a news flash where a perfume company was making hand sanitizer. No one can find it and we need it to help spread it. I noticed that hand sanitizer was unavailable long before this virus hit. If you remember I even mentioned it on my blog. I had pay out the wyzooka for it on Amazon for a few little bottles. I guess it was all being used by China. But my concerns became real yesterday when I realize it is only a matter of time before everything stops in manufacturing and production b/c either they will cease to slow the spread or will soon cease b/c someone is impacted with the virus. And I’m sure it’s only a matter of time before this example from the big car manufacturers trickles down.

I stopped to get gas yesterday and used gloves and then flicked them in the trash. However I didn’t have a 2nd pair in my purse for the stop at the store that George asked me to make to look for toilet paper. We have a few rolls but before long it’ll be gone. I used Clorox wipes and then hand sanitizer in the car. Despite the efforts though there are so many things you touch and retouch before and after the sanitizer. Keys, door to your car, your purse handles.

So on the Aldi run, half their shelves were bare. I left with bananas, a can of refried beans (it just sounded good to me), and ground flax seed to make the recipe that Lisa gave me for gluten free bread. I think I already have the almond flour. George also stopped at two stores. We needed Fresh Pet for the doggies. And he wanted to get yeast so we could make bread. First store didn’t have it. The second one only had the big jars of it and they had been pushed to the back and hidden and he bought one. So this weekend we will make bread(s). It’s also on our list to make little pizzas. I want his rosemary bread.

While ironing my dress pants so my desk will think I’m snazzy, my daughter called to say they were in the path of a bad storm within the hour. I told her I would be praying and I did. God split the storm in two and it went in two different directions and didn’t hit them. The weather map is a little bit of mass confusion – just like everything else in the world. I looked this morning and there was another storm with tornado warning that just missed them.

By the time a day is over – I mean with work and trying to get caught up (I love my work and enjoy it, but I’ve been trying to catch up and then yesterday’s payroll roughness with so many things happening) and then with this Corona crap going on – by day’s end I just want to bawl. I’m sad for everyone. I’m sad for these times. It just feels all surreal. Life is not working anymore. This will change all of us forever. In many ways. Our hopes of this being a 2 weeker thing is smashed – and that was a week ago. But every day it gets worse. Hopefully the cases of the virus are growing at a slower rate, but it’s all going to get worse before it gets better. The news is just heartbreaking every day. Right now it’s about the economy and lack of _______, the stocks, and now it’s starting to impact people’s jobs, and we may all be out of a job.

George’s work has provided him with a laptop to work from home if needed for his purchasing position. So far the mine has not shut down. He has not been asked to work from home yet.

On a good note, we did eat something we really liked yesterday. I suggested it based on what Katy had at the Mercantile restaurant in Pawhuska. Lettuce wraps using the Boston lettuce. Only George used beef and a wild rice mixture leftover from our dinner the night before. He used Asian seasonings. It was Devine. He is letting me have the leftovers for lunch. We had air fried asian stuffed noodles (what do you call them?) on the side. They become like egg rolls when air fried. Yum!

It is comforting to come home and have each other and our babies in the evenings for a calm hour or two in the fuss of all that is going on.

I pet my doggies extra times last night – and I would have hugged George but he was busy cooking and I got busy ironing my dress pants – so I can be snazzy looking for my computer today. (Insert eye roll here so far back it sticks).

So I was able to score some Kleenex on line that was on our list already but now will be used for toilet paper as there is none to be found on planet earth. And I have ordered that and some paper towels as we are low and go through them quickly. But I got an email that it may take a while to process the order due to the high volume of orders. They said they would be sending an email with the delivery information when the time came. Even Amazon not able to keep up with the supplies.

So I’m going to go get ready for work but that was yesterday. And who knows what today will bring. One knows the news will not be good. One would like to hope, but we are no where near being able to report good news through this.

One thing we do have is to keep our love for one another, and keep our focus to God. I felt disappointed that He let me down this week after I prayed over payroll to go well and it was all fouled up to hell and back. I felt deserted. I was not sure what lesson He wanted to teach or why He chose to say no – you are gonna fight for this payroll to be finished. Well ok, should I just not ask for help? Anyway, it really hurt my feelings. Yes, God hurt my feelings. That is all I can say. But I’m sure He has big explanations. I still have faith, and it still turned out ok but it wasn’t smooth.

Anyway I will still pray. Maybe He is listening. Maybe He is not. But He says if we seek Him He will be found. So I will keep seeking. He never promised us a Rose Garden on this earth though. I guess we should quit expecting one. Sorry this is my raw approach this morning. I’m sorry my news and my attitude is not more hopeful and refreshing. I hope you won’t quit reading. But this is probably the only place I can park all this. There’s not a lot of time for conversation in my day. It goes fast, it’s busy, and we are trying to function as normal where we can – knowing soon normal will not be anywhere near as supplies dwindle, resources dwindle, and jobs are lost. Looks like the train is still running though in our little town headed to Nashville. Kinda surprised it’s still operating in all the hooplah.

We just have to all set our minds on things above. And I will not quit my day dream either but I’m glad I’m not RVing right now with things like they are.

Stay safe, stay well, and I will be praying for each one of you that is reading! I don’t know who all of you are, but I know you have your own fears. We all just need a hug (although do it from 6 feet out? lol). And we need to be told “It will all be ok”.

9 responses to “Yesterday’s Turmoil Amidst the Corona Virus Shutdowns”

  1. In the end all will be well if it’s not then it won’t be the end we just have to patient till this is fixed meanwhile do what we can to be safe one day at a time

  2. I love how you write, and dress for your day… it is heart warming – inspiring- real life – prayer rich beautiful. We’re all in this together and the God who brought us this far all these thousands of years isn’t done with us ever, whichever part of the world we’re in. Stay blest, He’s in total control.

  3. I want to hug you, Sonya, and I need one too. Life is so scary and stressful on so many levels right now. Try not to take it personally that God didn’t answer your prayer. He’s probably overwhelmed with prayer requests at the moment and has to prioritize them. Keep the faith, my friend. Those lettuce wraps looked so yummy! I’m going to try them and I even have some of those dumpling things in the freezer so I’ll try those in the air fryer too.

  4. found toilet paper on ebay. you’ll have to scroll through some expensive ones with people trying to rip you off with price for it and shipping. BUT there are some folks being extremely reasonable and it’s quite affordable. good luck.

  5. Interestingly our Walmart Had toiled paper yesterday, but no meats. Our lady working there Skyoted us she would get some for us if we needed it. We are fine at our house for now. I feel good that all will be better in a few weeks. It will take our country a while to get back to normal, but still I have no fear in this crisis. I believe the media is so happy that they have fed this monster to the point people are truly frightened. Our community seems to be working well to keep people going. My best friend was n self quintern due to the fact they were on a cruise and I have not seen her in over 3 233ks, before her trip, during her trip and during her self quarantine. I need my nails done, but we are questioning if we should do it now as 4 of the tech (mine included) have been in Vietnam for 2 months visiting family and have returned. They are offering some great specials to get clients in, but still. We are discussing if we want to do it during next week.

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